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The people closest to us are the ones who have the most potential to hurt and destroy our feelings. "Hugging then stabbing." That is the most appropriate word to describe how Ella's condition is now. A woman who she considers a friend willingly destroys her life because she feels jealous of all the happiness that Ella has. Alena promised never to make Ella see the point of happiness. Became the cause of the death of Mr. Albert—Ella's father. Now, Alena intends to seize Lias—Ella's lover, at any cost. What's the next story? Will Ella succeed in being free from all the evil plans of Alena? Or maybe she really will never see happiness according to Alena's promise? Let's follow the story and don't miss it.

Chapter 1

"I hope this is a secret between us. I really don't want Ella to know about this illicit relationship," said Mr. Albert, wrapping his arms around the woman's hips who were currently right in front of him. A woman who has an age difference that is quite far from him. How not, Mr. Albert is now 48 years old, while the woman is still 24 years old.

"Uncle calm down, I will never say this to Ella," said Alena who seemed to be teasing the old man again.

"You are the most seductive woman." Mr. Albert seemed to throw the woman's body on the soft hotel bed. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and approached passionately. When they wanted to touch the most sensitive part of the woman's body, the hotel door suddenly opened and a woman walked in full of anger.

"Father!" cried the woman, slamming the door very loudly.

Alena and also Mr. Albert then got up and took their clothes and wore them very quickly. Alena who realized that the woman was none other than Ella, she then pulled the blanket and covered her face. She didn't want her to know at all.

"So this is what Dad has been doing behind my mother's back? Did you know that when Mom was being treated at the hospital fighting for her life. But while dad was having fun with other women who had absolutely no self-respect in this hotel," shouted Ella who had run out of patience as she took the ashtray and threw it at her father. Luckily, Mr. Albert managed to escape. He came closer to the child and held it very tightly to control her emotions.

"We'd better go home now, we will settle this at home," said Mr. Albert.

"No Daddy! I have to see the face of the woman who has ruined my parents' household. I have to kill her right now," Ella refused and pushed her father away. She approached Alena and pulled the blanket. But apparently, Alena was holding the blanket so tightly that it was difficult for Ella to see Alena's face.

"Don't hide like this you b*st*rd. Show your face!" rage Ella. Which daughter would not be angry when she saw her father having an affair with another woman. Ella suddenly took a flower vase and intended to break it right on the woman's head.

"Ella! That's enough! Don't let you hurt that girl. If you do, then I won't hesitate to forgive you!" prevent Mr. Albert who does not accept the treatment of his daughter which he considers completely disrespectful and overstepping.

Ella could only be astonished and then burst out laughing at all of her father's remarks which were considered too excessive. After all, it was her father who started all of this. If only her father didn't play dark with other women then he wouldn't be this angry. "Okay, looks like you want to play with me now. I'm going to report you to the police right now!" threatened Ella. She was tired of seeing her father's behavior. He was old but his behavior was so shameful.

Alena, who heard this, did not accept that this had all been reported to the police. She didn't want her good name to be ruined because she had an affair with the old man who was about to die. "Please report all this. That way father can divorce your mother and marry this woman." Unlike Alena, Mr. Albert was not at all afraid of the threat of his only daughter.

"You old b*st*rd, he thinks I want to marry him?" Alena thought and did not want to have an old husband like Mr. Albert. She also chose to open the blanket and show her face in front of Ella.

"You don't need to report all of this to the police. You can see the face of the woman who has been your father's affair all this time," said Alena. A fact that was so very surprising for Ella herself. That the person who had been so very kind and close to her was apparently none other than the person who had become a destroyer in her parents' household.

"You ...." Ella looked weak and leaned her body against the wall.

"Yes, it's me!" said Ella who didn't have the slightest feeling of guilt.

Ella and Alena have been friends for a long time. In fact, the two of them are very close to each other. They have always been together both joys and sorrows since they were still a student at a private high school in this city. So far, their friendship seems to be going well. Often, Ella confides to Alena that she suspects that her father has a mistress. Ella had no idea how her own best friend had stabbed her in the back and become the third person in the breakdown of the marriage relationship between her father and mother.

"What's going on here? Why do you ...."

"Father loves Alena. Father will not be able to live without her. After all your mother is old, she can't even take care of her own life, how could she take care of and serve me. Anyway, the angel of death will come and take her life soon. all this fun," said Mr. Albert approaching while hugging Ella.

Elena just kept shaking her head. A very big betrayal that has been committed by her own best friend. A friend who even considered like a sister.

"Why does it have to be Daddy? There are lots of girls out there but why should it be my best friend!" said Ella in a high tone and looked at her father with disappointment and destruction.

"As for you, Alena! Why should it be my father? I don't even care who you are close to, why do you have to victimize my family!" She continued pointing at Alena.

"The answer is because I love your father!" Alena said very satisfied to break Ella's heart. All this time Ella thought of her as a friend but not for Alena. Alena thought of the woman as just an enemy. She was envious of her best friend's life, which was surrounded by both very kind and harmonious parents. The family is very rich and even she can have whatever she wants very easily. While Alena, she is a poor girl who even comes from a broken home. She never felt the love of her father or mother.

"You are all evil! You are all like a demon!" said Ella who then ran and left her father and best friend. She had suffered enough with the affair that had been committed by her father, and the saddest thing was because her own best friend had become the third person.

"You don't have to think about Ella. We'll get married after this dear," said Mr. Albert, who had completely lost his mind about his family, which had just been destroyed by the woman who was currently right beside him.

"What did you say? Married? I don't even have the desire to marry an old man like you. I just want to ruin your daughter's life! I hate her! Only this way I can ruin all her happiness," said Alena satisfied while she held Mr. Albert's face and smiled evilly.

Chapter 2

The people closest to us are the ones with the most potential to hurt and destroy ourselves. "Hugging then stabbing." That's how Ella is feeling right now. The woman was seen sitting in the corner of the room and staring out the window. It was raining that night as well. There is only sadness and disappointment that is currently eating away at the woman's entire body.

"Sir!" shouted one of the servants from the ground floor of the house. Ella who heard that suddenly wiped her tears and hurriedly checked what had happened. She saw Mr. Albert lying on the floor.

"What happened to Dad?" asked Ella who started to panic seeing her father's condition that was so pathetic with a pale blue face.

"I don't even know Miss. I was very surprised to see Master's condition, which was like this," said the servant.

"Then quickly call the driver and we'll take my dad to the hospital," said


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