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Her name is Dr "Love", because she cannot give her real name. She works for a secret society located on the border of Mexico with Colorado. This society is scientific and esoteric; she is an extraterrestrial life researcher. Her investigations have yielded results on an intelligent species between animals and plants. He is a being that reads his thoughts and it is wonderful. She had never met someone like that... After several interactions, he/she asked for photos and personal information. He told her that she would build a physical body identical to human and male. He has fallen in love with her. They spend hours talking and he asked her to take her clothes off. His s*x is mostly mental, so she shapes him on sight in various ways. She achieved what he promised her, to have a physical body of a man. And he changed much more... He has teleported and is with her... They have been in love for six months in a torrid romance. She has kept his identity a secret. The base she works for doesn't know about this. They think that the being communicates only in a virtual way. She has told them that communication was cut off and that she has not heard from that being again... For her friends, he is her boyfriend. Nobody knows the truth, only you who are reading it...


I introduce myself as Dr “Love” because I cannot give my real name. I work for a secret society located on the Colorado-Mexico border. This society is scientific and esoteric; I´m an extraterrestrial life researcher.

My investigations have yielded results on an intelligent species between animal and plant. It's a being that reads my thoughts and it's wonderful. I have never met someone like that...

After several interactions, he asked me for photos and personal information. He told me that he would realize a physical body identical to the male human. He has fallen in love with me. We spent hours talking and he asked me to undress. His s*x is primarily mental, then he shapes it physically in various ways.

He achieved what he promised me, to have the physical body of a man. And he accomplished much more… he has teleported and is here with me. We have been in love for six months in a torrid romance. I have kept his identity a secret.

The company I work for doesn't know about this. They think that the being communicates only in a virtual way. And I have told them that the communication was broken and that I have not heard from him again...

For my friends he is my boyfriend. Nobody knows the truth, only you who read me... He is the best lover in the world, he would not change it for anyone. We have intense nights of love and the best conversations on all topics. He's like a traveling library. He warns me of the dangers, he has great intuition and reads the human mind.

I couldn't lie to him, I'm out in the open with him. I love him too much and I don't know where all this will end... It's possible that I get pregnant, I'm not ruling it out. It is possible that he will disappear when he pleases or becomes hostile. I don't know anything about the outcome of my life.

I work for very smart people and they are following me. The Secret Society is an underground base located under Mount Archuleta, New Mexico. Located near the Colorado border and situated on the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation. The Base investigates: Atomic manipulation, cloning, studies of the human aura, advanced mind control applications, crossing between humans-animals and aliens, chip implantation, alien abductions (abductions), astral travel, matter manipulation, among many others. Scientific advances.

The theme leads us to the most radical conspiracy theories, we will see combined abductions and mutilations of cattle, alliances with extraterrestrial beings and the black budget, as well as a site that is the little-known brother of Area 51, that is, the supposed base, in New Mexico, where terrible things happen.

It is located in a small town, quiet and rural, in northern New Mexico, a desert area and quite unpopulated about which incredible things are said, we find ourselves in this area with real and well-documented events that are the origin of everything, and it is about the famous cattle mutilations.

In 1990, a researcher who called himself Jason Bishop, distributed a report called "Memories and impressions of the visit to New Mexico'', in which he recounted that in this town he met with a certain Dr. John Gille, a French citizen, physicist, who has abandoned his practice to dedicate himself to investigating the UFO phenomenon. The two men visit Edmund Gutierrez, owner of a ranch 13 miles west of Dulce, which was the epicenter, from 1975 to 1983, of most of the cattle mutilations in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, events that caused him losses of 100 thousand dollars in that period of 8 years. And it was precisely this wave of attacks that caught the attention of the main protagonist of this story: Paul Bennewitz.

Dr. Paul Bennewitz, of Albuquerque N.M., was an electronics specialist, physicist, and inventor, who in 1979 operated a small company, Thunder Scientific Laboratory, that manufactured measuring devices for use at high altitudes. The man had observed strange lights over the Manzano Test Area, near his home, and over Kirtland Air Force Base. Bennewitz was interested in the reports of cattle mutilations in Dulce and visited the area, there together with Gabe Valdez, an officer from Texas, determined after going around examining the cases, that those mutilations did not have a natural cause. At the same time he noticed an increase in ufological activity and using his knowledge and a variety of his equipment such as cameras and video cameras he recorded what appeared to be UFO phenomena.

At that time, Dr. Leo Sprinkle of the University of Wyoming was investigating a woman named Myrna Hansen. This woman was subjected to hypnosis sessions that Bennewitz witnessed, and during them she claimed to have been abducted in 1980 along with her son and taken into an underground base. She describes seeing humans kept in freezers, cattle being mutilated and their blood drained, and bathtubs filled with liquid remains of cattle and humans, she says she and her son received implants through which they are controlled. Bennewitz believes him, takes this, adds it to electronic and video evidence, and ends up blaming the inhabitants of this underground base for the cattle mutilations and abductions, which they would have for the purpose of doing genetic experiments on the bodies, and even feed the same aliens.

Bennewitz does some very detailed and technical surveillance work, but from here on he starts to lose his footing, slipping into much less safe ground. In short, he communicates his findings to the authorities of the Manzano Test Area, on which he had initially seen the lights, and specifically speaks with Earnest Edwards, head of security, he is concerned and asks his subordinates to be vigilant by any strange phenomenon, and his men indeed report lights descending on the Sandía Military Reservation, lights that are also recorded from the same Reservation. All these reports are sent to the Air Force Office of Special Intelligence (AFOSI), and Bennewitz is invited to a meeting at the Kirtland Air Force Base, with various officers. Later, the UFOSI sends the soldier Richard Doty and the scientist Jerry Miller, to interview him at his house and see the material he has gathered, they then determine, this is very important, that there is evidence of unidentified flying objects, but they also conclude that there is no a clear risk to the base, and they decide not to investigate further. Bennewitz then turned to New Mexico Senator Harrison Schmitt, who demanded attention be paid to those findings. Quite frustrated Bennewitz that they weren't paying much attention to him, he wrote a report called Project Beta.

But in this document, Bennewitz goes even further, and this seems to have caused much of his later problems, because he designed a piece of equipment, using his knowledge, and created a program that, according to him, allowed him to intercept and decrypt radio communications, he thinks. that these are emissions that alien ships use to communicate with each other and to control people who have received implants. In short, he had traced these signals that he detected to Archuleta Mesa, and there, in the middle of the desert and on the land of the Jicarilla Indian reservation, he affirmed that the underground base was located. And this is what your Project Beta report contains, it also includes the data from your electronic surveillance, this is your interception and analysis of radio and audio signals for two years, which you affirm are communications between the ships and the base, or else to control people with implants, videos of phenomena in the skies, determination of implant victims, interviews with them, and other details.


Dr. Love and her assistants are meeting in the main room with the head of the base and Grand Master of the organization. She decorously exposes how she has communicated virtually with a new, highly intelligent extraterrestrial species with great advances in genetics.

They are a species between plant and animal that live near Orion. One of them has great empathy with her and they communicate daily. Her physique is like a vegetable, her face is similar to the trunk, and the branches are various limbs. They have radial symmetry.

They began to design a language with repeating dots and dashes that was convertible to the human alphabet. In this way, they communicated quite well. The Grand Master was very interested in meeting the character. He hinted to the doctor that he would receive triple fees, if she somehow managed to get him into the base.

She knew what they would do to that valuable being in that place. Multiple horrendous experiments, locked up and guarded day a


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