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Love And Trouble

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Samantha has it all, a flourishing career, wealth and everything she wants and desires. She had been hurt in the past multiple times by men she loved. Samantha decided to not fall in love ever again, but having all the wealth she desired was not enough, she knows something is missing, but choose to ignore it. She has been single for too long and is now ready to give love a chance. She falls in love with her new next door neighbour, but there is one problem, she had a one night stand with him in the past and worst of all, she doesn't remember! Now she has an ex boyfriend who wants her back and won't take No for an answer, and a new man vying for her attention. Will Samantha let her self be loved by this new man? Will the memories of their one night stand, destroy her chances at happiness and make her give up on love again? Read on to find out what happens!

The coffee shop meeting

Hearing trees ruffle and sitting in a coffee shop with a book in her hands had never felt so good for Samantha. She had everything she wanted. A career, money and everything a girl could ask for. Samantha was happy with all that she had achieved but something was missing. She quickly dropped the book she was reading and became lost in thought about her life. Samantha put her hand under her chin and thought.

"I have everything I want, but why on earth am I not happy! What is wrong with me? What exactly is missing in my life right now"

As Samantha was deep in thought, she felt someone touch her shoulder and she jumped.

"Oh, Christ! Why would you touch me so suddenly! She said, turning abruptly to see who it was that touched her.

Samantha turned to see what has been missing in her life, a man to call her own!

He was so handsome, with a face so smooth like a baby's butt. His hair was shiny. He had the darkest eyes that Samantha had ever seen. She couldn't look away. She was stunned, because she hasn't seen a man so handsome in a long time. "Samantha! Focus! She said in her head.

She turned to face her table, feeling bad for the gentleman she just yelled at. She Covered her face with both hands, trying to put herself together. Samantha was now ready to face the handsome stranger who touched her. She turned to face him again and this time, her voice was so low she didn't recognise her own voice. She sounded like a teenager who was smitten and talking to her crush.

"I am so sorry I yelled at you. I was deep in thought and got startled when you touched me so suddenly" she said to him.

The young man didn't say a word and kept looking at her.

Samantha was so confused, she kept looking around out of discomfort from the stranger's silence to her apology. She had to say something again, thinking he didn't hear her the first time.

"I said i am Sorry I yelled at you, didn't you hear me?

"I heard you loud and clear ma'am, and for the record, I never touched you suddenly. I have been calling your attention and you seemed to be thinking about something important, so I had to slightly touch you to get your attention"

Samantha had never been so ashamed and embarrassed before. He had been calling her attention and she didn't answer. She wished she could hide her face under the table and maybe disappear too, than face him again. It was her fault and she hated it. She smiled at him.

"I apologize again for my behaviour. What can I do for you? She asked him.

He looked p*ss*d, but Samantha could see he was trying not to get so upset by her, so he just pointed outside the door and in a calm and almost inaudible voice he said.

"You are parked on the wrong spot and I wonder why" he said in between his teeth.

Samantha looked at him with a surprised look.

"Parked on the wrong spot? I did no such thing" she said, trying not to raise her voice again.

He looked at her again and asked " Are you sure about that?

"Ofcourse I am sure. Whatever gave you the idea that I parked on the wrong spot?

"If you think you were right to park on the spot you parked your car, then come with me.Let me show you how wrong you are"

Samantha looked at him, wondering who this hard headed man was. She scoffed at him, shook her head and said.

"Fine, show me how wrong I was to have Parked there. Lead the way" she said, standing up from her seat.

As Samantha stood up from her seat, she placed the book she had been reading on the table and it caught the gentleman's attention. He read out the book's title so loud that everyone in the coffee shop turned to look at them

"How to get a man of yours? Really? That's the title of the book you are reading while you parked your car on the wrong spot? He said, and everyone in the coffee shop laughed and whispered.

Doloris was so embarrassed that she quickly took the book and hid it inside her handbag. She carried her handbag as she knew she could no longer come back to the coffee shop out of embarrassment.

She walked out of the coffee shop like someone being chased. The stranger was right behind her. She hated him. Samantha thought she had seen someone who could be her soulmate or her lover, but clearly she was wrong. He was no gentleman at all! He was rude, he was uncultured and she hates him. He read the title of the book loudly just to embarrass her, she thought.

Samantha got to her car and looked at the stranger angrily.

"So? what's wrong with my parking, what exactly? She asked him.

He pointed at a sign in front of Samantha car and she had to go to the front of her car to see what he was pointing at. She saw it and it read 'Do not park here' Samantha looked at the sign confused and then turned to the stranger.

"What! But this sign was not here when I parked my car, I am sure it wasn't! She said.

He scoffed at her and said " That's what you all say when you are caught red handed"

"Red handed? What is that supposed to mean" Samantha said to him.

"You know what I am talking about ma'am. Please read signs when parking your car in a public place and stop reading books on how to find a man" he said , mockingly.

Samantha became uncomfortable and went closer to him.

"Can you stop mocking my single life! You are embarassing me! She said inbetween her teeth.

"I can say whatever I want ma'am. You brought it upon yourself when you decided to...;

"Enough! Enough!! Enough!!! Samantha yelled, cutting him off.

As Samantha yelled, a security guard walked up to them to know what the problem was.

"Is everything okay ma'am? The security guard asked.

Samantha wanted to redeem herself before this stranger and she needed to make him believe she didn't see the sign before parking her car. "Why do I need to redeem myself before him? Am I crazy! She thought.

Samantha looked at the security guard.

"May I ask you a question sir? She said.

"Ofcourse you can ma'am"

"This sign here, has it always been there? She asked him.

"Yes ma'am, it has, but sometimes some miscreants take off the sign just so they can park there. They also forget to put the sign back, making some other car owners park here wrongly which isn't their fault"

Samantha smiled and turned to the stranger.

"Oh! Is that so? Thank you for telling me sir, that will be all"

The security guard smiled and was on his way.

The stranger looked at Samantha.

"I am so sorry I accused you wrongly. How can I make you feel better? He asked Samantha.

"Just learn how not to run into conclusions without proper investigations. That's how you can make me feel better" she said.

"You still look really angry. My name is Allen and I am really sorry, please forgive me? How can i make it up to you" he said.

"Do you know how you can make it up to me Allen?

"Just say it, anything" Allen replied, enthusiastically.

"Just leave me alone and don't you talk to me ever again, now move! Samantha said, walking into her car.

Allen kept looking at Samantha with a remorseful look, but she ignored him. Before she drove off, she looked at him and said. "Allen? I forgive you, but don't talk to me again, goodbye"

"May I know your name please? Allen asked.

Samantha simply yelled "No! Before driving off.


Allen had planned to sit at the coffee shop, but his encounter with Samantha made him unhappy, so he decided to go home. He entered his car and drove off.

As Allen was driving, he saw a familiar car in front of him.

"Isn't that the young woman I just had an encounter with? He said to himself.

Samantha kept driving to her house. She was p*ss*d off, even though Allen had apologized, she still wasn't over the embarrassment. She got to the front of her house and came down from her car. Immediately she stepped out, she saw a familiar face parking his car in front of the house next door. It was Allen and he was also stepping out of his car.

"Oh my goodness! why is he following me! She thought.

She looked at Allen and yelled " Why are you following me Allen? I thought I said I forgive you" She said.

Allen looked at Samantha, smiled and shook his head.

"It's not funny anymore Allen. You don't have to stalk me now do you?

Allen ignored her and walked up to his front door. He got to his front door and turned to Samantha.

"It's not always about you, I live here! He said, before walking Into his house.

Again, he just made her look stupid! Samantha thought. "How can he be living next door when I never want to see his face again!

Their first meeting wasn't a pleasant one, and Samantha was exhausted from trying to prove herself innocent from Allen's accusation.

"I'll be damned! ! This is so crazy! I can't believe I have to keep seeing that obnoxious man everyday! This is going to be one hell of a ride" Samantha said to herself before walking into her house.

As Samantha walked into her house, she thought about her ex boyfriend Kay. She was not thinking of him because she missed him. She was thinking about the last word he said to her.

"You cannot get away from me, Samantha. I will find you. If you start dating someone new? I will find the both of you and you don't want to know what I am going to do. You turned me Into the beast I have become. You can run, but you can't hide! I will find you!


The Dazzling Beauty

Samantha got Into her house and could not wait to take off her clothes to get into the shower. She took off her shoes, put a towel on her body and was about to go into the bathroom when she heard someone knock on her door. She was expecting her friend Nancy, so she didn't think about putting some clothes on. She walked to the door and opened it.

"Nancy, I didn't know you will be coming......;

Immediately Samantha saw who it was, she stopped talking and froze. She screamed.

"Allen? Allen! Oh my goodness! She said, quickly closing her door.

Seeing Samantha in just a towel did all kinds of things to Allen's mind.

"Stop it Allen, haven't you seen a woman in a towel before? He said to himself. He turned to the door and called Samantha.

"Neighbour? Please I need to talk to you, please?

Samantha stood behind her door, still trying to understand what had just happened.

"What do you want Allen? Pleas


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