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In The Middle Of The Night

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Life have never given April a reason to smile. First is growing up without a father and few years later she lost her mother to the cold hands of death,leaving her in the care of her wicket aunt who never paid interest about how she feels, her pathetic lifestyle took a new turn when she got a proposal from her aunt Claire she never knew about to come live with her in England. She lost her aunt on her arrival in England changing the whole story for her, taken in by a family she doesn’t know anything about and meeting their notorious second son set a new chapter in her life. Guided by lust which eventually turns into love, his love breath in new air of happiness into her life, even when she stares repulsively at her scares he saw them as a different beauty. “I hate my body so much!”April said with so much agony in her voice as she watched her scars “I see them as beauty April, I love every each of it”he said trailing his hands around her scars This novel contains highly sexual contents little prejudice and love triangle

Chapter 1

April! April!!

I heard the witch call me again for the hundredth time today and it’s just ten in the morning. I wipe my wet hands with the towel laying on the kitchen counter before replying her.

“Yes ma’am” I say before leaving the kitchen, she might as well slap me for not responding to her quickly, she’s that crazy. I saw her sitting down in her favorite cushion in the living room and another woman is there too sitting down but I couldn’t see her face because she’s backing me, but one thing I’m sure of she’s someone I’m not familiar with.

“Come and greet your aunt Claire”the witch suddenly said and confusion was written all over my face.

Aunt Claire!!!

I definitely remember not having any family member bearing that name but then again I remembered I don’t know most of them.

“Oh my God! April you’ve grown so big, it’s been ten years I last saw you ” the so called aunt Claire said and I almost rolled my eyes, was she expecting me to remain the same after ten years?!! Definitely not.

“You should greet her” the witch said and I plastered the fakest smile of mine on my face,bending a little as a sign of respect while greeting her

“Good morning aunt Claire” I said and she smiled widely and I almost vomited, I could see something greenish stalked in between her teeth, I wonder if she doesn’t brush her teeth at all or see herself in the mirror before leaving the house maybe that would have helped her knowing something was stalked in between her teeth

“Good morning my love”she says looking at me from the top of my head to my toe, I’m definitely not her love though

“Aunt Claire is here to take you with her to England”the witch suddenly said and I tilted my head so fast that I almost got my bone broken.

“Yes, I’m going back to England with you”aunt Claire said and I got sick loosing my stance, I staggered back a little almost crying out loud for someone to explain to me how are we related and why is she taking me out of the country to England I’m not even familiar with!!!

“I’m your mom’s elder sister, it’s so sad I wasn’t able to come back from England to attend her funeral, that’s why I came back here to come and take you, don’t worry about your schooling or any other thing, it’s going to be well taken care of”aunt Claire said and I remembered the first time the witch showed up on my face when my mom just died seven years ago, she told me the same thing, telling me how she’s going to take care of me but she did the complete opposite after trusting her, she turned me into her maid and right from that moment my trust issues started growing so fast.

“You should be glad”the witch said, yeah I should be glad I’m not begging in the street right? since the only parent of mine I have ever known is gone “when are you leaving?”the witch asked directing the question to aunt Claire.

“I’ve some things to sort out here cause I don’t know when I will visit America again, it shouldn’t take more than a week”aunt Claire said and smiled at me, her smile is creeping me out or maybe it’s just my trust issues eating me up.

“You can go back to the kitchen”the witch said and I went straight back to the kitchen, I sat on the nearest available stool and I could see my hands shaking fervently. I’m scared and I hate that feelings, I don’t know why I feel like I’m going to get betrayed again. I didn’t know when a tear escaped my eyes, I wiped it away with the back of my hand standing up, well it’s not like I’m having it great here anyways, I might as well try a new environment out, I thought and continue washing the plates I was busy washing before I was called to the sitting room.


I took my old school bag, I checked inside it making sure I’m not forgetting anything. I slip it on my back and head to school with my empty stomach as always, I’m used to it now. I was walking slowly when I saw a familiar figure waving at me, I slowly smiled. It’s Elena the only friend I have in school or let’s say in the world,she’s the only one I’m closest with

“You look grumpy”she said jogging over to meet me,her auburn hair was busy flying, I always admire her hair and how silky it is but she always say she loves my black hair and how dark it is, to me my hair is just plain and did I forget, she hypes everything even things that doesn’t worth the hype but I just go along with her most times and then sometimes I argue with her when I have the energy to.

“You’re so silent”she said again and I realized my mind have taken me somewhere far away again

“I’m not feeling too good”I said remembering the event that happened the previous day, I didn’t know when aunt Claire left, I remember coming back to the living room and she wasn’t there, it was just the witch and her daughter

“What’s wrong with you? Are you hungry? I brought something extra for the both of us”Elena said and I gave her a grateful smile, that’s one of the reason I love her. She always thinks about me and sneak out food for me, I can’t be grateful enough to have her as a friend, she’s very supportive

“You won’t believe it”I said picking her interest

“Try me” she said and I sighed halting my steps, I turn to look at her and I can see curiousness written all over here face.

“I’m moving out soon” I said and she chuckled

“New York?”she asked and my shoulder sagged

“No not New York”I replied, I’m not sure how to break the news to her

“Where in America?”she asked and I got all emotional instantly, I’m already missing my best friend

“Not America”I said a tear escaping my eyes

“For God’s sake where?!”she asked couldn’t contain her curiosity anymore

“England ”I replied with a very low tone, I wondered if she heard me

“England ?”she asked in an unbelievable manner, she chuckled taking a step away from me “are you kidding, tell me it’s a big joke”

“I wish, I seriously wish so”I said and she took another step away from me and I knew at that instance that things is about getting ugly.

Chapter 2

"What the fuck April?! What about all our plans? What about us sharing apartment in the university and finally you out of her house and she out of your life"Elena said and I broke into tears, I remember us planning a lot out, I know it all,I didn't forget anything

"I don't have any control over this Elena,you of all people knows that."I said and she chuckled dryly, I can see how furious she is

"All my plans revolves around you April"she says shaking her head and I saw a tear betraying her and falling down from her eyes

"I don't mean this to happen trust me,I know everything we planned but this is definitely out of my control "I said and she gave me a look that could kill

"You're seventeen for fuck sake!"she shouted and started walking away

"Elena!!"I called her trying to walk over and meet up with her

"Don't! I need my space"she said and I stopped chasin


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