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Mafia's Female Dog

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“ Sorry, but I'm no longer interested!”. Nina yelled standing up to her feet stubbornly. Luca stood up from his throne like seat and walked towards her. Seizing her by her shoulders forcefully, he pushed her down to the floor. “ Shh, keep your voice down”. He hissed, stooping in front of her. He caressed her cheeks with his long fingers, assessing her face as though he had fully claimed her. He yanked her towards his chest and whispered against her neck. “ It's too late, you have already begun working the moment you walked right in”. Nina agreed to work for the dangerous Russian mafia boss in a haste to cater for her only brother and sibling. The job description she was given was to ” obey and take on all his orders“ if she wants to live. What happens when all he wants from her is to remain in his dark world forever?

Chapter 1- Nina.

Nina looked at the face of the caretaker, back to her thrown out load scattered across the street then to her weeping six year old brother in the corner.

Her heart shredded into pieces at this horrible sight.

Sympathizers were also gathered and tried to negotiate and beg with the caretaker on her behalf.

“ Please just give her a little more time. Even if it's just a week more, I promise she would pay up”. One man spoke up in a loud voice.

Everyone present agreed and joined him to beg.

“ Do you think I haven't given her more than enough time? She has been owing me for more than a year plus now. Now tell me, is that not a long enough time?”. The caretaker yelled.

Everyone fell silent.

A year plus was indeed a long time.

“ But still..she asked for a week more. She is an orphan and has a little brother. You should consider that too”. A woman said from the crowd.

“ I don't care! She could sell off her brother to the human buyers around or even her body. All I need is my rent”. The caretaker shouted angrily.

Everyone shouted in shock.

Tears streamed down Nina's face. The caretaker, he had gotten his revenge as he promised.

She had truly been owing him for over a year plus now and was grateful to him for holding on till this time.

However, few months ago he had began to disturb her for a relationship.

She was beyond disgusted and couldn't even imagine being in a relationship with a sixty year old man and had outrightly refused.

The caretaker had refused to back down and still continue pressuring nineteen year old Nina and even resorted to threatening to send her packing from his house if she didn't give in to his demand.

Yesterday, Nina had returned home from work at around eight p.m depressed and tired.

Her boss had just closed down his little catering business due to lack of customers, meaning she was now jobless.

She had already suspected they were on the verge of a shut down and was planning to look for another job but it didn't occur to her that it would happen this soon.

This was the only job she had been using the pay to take care of herself and her brother after the death of her parents years ago.

The cause of their deaths? She didn't know.

Some people had said they were kidnapped and killed by unknown people and their battered bodies returned at midnight, some said they were poisoned and others said they died by accident.

She didn't know which one to believe because she and her brother had been in boarding school while all that happened and at just came home to meet the dead bodies in front of their home.

She had dropped out of school since then and taken over the role of a breadwinner.

Nina had managed to earn just enough to send her brother to school and feed them twice daily, and this was how she had been managing her life since she was fifteen.

She couldn't bring herself to wake her little brother, Aaron to deliver the bad news of her loosing her job yesterday and had just remained slumped in deep thoughts in her room when she heard a knock on her window.

She looked at the time, it was already 11pm.

“ Who the hell would be knocking at one's door at this time of the night?”. She thought furiously and stormed to check who it was.

Holding a dagger in her hands, she opened the window slightly and asked.

“ Who is that?”.

“ It's me. Open the door”.

She recognized the voice of her caretaker and quickly hid her weapon.

Wondering what he wanted to say at this time of the night, she walked to the door and opened it for him to come in.

Without responding to her greetings, the caretaker eyed her up and down scornfully and asked;

“ When are you coming to settle the rent fee? You are already well overdue”.

Nina was a bit shocked.

Couldn't he wait till daybreak to talk about this?

She cleared her throat and thought of what to say.

“ I'm very sorry for delaying uptil this time. I would come and pay up soon”. She pleaded nervously.

The old caretaker glared at her angrily and said;

“ Soon? How many ‘ soons’ have you given me now?”.

“ I just lost my job today and I wasn't even given any salary. Please bear with me just a little more”. Nina said, her voice breaking.

“ Little girl, that's why I'm here. I came up with another solution and you can pay whenever you like or even choose not to pay at all if you like”. The caretaker said and smiled ruefully, showing off his grey dirtied teeth.

Nina recoiled in irritation but still asked:

“ What is it?”.

“ Don't pretend not to know what I'm talking about. Just allow me in tonight and I would never disturb you again”.

“ Allow you do what?”. Nina pretended to be ignorant.

“ Allow me have s*x with you. You are a beautiful girl with a beautiful body that can help you get whatever you want. Don't loose this opportunity”. The caretaker responded shamelessly.

Nina's blood ran cold and she struggled to hold herself from strangling this old pervert in front of her.

“ Are you mad? Don't you realize you are talking to someone young enough to be your granddaughter?”. Nina yelled, loosing every form of self control she had left.

“ So you don't want to consider it? Look, I won't even spend upto ten minutes and no-one would find out, I promise. After this you can stay for as long as you want without disturbance”. The caretaker said and moved closer to kiss her.

Nina lost it and slapped him with all her might.

Still not satisfied, she kicked him twice in his lower groin ignoring the noises he was making.

“ Don't you ever! I don't mind being thrown into the streets instead. Fool”.

The caretaker staggered up and moved to hit her with all his strength and Nina quickly dodged, making him slam his hands on the wall instead painfully.

“ If you make any more move, I'll scream out loud for everyone to hear and I don't care whatever happens next”. Nina said, her eyes blazing with anger and fury.

Anger of loosing her job, anger of everything she was going through.

Of course, everyone were going to believe Nina's version because she had a reputation of a well-behaved girl in this vicinity so the caretaker had no other option than to retreat.

The old man finally gathered himself and staggered out of her door, but not without threatening her.

“ You are going to leave my house tomorrow, I promise. You are a foolish girl”.

Nina rolled her eyes and slammed the door loudly against him.

And he fulfilled his promise..

She had gone out today in search for a new job and returned only to meet this horrible scene, all her loads thrown out with her brother weeping in a corner.

“ This is too much insult! Why do you have so much hate towards a little girl like this?”. A woman yelled from the crowd.

Chapter 2- Thrown out.

The caretaker ignored whoever spoke and turned to face Nina.

“ Look. I'm giving you just an hour to pack away your junk properties away from my compound”. He said in a disdainful tone and walked away.

He looked back one more and gave Nina one more look, a look that said ‘ I told you so’ and walked away proudly.

Nina sighed and looked around.

It was approaching dusk already. Where and how would she start?

She didn't have any money on her and knew no family member from both her parent's side.

The crowd started disappearing slowly.

Only one woman remained behind and walked towards Nina.

“ Nina, I'm so sorry about what happened. We tried our best to convince him and-”.

“ It's okay. It's no-ones fault either”. Nina interrupted and forced a smile on her face.

“ Where do you plan to sleep tonight? It's getting late already”. The woman asked and pointed to her brother who was curled up and had fal


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