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Just the beginning of an end

Just the beginning of an end

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This is not just a book to read this is also about how some girls get treated dirt and knocked down , then finding there own way back to there feet, I hope you enjoy reading what I have presented here as this is also about real life and the world we live in I hope this can also help you in your day to day life , as part of what I have wrote is how my life has been and what I have had to go through in hope to help others know that your not alone and I’m here if you need to talk xoxo

Chapter 1

“Let’s go back a year where I found my mate and with in months of finding him and loving Him , I lost him”

Today I woke up got ready for work and went on as any normal day , yet little did I know I was going to meet my mate in the matter of hours

so I’m at work like normal and I get a message from my best mate asking me to see her after work and of course I said yes ,

so after a long day for standing on my feet I do the long walk home like I normally do and call my best mate , when I get to where she is she is standing next to a tall handsome man , with them both staring at me I put my head down not knowing what to do ,

i walk over and say hi and give my best friend a hug and of course I say hi to this Handsome man in-front of me , my best friend introduce us , I look at him and I just see his eyes glow

i can feel my self getting really hot and I know my face is blushing and I look at this lad next to his bike , I just know he is the one but I don’t say anything because I’m scared and I don’t know what to do,

so I just stand there looking like a twat then I realise I have to get home so I say bye to them both and message my bestfriend asking if I looked a mess when I was with her 😂

Chapter 2

Of course she says I look fine , so I just left it at that,

a few days go by and I realise I don’t have any way of getting in contact with this lad but I don’t want to look like a beg or anything so I leave it

(little did I know a year later I would regret this)

so as normal I go to work and go home still messaging my best mate and out of no where she goes , ….. wants to have your sc , can I give it him ,

of course I say yes 😂 why wouldn’t I , so he adds me straight away and we start talking , of course I play hard to get and make him come chasing me,

“again I now regret waiting so long“

so 4 months pass and I agree for him to take me on a date , yes I said 4 months I made this handsome man chase me for 4 months

he waits for me to finish my day at collages as I did 4 days of working and 1 day of collage a week


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