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Fear, desire, guilt, joy, sadness. Intense and conflicting feelings occupy Manuela's thoughts after discovering that her friend is the successor to commanding a hill, that her boyfriend is only with her because he knew about it and wanted to use her to end it, and worse? She ends up falling in love with her friend's brother, the current head of Vidigal and mortal rival to her boyfriend who, despite only using her, says he "prefers to see her dead than with someone else". But the spoiled girl from the south of Rio de Janeiro; the typical patricinha is faced with a question: In a world where it's just; money, s*x, guns and power would there be room for love? Prologue: — Man, I know I was wrong with you, but that was me, and if I told you that I changed or could change, I would be lying, that's who I am; naughty, violent, vindictive, cold-blooded. And I don't know how I feel about you, but I won't give up. Even if I have to unload a machine gun on that c*nt's head. “But just know that if you do this to him, you'll have to do it to me too. — faced — So tell him to come kill me, I'm a real f*ck*r, I don't have a wife, I'm just getting more and more addicted to drugs. Or rather — he took a gun from his belt and handed it to me — You kill me! - WHICH IS? ARE YOU CRAZY? "The drug's effect has worn off!" Now shoot me, SHOOT! If not, I'm going to go there and I'm going to kill him — No! I raised the gun and aimed at him.

Chapter 1

Manuela Narrating:.

I woke up late for college, got ready in a hurry, put on this outfit, did some basic makeup, and heard Celeste screaming.

— Daughter, hurry up, you're going to be late, and it's the last day of school!

— Wait a minute, mule, I'm coming! - I replied shouting

I looked in the mirror and left. I arrived at the gate, and handsome Lucas was already waiting for me there in the car. I got in the car and kissed him.

"Good morning love" smile

"Good morning, my princess," he began to drive

— Do you know what my friend was talking about?

- Which friend?

"Duda, right," she said obviously.

"Hm, and what was she talking about?"

— That until today she still hasn't met you — I smile

"One day she'll meet me and get a little surprise."

“Little surprise?” - I asked confused

— Oh... Yeah, it's just that she's so anxious to meet me, right?

— smiles — Yeah, she wants to see if she approves of you for me or not.

- Oh there.

He drove a few more minutes and we arrived at my college, I said goodbye to him and went in, I ran to the room, I arrived and the professor was already there.

“Excuse me, and apologies for being late.

I walked to the back, sat down between Duda and Rafael.

— Good morning friend! — I looked at Duda — Good morning mule! I looked at Rafael with a smirk.

— Good morning, dreadful. — gave me tongue

— Good morning friend, later I want to have a chat with you already? Dudley said softly.

- OK.

We attended the classes attentively, took a small test, until the bell rang, it was time to leave, and I went to Duda to find out what she had to say to me.

— Throw it out mule

"Are you sure you're ready to talk?" — Rafael asked Duda

"Ahem, I can't keep it from her any longer."

"Oh God, speak up, you're making me nervous," he said impatiently.

"First, promise me that you'll never stop being my friend because of this." He took my hand.

"Okay, I promise!" Now speak.

— What am I going to tell you, I don't want you to leave here, okay?

"Okay, talk soon!"

- He took a deep breath - Do you remember at the beginning of the year, when my father died? — I nodded — so, my father was... — he paused — head of the hill, more precisely of Vidigal, and my brother and I inherited from him.

— So does that mean you're a bandit, a slum dweller, or whatever? I asked confused.

— More or less, but I'm not from the favela u.u— But I live in the favela!

— It's more in the favela, on the top, there are better houses than the one in your condominium, trust me — he winked

"All bandits, I bet." I shrugged.

- Not all! Look Manuela, I always thought you were a real friend, and not so selfish and self-centered. That's why I didn't tell you before, for the love of our friendship, but I convinced myself that if you were really my friend you would understand, but forget it. He turned his back and left.

— D*mn, you made a big mistake, huh Manu — Rafa said

— It's just that I still haven't fallen in love, you know, I never imagined myself friends with a criminal — she said with disdain.

"You say that like it's the worst thing in the world."

- And it's not? — I asked obvious

— When friendship is true, love, you don't look at what it is, or what it does.

— tweezers — Poxa, vacilei né?

- Is very!

"I'm going after her!" - said decided

— By the time she's already taken the bike and sent home.

— I'll go after her, do you know where it is?

"I know," he said fearfully.

"Then you come with me" I pulled him out of the university

"Are you sure you're going there?"

"It's a way of apologizing to her, isn't it?" — I swallowed dry

"So it is."

He and I took a taxi, which went straight to the entrance to Morro do Vidigal, we paid the fare, and Rafael went ahead. We walked, we climbed as f*ck.

"My God, where have I got myself to?" He said breathlessly and looked around with a disdainful face.

—he laughed. —We're almost there.

We went up a little more, until we arrived at a house, with an appearance, not so ugly, not so beautiful, like, normal. From there you could have a wide view of the whole hill and beyond, you could see the beach, it was a beautiful view!

— This is the mouth, it's in there. He pointed to a door.

Agent talked to some guys, bad-looking and full of guns, who asked who agent was, and man. And after a while we went into a little room they call an “office”, who knows.

— Hey Menó, these two want to have a chat with you

— Let it go.. — she spoke with her head down and when she got up she was startled — Manuela? he asked in disbelief.

— She's a friend, forgive me for earlier today, it's just what kind of bone to accept, that's all here you know, — I said with a face of disdain and disgust.

I had to apologize to her because despite everything Duda is basically my only friend, for some reason the girls never liked me, only the boys, so they only hung out with me to get the same (laughs).

— he laughed — Just for you to have come here is worth a hundred years' forgiveness — he got up and hugged me — And forgive me for not having spoken to you earlier.

— That's fine, more friends I'm going, my mother is going to travel with my stepfather today and I have to say goodbye, right?

"Oh, I'll stay a little longer," Rafael countered.

— Stay, I'll go alone, I already know the way, silly — I stuck my tongue out.

"Are you sure friend?

— Don't worry, it's still early, the bandits are holed up.

—he laughed —Friend, they're bandits, not vampires—she and Rafael burst out laughing.

— Ah, you understand. I left there stomping, and going down the hill fast and in faith and looking at the ground afraid of falling because of the k jump. Until I bump into someone and fall to the ground.

— YUCK, BANDIT! I said getting up

— ARE YOU CRAZY B*TCH? DO YOU WANT TO DIE?! — the guy said holding my face tight, making me look deep into his eyes.

I was shaking at the base, because in addition to being some tough little thug, he appeared to be drugged, because of the red eyes that looked like they were going to burst.

"Hey, hey, let go of the girl," another guy said causing him to let go of me.

"Oh," he said, running his hand over my face.

"Hey, are you all right over there?" — the guy pushed the idiot there and looked at me

"Oh, sure, I was just almost killed by a drugged thug, no big deal," I sneered.

—he laughed — Let me take the “drug bandit” to his mouth before he wants to kill you again, by the way I'm G1.

— I'm Manuela — I smile.

And I continued on my way, when I arrived at the door of the hill, I took a taxi and went home. Arriving home, I paid for the fare, and went in, my mother already had her bags packed.

"I was just waiting for you to arrive!" — he smiled — And what is that mark on your face? she asked, startled.

— Ah, it's just that Rafael went to play with me, and since I'm white, I think the mark was left — I smile a little awkwardly

- Oh there! — paused — Well daughter, that's it! —he kissed me on the forehead —If you need money, you know the password to the bank, take care, your stepfather and I will be back in a week!

— You wouldn't even go for me, now Dalton can stay there — she said seriously.

- I heard huh - he arrived in the room smiling

"That was the intention." I smile wryly.

- Enough! Bye daughter - he kissed me on the forehead and left.

Dalton said goodbye, and I didn't even reciprocate. I went upstairs, took a shower, and went to sleep.

I woke up with my radio beeping, it was Duda.

- Ugly speech

— You want to go down here on the hill, don't you? There's a dance today, and I know you're home alone!

— I'm really alone, But since when am I supposed to go to the dance as a friend? I don't even listen to funk.

— Ah, stop chao, you're coming, yes? Take your most daring outfit, I'll spend 11 hours there. –

The fdp hung up on me. I went looking for clothes. I took a shower, put on this outfit, and was finishing my makeup when Duda showed up in my room.

- What is that? Invasion of privacy? - I played the victim

"F*ck, is that prom clothes?" You're going to a dance and not to a ballad, the clothes have to be more daring and less patriotic — he said, fiddling with my dress

— I slapped her hand — Oh, let me know, I didn't even want to go, but it's cool.

— oh girl to complain...

I finished getting ready and off we went.

Chapter 2

We went on a motorcycle, after a while we arrived at that dance, and I confess it was crazy, what I saw most was a handsome boy, but I bet they were all bandits, addicts, and the like.

— Manuela, this is “Baile”, and Baile is Manuela — joked

"Silly." I smacked her lightly on the arm.

"Let's go to the cabin!" Being a boss has its benefits.” He blinked.

We went to a part that had chairs, and some people, there was a girl rubbing up against a guy there, but wait, I knew that guy, it was Rafael, bastard! He doesn't waste time

"Have you seen my brother?" Doubt asked

- No, never.

"Then come, I'll introduce you to him!" — pulled me

She pulled me out to a part where there was a lot of booze, and she nudged a guy, and I was smiling, you know, I have to look friendly. Until when he turned my smile faded, and he looked at me confused.

"Here friend. This is Matheus, better known as


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