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Anny Karollayne

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Fear, desire, guilt, joy, sadness. Intense and conflicting feelings occupy Manuela's thoughts after discovering that her friend is the successor to commanding a hill, that her boyfriend is only with her because he knew about it and wanted to use her to end it, and worse? She ends up falling in love with her friend's brother, the current head of Vidigal and mortal rival to her boyfriend who, despite only using her, says he "prefers to see her dead than with someone else". But the spoiled girl from the south of Rio de Janeiro; the typical patricinha is faced with a question: In a world where it's just; money, s*x, guns and power would there be room for love? Prologue: — Man, I know I was wrong with you, but that was me, and if I told you that I changed or could change, I would be lying, that's who I am; naughty, violent, vindictive, cold-blooded. And I don't know how I feel about you, but I won't give up. Even if I have to unload a machine gun on that c*nt's head. “But just know that if you do this to him, you'll have to do it to me too. — faced — So tell him to come kill me, I'm a real f*ck*r, I don't have a wife, I'm just getting more and more addicted to drugs. Or rather — he took a gun from his belt and handed it to me — You kill me! - WHICH IS? ARE YOU CRAZY? "The drug's effect has worn off!" Now shoot me, SHOOT! If not, I'm going to go there and I'm going to kill him — No! I raised the gun and aimed at him.


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