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Christabel Adiele

  • 👁 4.2K
  • 7.2
  • 📚 3


Blood Lust
  • 👁 278
  • 7.5

Cardin A vampire prince who passed through pain in the hands of his tyrant Father. He lost everything he ever cared for in the hands of his father but he isn't ready to lose the one person who reminds him what happiness is all about. He is willing to do anything including his money and Fame to protect the one he loves. Lucy An ordinary girl who lost her father and is left with no other option than to live with her drug addicted mother and boyfriends. What happens when Lucy is saved all the time by someone she can't seem to remember? What happens when she finally remembers her saviour? What happens when she realizes that she is working for the same person who keeps saving her? Is she willing to overlook who he really is or is she going to run for her dear life?

Mafia Boss Redemption
  • 👁 374
  • 7.5

Anna is in desperate need of a savior to rescue her from the dangerous world her father left her in. Dante Williams seems like the perfect candidate with his wealth, power, and undeniable attractiveness. But as Anna quickly discovers, Dante is not just a man to be reckoned with, he's a force of nature. And with each step she takes deeper into his world, she realizes that she may need protection from him just as much as she needs his help. Will Anna survive the dangerous game she's playing with Dante? Or will she be consumed by the very man she thought could save her? Find out in this thrilling tale of power, passion, and danger.

  • 👁 3.6K
  • 6.8

Aurora, a carefree girl who was so happy to get married to the love of her life Kian, but fate happened. A day to the wedding, her fiancé got involved in a car accident which claimed his life. Aurora unable to bear the hurt and loss decided to move to a new environment to start life afresh. What will Aurora do when she runs into someone who looks like her deceased fiancé? Just that he isn’t Kian but Ace Buford, a ruthless mafia boss and she can’t stop her attraction to him, not while he carries the face of the one man she ever loved.


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