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In Love With My Brother-in-law

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EXTRACT.... I felt a hand snuck behind my back and flicked my eyes open. Before I could realize it, I was sitting on Zain's lap facing him. How did I end up on his lap? I struggled to get down but he held my waist, making it hard for me to get up from his lap. "Zain, are you insane? Let me down." I screamed and he covered my mouth with his right hand. "Stop shouting, people will hear you" He said and I glared at him. He chuckled and pulled his hand away from my mouth. "I miss you, I have been thinking about you since morning" He said, his hot breath fanning my chest. I was not in for his game this midday so I struggled to get down but he would not let me. " Zain, I beg you let me go," I retorted to begging. "You did not hear what I said huh?" He asked, laughing at me with his eyes. "I heard you but please can you let me down, anyone can see you or your wife can even walk through at any moment," I tried to reason with him but it looked like his demons were at work. "You know, I am suddenly horny and I want to get you under me. That's the only way I can let you go. I want to have you right here right now." . . . Loving can be hard especially in cases where the person you are loving is unreachable. That's the situation Jenny Thompson found herself in, in love with her ex, Zain Zidat, who is now married to her sister, Susan. With both being under the same roof, can the heart stop going for what it wants? Find out in this story of love and betrayal. *BOOK 1*

Chapter 1 Prologue

Jenny's point of view...Day 1

I sat in the big living room with mom helping her with her toes while we watch TV. We just had our lunch not long ago. The time could not be past 2. I know right, we eat lunch early. It's been like that since I was a kid and I kind of like it so much. I can't possibly eat lunch later than 2 pm

After lunch every afternoon, we sit together and relax. We could watch TV or talk about random things, that's if we are all home. It used to be way funnier when my sis was here with us. She has been married for two years and is heavy too, I mean she is pregnant.

Mom adjusted her lenses and wiggled her leg.

Jenny that's enough, if you don't mind darling, get me a glass of water, I am suddenly thirsty.

"Alright momma, be right back."

I stood up and left to get her water. I got to our big kitchen, yeah. We are not so rich and we are not poor either. My dad before he passed out was a military man who served his country to his death and after he died serving his country, the government did compensate us enough by building a nice middle bungalow for us and furnishing it with the best interior and exterior designs. Though it could not bring back the dead, it helped us to forget about the pain of losing a loved one. He died when I was twelve and now I am 19, 5 years.

Dad had a big heart and I am very proud of him. His loving heart was the reason he joined the military even when his family was against it.

Dad might have chosen a path that sent him to death early but I admired his courage. Despite that no one supported him he still went ahead and that's the kind of person I am training myself to be. To be able to do things that make me happy even though it has consequences. Happiness matters much in our life and dad had taught me that.

It's not how long we lived but how well we lived that matters.

I smiled at the big framed picture of him hanging on the wall. He was in his military uniform and smiling like he could conquer the world.

"Dad, I miss you so much. I know how fun it used to be when you were here with us. It's fine that you are gone, it's for the best I know but don't forget that we miss you so much. Stay safe wherever you are right now, mom, sis and I love you so much"

I turned and went to the medium fridge by the left side of the kitchen. It faces the entrance in a way that it will be the first thing you see when you enter the kitchen. I opened it and brought out canned water, opened the cap and emptied it inside a glass cup after I had rinsed the cup, put the canned water back inside the fridge and left the kitchen.

I got to the living room and mom was on call.

"Yeah I know right, I have been through it twice."

She said and adjusted her lenses again, it was a sign of seriousness on her part. When she does that, just know that whatever she is doing or saying is serious and you will not dare argue with her.

She looked at me and smiled then returned her attention to the phone call.

"I know Susan, I will talk to her. You know how your sister is but she will understand"

They were talking about me and I am curious to know what it was all about.

"Alright dear, I will get back to you. Take care of the baby"

Mom said and hung up.

"Mom here!"

I said handing over the glass of water to her. All the while she was on call, I was standing.

"Thanks, dear, I am sorry I kept you hanging. You know your sis how she is when she calls me especially since she got pregnant, she would like to complain the world to me"

She said and took a sip then drank the whole content and set the glass on the side stool. I said nothing, only smiled at her.

"You see, your sis wants you to move in with her especially now that she is due for delivery"

Mom suddenly said and I stared at her dumbfounded. Did I hear her right?

"Don't look at me like that Jennifer. It's not like you are going to stay with her forever. Just for short while"

"Mom, I don't like this. You know that I can't possibly live with Sis. If she wants help, let her hire one, mom. I am not going to be anybody's nanny"

"Jenny, don't be like this. The world is not safe now and you know it. Your sister trusts you, that's why she wants you around for now. You have to go and that's final"

Mom said, adjusted her lenses again and left the living room. I watched her back until I could see her no more.

Mom has this rigid personality that when she says something, it's final. If you are a stranger and you speak to her on the phone for the first time, you will think it's all this boss lady who is up to fifty years but the truth is, mom is just 38.

Yeah, she is 19 years older than I am. She got married to dad when she was 17, had Susan at 18 then I came 3 years later. People mistake us as sisters because I look so much like her, it's hard to believe us when we tell them that we are mother and daughter so we stopped trying to convince people.

I sighed and sank deeper into the couch.

I can't possibly go and live with my sis, it will be the end of me. I know you might see it as nothing is wrong with helping one's sis but I tell you what, in my case, everything is wrong with it.

Trying to convince mom will be a lot of hard work but I had to at least try, to make her understand the reasons why it was not okay for me to go.

Chapter 2 Hardest Thing

I stood and left for her room. When I got to her door, I had to knock and within a second she invited me in.

"If you are here to talk me out about you going to live with your sister then you better turn back and leave my room, Jen"

"Mummy but you know that I can't possibly go to my sister's place. I am an adult for crying out loud, how will you expect me to go and live with her as big as I am? It seems you have forgotten that I am your last daughter who needs to be pampered. You know that if I go to my sister's place, she won't pamper me like I am supposed to be pampered"

I whined, nearly dropping a tear.

Mum shook her head and look at me

"Jenny stops whining and go and pack your bags, you leave tomorrow morning. I was thinking of giving you until the end of the week but by the way, you are going, you are leaving tomorrow morning because if you stay another day, you might convince me for you to stay back.&qu


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