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Let Me Love Your Husband

Let Me Love Your Husband

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Valerie Rayner fell in love at first sight with her apartment neighbor, Fin Nicholas Herald, who also worked at the same place as her. Fin, who already has a wife, Olivet Linford, is finally tempted by Valerie's beautiful body because his wife is no longer able to give him inner satisfaction. Unknown to Fin, Olivet hid his illness so Fin wouldn't leave him. When Valerie began to realize that her relationship with Fin was a mistake, the woman chose to leave when she was pregnant with Fin's flesh and blood, and that's when the man realized that Valerie was the woman in his past that he had been looking for for a long time.

First Sight

It was already eleven o'clock in the evening, the sound of the tip of a woman's shoes hitting the marble floor was heard so loudly that it broke the silence of the night in an apartment where most of the occupants were probably already a sleep.

That woman, raised her left hand amidst the fluttering of the hem of the dress I was wearing when this step stopped in front of an elevator door that would take her to the floor of the apartment unit she was going to rent. starting today, tonight to be precise, the woman named Valerie Rayner, will be the new occupant of the apartment, because, starting the day after tomorrow she will be working at the largest manufacturing company in this country.

As the elevator door opened, Valerie hurriedly entered the elevator, while seeing her messy appearance after a long journey on the elevator wall. at that moment, suddenly the elevator door which was almost closed, was stopped by a strong hand trying to reopen the elevator door, so he could enter the elevator.

The next second, a tall man entered the elevator. Valerie gulped her saliva roughly, when she saw his muscular body even though it was hidden behind the formal shirt he was wearing a long-sleeved navy blue shirt combined with black slim fit pants that were unable to hide his muscular body and made me instantly stunned to see his body shape.

After being satisfied with the appearance of her body, Valerie's eyes then moved up to see her face. When looking at that face, Valerie's heart suddenly seemed to stop beating, even it felt like it had fallen somewhere.

In an instant, Valerie's eyes met her hazel eyes which made Valerie's body seem to freeze, even her stomach felt so tingly that it made Valerie's body go limp.

Valerie really fell for the owner of a handsome face with thick eyebrows, a sharp nose, and a strong and firm jaw line and thin, rosy lips. While still engrossed in observing the man suddenly Valerie's reverie was broken when she heard a low baritone voice coming from the lips of this handsome man.

"Excuse me," he said.

"Yes you are, miss," he replied. A short answer, but still made Valerie's heart melt hearing her voice. And right at that moment, the elevator door opened, it turned out that this handsome man also stepped out of the elevator, just like Valerie.

After the man came out first, Valerie walked behind him, until they finally stopped together.

'Gosh, does this mean he's my apartment neighbor?' thought Valerie, as she stared at the man who entered the apartment unit right beside hers.

"My prince, hopefully tomorrow we can meet again."


The next day, after tidying up her things, Valerie intended to find breakfast, and at the same time wanted to take a walk around this apartment complex. After Valerie left her apartment unit.

Unintentionally, Valerie turned to the apartment unit next to her, hoping that this morning she could also be her handsome neighbor, at the same time, the door of the apartment unit opened, but at that moment, Valerie had to swallow disappointment because it was not the figure of a handsome man who came out, but a beautiful woman pushing a stroller in front of her.

"So, my handsome prince, already has a wife?"

Valarie was stunned for a moment to see the beautiful woman who had just left the apartment unit, she admitted that she was really beautiful. And, arguably very compatible with the handsome prince that Valerie met last night.

"Hi..., new residents?" asked the woman so kindly to Valerie.

"Yes" Valerie answered stammered, because she held back the feeling that was so raging in her chest.

"Meet me Olivet, I live next door with my husband and child." The woman held out her hand to Valerie.

Hearing the words of her husband coming from her lips, Valerie's heart seemed to stop beating, it felt like her hope had been dashed to get the man's love. The handsome man who from the first meeting has stolen her heart.

'So it's true that my handsome prince already has a wife, and the woman in front of me is his wife?' thought Valerie while holding out her hand while pretending to smile to cover up the disappointment in her heart.

"Nice to meet you, Olivet I'm Valerie, I just moved in last night."

"Hope you're comfortable, Valerie. If you need help, you just tell me."

"Yes Olive, thank you very much. Is this your son? He's so cute."

"Thank you, his name is Archie, he is nine months old."

"Oh Archie..hi, you are very cute," said Valerie, teasing the cute plump baby. 'A very handsome baby, just like his father, oops,' thought Valerie.

While she was busy teasing the cute baby, suddenly Valerie was startled by a deep voice beside her.

"Honey, I'm leaving first," said the voice. Suddenly Valerie lifted her face, then looked at the handsome man she met last night.

At this time, the man seemed to be kissing Olivet's forehead with feeling. Valerie's heart was sliced ​​at the sight in front of her. he wanted to leave, but when Valerie was about to step foot, Olivet suddenly called out to her.


Valerie was forced to stop her steps, then glanced at the handsome man's face, who was currently engrossed in teasing her little son. "Valerie, introduce him to my husband, his name is Fin."

'So, her name is Finn? A name as nice as the person,' thought Valerie.

"Fin, meet Valerie, our new neighbor."

The handsome man, then stretched out his hand to Valerie who now looked so nervous.



Valerie stared at her beautiful face which had succeeded in making her heart melt, she wanted to hold that hand for a long time. However, Fin quickly let go of the handshake.

"Valerie realized, that man is not yours, don't ever expect any love from him because it is not appropriate to win a heart that already belongs to another woman.

Trip Out

Valerie came out of the apartment, headed to her new office. Twenty minutes later, the woman arrived at her workplace, a building dominated by gray paint.

Valerie stepped onto the eighth floor to the HRD section. After ten minutes of reading the jobdesk, he was directed to his divisional room, which was on the tenth floor.

However, while Valerie was busy chatting and getting to know her co-workers, suddenly Valerie's attention was drawn to a figure who had just stepped out of the elevator and walked past them.

"That handsome boy, yes my prince, why is he here?" thought Valerie.

"Valerie, what are you doing?" scolded Luna, one of the co-workers who jolted Valerie's reverie.

"That?" Valerie answered while pointing at Fin.

"Oh that's Mr. Fin, he's the marketing manager here. What's wrong with you? Like him? Be careful, he already has a wife," Lu


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