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Love Is By Accident

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Olivia McGregor buries her pale face in the Espresso drink in her hand which matches her hair color that she has packed in the usual scraper ponytail style. A warm hand suddenly wrap around her cold neck giving it a little warmness, Olivia raise her head up and her dark brown eyes take a second glance at the 'handsome prince' she give him a nerve cracking smile and turn away to the other side. “Yes I am his girlfriend” she answered A frown appear on her face as she recollect how an ordinary girl like herself got entangled with someone like Jayden Sutton, a multi-billionaire who is definitely way out of her league.

Chapter 1: A girl who hates Cinderella

Cinderella story is Olivia’s least favorite story, why? Because she believes all fairy tales are stupid and unrealistic especially Cinderella’s storyShe didn't do anything to help herself but keep waiting for a miracle to happen and then a prince appeared and save her from her evil sisters and stepmother.Instead of waiting for a prince, she decides to work hard after her parents abandoned her at the orphanage at the age of five with her younger brother.They made her a promise to come back for them and because she chooses to believe their words, Olivia refused any adoption by anyone and waited for her parents but they never came back.Even though they were lucky to be enrolled to a school at the orphanage, all of her believes change and she focus on making some good fortune by herself and securing a good future.She doesn't get to enjoy life or party and make friends like all girls of her age do as she has to deal with a lot of jobs and take care of her brother.Thinking back to the beginning of her current situation, Olivia was at work that Wednesday morning with a book in her hand and when she noticed that someone is coming, she grabbed the mop to start cleaning up the place thinking it’s her boss but only to discover it's her best friend Emma.Olivia sighs and dropped the mop immediately going back to the intriguing novel she was reading"Are you that surprised to see my beautiful face this morning?" Emma asked jovial"You are welcome your majesty, the time to resume work is seven" she said sarcastically but Emma brush her off and put on an apron to get to work.Olivia dropped the novel in her hand and joined her.The both of them start the cleaning and soon everything is in place, Emma goes into the store room to get the things they will need for the day leaving Olivia to her thoughts.Olivia bought out a small jotter and start to make calculations to know the exact amount she has spent and how much is left and sigh thinking about how much work she will have to do to make up for itShe has spent the last six years since she left the orphanage with her younger brother working and has been able to gather some money but she has to spent almost everything to pay for her brother, Romeo’s major surgery“What are you brooding about early in the morning?”Emma asked as she comes out of the storeroom and places some box on the floorEmma is the only friend Olivia has in the orphanage and despite her sad story of losing her parents when she was barely one, she is always cheerful and doesn’t worry much about life unlike Olivia.The story of a fairy with long dark hair and green eyes sitting on a big rock in the rain was created because of Emma by the others kids at the orphanage although the truth is actually different from what everyone thought.The boys believed she is a fairy because of how flawless and composed she looked while sitting quietly in the rain but the truth is that she saw her monthly visitor and didn't want to stand up because of the stain on her dress.So she stayed in the rain until Romeo goes to her and gave her his jacket to cover herself, even though he doesn't understand what happened to her then but Emma start caring for him since then.“Where is Romeo? I thought you said he has left the hospital” Emma asked and dropped the napkin in her hand then she head towards a table with a small bag on it and came back with a packed lunchbox“Yes, but what's up with the lunchbox?”“Oh this, it's for Romeo. I know you are too busy trying to make money to cook something good for his breakfast so I made this for him” she answered“One will think you are his sister and not me” Olivia said jokingly and carried the bucket and mop in her hand outside while Emma also follow her out“You can manage the cafe by yourself right? I will be back” she said and left in a cab before Olivia could say another word“You forgot your phone” Olivia said but her car was already out of sightShe never stays at the shop and always has an excuse to go out. Luckily for her, Jake their Boss has a crush on her so he let her off most of the time.Olivia finish setting up the milk and other things in the right position and soon another worker, Jess join her with their first customer right behind her~Once the big clock hand reach twelve, Olivia drop the order booklet in her hand, removed her apron and grab Emma's phone. She wave Jess goodbye and exit the cafe.Olivia expects Emma to be back already so they can catch the bus to campus. They are both studying mathematics at ESP College and need to be in class in twenty minutes time if they do not want to miss attendance.~Olivia rush into the class as she spot the lecturer walking in and find a seat before he turn to the class and start to call names for attendance.Her eyes dash round the spacious class and she sight Emma seated two rows away from her, their gazes meet and she throw her a glare.She turn away ignoring her apologetic gestures and bring her attention back to the professor answering her name.After the class, Emma apologize for not coming back as planned putting her chin over her shoulder and pout her lips, Olivia push her off giving in to her apology.They walk to the school cafeteria and find a table to have the delicious looking burrito, their butts has hardly touched the chairs when three girls enter the cafeteria and catch everyone’s attention including Olivia.From the flashy Versace tops they are all putting on to the short mini-skirts that barely cover their lady bumps to the Chanel purse they are carrying in the tip of their hands and the heels that will make every girl steal her old man’s wallet.Their flawless skin burnt every eye as they get lost in them, everything about them screams stupid money, and they are the kind of girls who are born with big silver spoon in their mouth“I guess that’s Reina, I heard her father is very wealthy an associated with the top business owners” Emma commentShe literally has information about everyone at schoolThe both of them are in their second year and despite her humble background, Emma is a social butterfly“She sure is rich” Olivia said calculating how much the watch her wrist must have cost.“Do you know who she is getting married to? It’s Jayden Sutton” Emma continues and brings out her phone to confirm the information“The real Jayden Sutton of ‘Just & light' companies?” Olivia asked in disbelieve and Emma nods her head.Olivia look away from Reina understanding that she is on another level, not only is she born with a silver spoon but she is in a relationship with one.She has ambition of working in just & light and plans to apply there one day but isn’t sure if they will employ someone from a humble educational background like her“Hi ladies” they heard a gentle and sweet voice behind them and turn to see a cute looking guy with a nice hair cut staring at them“Hello” they both respond with a smile but Olivia quickly looks away from him.“Am Audrey, a second year student from the same department, am not sure if you have seen me before” he introduced“Oh!” Olivia mouthed not interested in whatever he has to say but Emma seems interested in him“Nice to meet you Audrey, am Emma” she said and introduced Olivia also“Am sorry to interrupt your lunch but if you don’t mind, there is a party and everyone from our department is invited. I don’t know if you have heard about it”“We mind and we won't be able to attend” Olivia response sharply and stood up to leave but Emma pull her back“Why won't we? We will be there, where is this party taking place?” Emma asked pinching Olivia not to frown her face"It's a new bar that just opened near the school, I am sure you know it" Audrey answered focusing his attention on Olivia which Emma and nods her head with a smile.“Okay, we will be there”"Yeah, bye" he said and glance at Olivia again before walking away"Why did you act that way? He is just trying to be friendly, aren’t you going to start making new friends this session…""Okay, I know you are saying this because he is handsome so don't start besides I have a boyfriend” Olivia said cutting her off“Yeah, that loser” Emma scoffed pushing her food away“Don’t call him that” Olivia said in her boyfriend’s defense“Really? He hasn’t contact you for two weeks now, no matter how busy he is am sure he is not busy more than you are”“Am sure he has his own reasons, besides our two year anniversary is coming up and we plan to meet up at his place” Olivia told her but Emma isn’t convincedThe both of them met with Charles at the orphanage but he was lucky to be adopted to a rich home and lives fine now.Olivia met him again two years ago and since she had a crush on him then, the two hit things off and after a month they start dating"But you do agree that this guy is handsome and he is so my type, look at his fine and well built body but what a pity that he doesn’t like me""Not now, you have a boyfriend remember” Olivia reminds her but she shrugsEmma doesn’t want to reveal to her the actual reason why she broke up with her boyfriend to Olivia so she finds an excuse"We broke up last week; he is an idiot. Anyways, we are over and am single""Why did you break up? That guy is the best of all your ex boyfriends” Olivia queried not believing herShe feels concerned that Emma keep dating guys on short time periods and dumping them isn’t good enoughOne thing about Emma is that she fall in love too easily and also same with falling out of love because of her thinking that love is about having fun and s*x with the other person."He told me not to go to Romeo's game and he also wants me to stop being friends with you" Emma told her and Olivia nods her head in understandingThey promised each other not to let any man come between them and using Romeo's game is something that is unforgivable.Romeo is very good swimmer and also in the basketball team, kind of a dreamy guy right?He is one of the best in his school and he goes to compete with other students since he’s not quite the brainy type like his sister.Olivia enrolled him to a sport high school where they pay for his tutoring with half the payment from competition and the rest belong to the school.Emma finds men who swim s*xy so she will always go to support him while enjoying the view of different guys’ abs in the process"So we are going to that party right?" Emma asked with eyes that say she can't refuse and Olivia agreed reluctantly.

Chapter 2: Why I hate gatherings

Jayden Sutton sits down listening to the conversation between his Dad, Richard and Mr. Hilton without much interest.He try to say a word or two when it is directed to him but focus on picking through the many dishes on the table.The two men laugh at something he could not grab then raise their glasses for a clink, they turn to him and he pick up his untouched drink and join everyone to toast to what he has no idea what.“Jay, will you be willing to come with me to a friend’s party?” Reina asked and hold his hand resting on his lap.“I know you don’t like going to parties that much but I promised my friends you would come” she added.Jayson give her a cold gaze staring at their enjoined hands and Reina pull away quickly. She turns to his mother, Mrs. Sutton to help talk to him.Despite the fact that they have known each other since little and grew up together, Jayden has never warmed up to her and always treat her coldly.


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