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Last Human: Stranded in the Realm of Vampires

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In BL9527, a freezer that had been drifting in space for tens of thousands of years was opened on the planet Sahn ruled by the vampire. A human creature was found in the freezer! The vampire elders searched through the universe's biological literature and finally determined that This is a surviving species from the blue planet that has been destroyed for tens of thousands of years. Unfortunately, this is the last living creature on Earth. What's worse, this Earth creature smells delicious. So the girl's life in the vampire world began.

Chapter 1

A mysterious organization predicts that 2025 will be the end of the world.

On a winter afternoon in 2023, while Celia was sitting in the cafeteria eating her favorite fried eggs, her friend pretended to be mysterious and whispered to her that there was a prophecy online that February 25, 2025 would be the end of the world.

Celia let out a sneer from her nose, she didn't believe it.

There are too many such prophecies. From the theory of the end of humanity in 1997 to the theory of the end of the world in 2000, out of 1200 religious organizations worldwide, 400 have predicted the end of the world. But aren't humans still living year after year on a wide variety of "doomsday" ?

Compared to previous years, this apocalyptic theory is not much different except for its grandeur. It's just adding some materials to the disaster films in cinemas.

Of course, Celia's tragic high school life was not affected by it. The teacher did not leave less homework just because humans were going to be completely extinct. When it's time for self-study, it's still necessary to do so. When it is time to delay the end of class, it will still be delayed. She's still the same, can't solve math problems, and the fried eggs still make people feel very delicious.

However, more than a year later, the end of the world really came.

Earthquake, volcano, tsunami, meteorite rain, climate change, iceberg melting, pestis, locust disaster, plague spread

The widespread death of humans, even those who have not died, are busy committing suicide.

2025 has been a miserable year. Celia didn't have time to eat her poached eggs, but she was tearfully stuffed into the freezer by her parents.

Smart people always watch out for their own neck before the crisis comes, such as the cosmic escape pods prepared by governments for dignitaries-leaving behind the human elite in order to perpetuate the race!

The wish is good. But unfortunately when survival issues arise and the plan is in chaos.

In fact, most of these survival places specially prepared for human elites, such as scientists and scholars, were scrambled by entrepreneurs and military factions, who could provide survival materials at that time.

Snatching requires strength, and strength comes from material reserves. The military can mobilize the state to store food, entrepreneurs can mobilize warehouse stocks.

At a time when 80% of the world's land has collapsed, farmland has been destroyed, food is scarce, and prices have soared to the point where eggs are as expensive as diamonds, a bags of rice are much more valuable to the surviving human race than a bag of space capsule-making materials.

What on earth can make ordinary people exchange life-saving food for a piles of iron?

That is the hope of life.

The military that has mastered technology and space raw materials is a match made in heaven with the enterprises that have mastered production lines. Several major high-tech companies have begun mass production of simple space freezers. At the same time, it actively instills shameless brainwashing content such as "Although it can only float in the universe, there is always hope for people to live if they are not dead...

And its results are significant.

The frozen warehouse made in an emergency is shoddy but the price is outrageous! But the desire to survive makes people still willing to join the panic buying!

Then, The money earned from these transactions, the hoarding rice and the grain were taken by the merchants to exchange with the government for the qualification of being actually written on the survival list.

As for the ordinary people, well, they are busy rejoicing over the inferior frozen warehouses they have snapped up and have no time to supervise the capitalists.

Celia's parents exchanged five bags of rice, three big ham, 10 boxes of instant noodles and 20 barrels of purified water for a space freezer for their only daughter.

Celia knew that those were all the food in the family, so she did not shed tears when she lay in the freezer, but firmly told her sobbing parents, "I will live."

Yes, of course to live.

Otherwise, I'm sorry for my parents who gave up their chances of survival, 10 boxes of instant noodles, 20 barrels of purified water, and 5 bags of rice and big ham!

Life education we, Money cannot be spent in vain!

Perhaps this small citizen's stingy obsession touched the universe.

Maybe it was Celia's character explosion.

Perhaps it is the necessity of the complex probability of the natural universe.

This freezing chamber containing a ordinary earthlings actually happened to pass the quality test. It happened to avoid hundreds of millions of meteor showers in space and happened not to be caught in a black hole. In the case of an interstellar dust collision, this small seed of life happened to drift safely for tens of thousands of years between various dangerous cracks...

No one knows, and it's all thanks to Celia's stature.

Celia is not tall or fat.

Comrade Celia's figure of 5.5feet and 58kg is swollen with some development, which is at most the level of a "round girl". In fact, it is still far from "Celia. The problem is that her Senior high school is located in a small town in the south of the Yangtze River, where the scenery is beautiful and the people are outstanding, and the girls are unusually petite and exquisite. In a population with an average height of approximately 4.9 feet, our Celia stands out like an iron tower!

Fortunately, the freezing warehouse is the world's height standard and is not restricted by the petite Jiangnan population.

So the height of Celia is just right for the medium size.

The space of the small size freezer is limited and the equipment is incomplete. The large freezer is thinned and cut corners. From the quality point of view, it is precisely the medium freezer with the highest pass rate! This means that the survival rate is the highest.

Although all the metabolism of the human body is minimized in the frozen state, there is still a certain amount of energy consumption after tens of thousands of years of drifting. If Celia were a popular firewood chick, she might have been skinny and dead in a coffin-like freezer. However, our Celia classmate happened to have thick subcutaneous fat and enough surplus meat. Floating for 10 thousands or 20 thousands years is not a problem! When the hatch opens, hey! Not only is she not dead, but she is also slim...

Therefore, the universe teaches us, eat more and live longer.

Chapter 2

The Vander was actually the smuggling ship.

Manipulated by a young blue-blood veteran soldier the Sahn planet, he has been wandering between the Sahn galaxy and the major neutral space stations for hundreds of years. With his rich experience, he has been sneering through the loopholes in the management of each planet, smuggling various prohibited species to the black market of the Sahn planet, selling them as food or pet slaves for captivity.

There are countless species in the universe, and every member of the Vander can be considered a half-speciologist due to long-term smuggling contact with novel goods. And this time, this group of well-informed and lawless guys, but none of them knew what they had picked up back!

All the crew stood outside the huge glass wall of the Vander's vacuum aseptic room and looked at each other. The captain frowned and stared at the small dark silver streamlined freezer in the middle of the aseptic room.


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