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Mafia Boss Redemption

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Anna is in desperate need of a savior to rescue her from the dangerous world her father left her in. Dante Williams seems like the perfect candidate with his wealth, power, and undeniable attractiveness. But as Anna quickly discovers, Dante is not just a man to be reckoned with, he's a force of nature. And with each step she takes deeper into his world, she realizes that she may need protection from him just as much as she needs his help. Will Anna survive the dangerous game she's playing with Dante? Or will she be consumed by the very man she thought could save her? Find out in this thrilling tale of power, passion, and danger.

Chapter 1


Before me kneels a man who may very well be the epitome of stupidity. Perhaps I've met others who rival his idiocy, but he unquestionably sits at the top of the list. How else can one justify his audacity to steal from me, despite being aware of the severe consequences that come with such actions?

As I sit here, pinching my brows in frustration, I shoot a withering glare in his direction. For over an hour now, I've repeated the same question to him without any satisfactory response. "Where is my money, Jet?" I refuse to waste my breath asking him again. "You are aware of my disdain for repetition, yet you seem determined to force me to repeat myself."

As I stood there, gazing down at Jet's bloodied face on the ground, I couldn't help but feel a twinge of sympathy. It was almost convincing, the way he kept repeating that he had nothing to do with the missing diamonds. If I didn't know any better, I might have believed him. But I've been in this game for far too long to fall for such tricks.

"Please, bossman," Jet sobbed, his voice shaking. "I did not take your money. You have to believe me...I think we can work this out, bo_"

"We?" I raised an eyebrow, glancing over at Mateo to make sure he heard the same thing I did. "Did I hear you say 'we,' Jet? I gave you my merchandise to deliver, and you ran away with it, leaving my client high and dry. And now you want us to resolve the situation?"

As I squatted down to his level, I grabbed Jet's jaw tightly, my frustration boiling over. "What do you take me for, a f*ck*ng circus clown?!" I pushed him away roughly, feeling the anger coursing through my veins.

"I'm sorry, boss," Jet whimpered, his eyes darting around nervously. "I made a mistake, a mistake that I'm willing to rectify."

Standing up straight, I took a step back from Jet, trying to distance myself from his desperation. But he was quick to grab onto my leg, pleading with me to spare his life.

"I'll pay you back everything, sir," he begged, his voice shaking. "I swear, I'll give you double."

It was almost pathetic, the way he was trying to talk his way out of the situation. But it was too late for apologies or promises. Dante Williams doesn't give second chances. And Jet had just sealed his own fate.

Gazing down at the trembling figure kneeling before me, a wicked smirk crept across my lips. "Double, you say?" I taunted, turning to my partner-in-crime Mateo. "Did you hear that, Mateo? This fool thinks he can buy his way out of this mess with just double the payment."

Mateo chuckled, relishing in the man's foolishness rather than finding him comical. As the man stuttered and stammered, I couldn't help but feel a throbbing ache pulsating in my temples, threatening to overwhelm me. I pressed the cold metal of my gun against my forehead, hoping to alleviate the pounding pressure.

"Listen up," I growled, my voice low and menacing. "This is your last chance to fess up. If you don't tell me where my diamond is, I'll make sure you never use that hand again." My words hung in the air, heavy with the weight of the consequences. The man remained stubbornly silent, refusing to give up his secret.

With a sharp nod to Mateo, they hoisted the man up and dragged him towards the grinding machine. The sound of his screams echoed in the empty warehouse, but we paid them no heed. It wasn't until he screeched out the location of the diamond that we relented, allowing him to scramble away.

"It's in my childhood home!" he wailed, his voice strained with fear. "I swear it! Just let me go and I'll bring it back to you."

I watched him slink away, a satisfied grin spreading across my face.

As I commanded my men to release the traitor, I couldn't help but feel a surge of disappointment. Jet, one of my most trusted henchmen, had proven himself to be a snake in the grass. The realization hit me hard as he spoke, revealing his true motives. "Your childhood home?" I scoffed, unable to believe the audacity of his words. "You mean you took my hard-earned money all the way to California? Impressive, but misguided."

Despite my initial shock, I maintained my composure. Jet had been a valuable member of my crew, but his greed had led him astray. I knew what needed to be done. I lifted my gun and aimed it at his chest. One shot was all it took to end his life.

As the chaos died down, I turned to my right-hand man, Mateo. "Take care of this and send Adam to California to retrieve what's mine," I ordered firmly. "And if anyone tries to interfere, they'll answer to me."

With a nod of understanding, Mateo and the others went to work, packing up Jet's remains in a plastic bag. As they carried out my orders, I stepped outside into the cool night air. Despite the gravity of the situation, a sense of relief washed over me. The chapter with Jet had finally come to a close, and I could move on to bigger and better things.

Stepping into the cool evening, I glanced at my wristwatch, I couldn't believe how long I had wasted with that insufferable fool. If he had only cooperated sooner, I could have avoided such a tedious ordeal. Frustrated, I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone, scrolling through my contacts until I found Lisa's number.

Lisa was my go-to girl, the one who knew exactly how to satisfy my desires without getting too attached. I dialed her number, already impatient for her response. "Be at my place in thirty minutes," I demanded as she picked up the phone. "I hate waiting, so don't keep me waiting."

Her response was as predictable as ever, her voice grating on my nerves. "Okay, baby," she purred, a sound that grated on my nerves.

"You know how much I hate that nickname," I snapped, my frustration mounting. "Do I need to reconsider inviting you over tonight?"

"I'm sorry," she simpered, her voice still irritatingly high-pitched. "What do you want me to wear? Black thong or red?"

I rolled my eyes at the question, feeling my patience wearing thin. "It's your choice, Lisa," I growled, turning the key in the ignition and pulling out of the field. "Just show up and do your job."

Disconnecting the call, I tossed my phone onto the passenger seat, my mind reeling from the day's events. Why did everyone seem intent on pushing my buttons? All I wanted was to get what I wanted without any unnecessary drama. Was that too much to ask?


As I arrived home, I spotted Lisa loitering in the lobby, adorned with her usual artificiality. At times, I couldn't help but question why I bothered with someone so superficial, yet I reminded myself that sleeping with her came with minimal fuss.

Her face lit up upon seeing me, revealing a gleaming set of pearly whites. "Hey ba­_"

I wasted no time in interrupting her. "Lisa, do you comprehend that there are countless women who would gladly take your place? While you may satisfy me sexually, numerous women could outperform you in that aspect. If you dare call me 'baby' or try to kiss me again, I will have Victor escort you to the curb in an instant. Is that crystal clear?"

She jutted her lips out in a pout.

"Is that perfectly clear?" I thundered, my voice as steely as I intended it to be.

Lisa immediately recoiled. "Yes."

"Good. Let's finish this and spare Victor the inconvenience of driving you home. I'm sure he's growing weary of it." Additionally, I have a plethora of work to attend to.

As I strolled down the hallway, Lisa suddenly came to a halt, her face contorted into a petulant pout. "What am I supposed to do if Victor isn't going to drive me home?" she grumbled. "I didn't bring my car, unless you want me to spend the night here with you."

Without breaking stride, I dug my hand into my pocket and made my way towards the elevator, scarcely caring if Lisa was following me or not. Her ploy to stay the night was becoming stale and vexing.

"Lisa," I said firmly, "I gave you that car for a reason, a reason I'm sure you haven't forgotten. Victor is not your personal chauffeur, and I certainly didn't hire him to drive you around. From now on, you can either take a cab or walk home. I've had an incredibly long and unpleasant day, and I could use some stress relief. You can either help me with that, or you can leave. I don't need any more aggravation."

Lisa jutted out her lips in a childish manner. "Fine, let's go make you feel better," she said, her tone sultry. "But you have to promise me lots of orgasms."


After providing Lisa with what was undoubtedly the most intense orgasm of her life, and following a series of climactic releases on my part, I decided to give her some money to ensure that she would be able to take care of herself. Though she initially made a face and protested, suggesting that she was not a wh*r*, she eventually relented and took the money before departing.

Feeling spent, I promptly proceeded to take a shower and intended to rest for a mere five minutes before delving into some pressing paperwork. It was during this moment of temporary respite that my phone began to ring, with the name "Mateo" appearing on the screen.

Although all I desired was a brief interlude of relaxation, I reluctantly answered the call, groaning as I did so. "What do you want, Mateo?" I asked, my tone implying annoyance.

"We have a problem, boss," he responded urgently.

I couldn't help but feel a sense of exasperation. "What is it this time, Mateo?" I inquired wearily.

"It's the cops! Someone has tipped them off!" he exclaimed.

Frustration and anger welled up inside me at the news. "Motherf*ckers!" I swore vehemently, my mind already racing with thoughts of how to address this unexpected complication.

Chapter 2

AnnaOnce I discovered that Santa Claus had long since passed away, decades before my own arrival into this world, nothing seemed to catch me off guard anymore. Frankly, it both perplexes and irritates me when people anticipate my feigned shock and amazement, when in fact I had long predicted the outcome.Allow me to recount a comparable experience. On the eve of my birthday, my ex-boyfriend, now proudly labeled as such, posed the classic question: “What would you like for your birthday?” I requested a bracelet, and as anticipated, he handed me one the following day. However, he expected me to put on an act of surprise and astonishment, as if I were an impressionable child on Christmas morning. What absurdity! I had long known he would purchase a bracelet for me.As I bade farewell to my colleague at the coffee shop, I brushed aside a nagging thought that had been troubling me all day. The crisp air outside the cozy interior of the cafe hit me like a slap


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