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In love with a billionaire's casanova

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Emiliano Alvaro is a charming, charismatic, and handsome young bachelor, the heir to the Alvaro fortune, a Casanova who doesn't take life seriously, he likes having fun and hates commitments but his life will take a huge turn when a woman drops at his doorstep with a CHILD claiming it to be HIS. How will Emiliano deal with this new life of marrying a woman he didn't know with a child. What started as a game turned into something deadly as a child separates two lovers from uniting. How will love blossom between TWO people who will stop at nothing to destroy each other?

CHAPTER 1 Ruining the wedding

It all started as a game of love and hate, two people from different families with different views about love, found themselves entangled in a predicament that would change both their lives drastically, Sia Navarro a jovial ambitious beautiful girl who had taken life by the storm and did everything in her power to do what was right, to her destiny and fate were in her hands and believed she could change fate at her will, but one little mistake changed her life entirely.

It all started one autumn wedding day in the late afternoon, the orange-gold sun set stretched far and wide, the color of fire hearths and tangerines, it was but a reflection of the dawn, the promise of the rising sun that came after the velvety night, the church was well decorated with beautiful colorful flowers, at the end of each seated aisle jasmine scented candles hung around the interior of the church, spread down the aisle was white roses as far as the eyes could see, all the seats were filled with important guests from across the city as they anxiously witnessed the wedding of the century, the powerful Alvaro family's eldest son was getting married and many from far and wide came to be part of the most glorious day. The groom's family and well as the bride's family were seated at the front roll seats as joyous smiles were dancing on their faces, the Alvaro's eldest son in black tie tuxedo stood at the altar with his bride facing each other as they listened to the priest standing before them perform the necessary ceremonial vows.

The groom had his eyes lowered to the bride whose face was entirely covered by a veil, as much as he was eager to get the ceremony over with he could sense the bride had the same feeling as she in shaky hands gripped his hands nervously, his brows creased together not showing any expression on his face, his slightly curly long hair falling to his handsome face making him look like a Greek god

"He's so handsome isn't he?"he heard murmurs in the large crowd as more soft voices were heard whispering about how happy they were to be a part of the wedding, having to witness the famous handsome young bachelor marry finally, he ignored the vile comments and listened to the priest as he asked the bride a question

"Do you Kate Anderson take Emiliano Alvaro as your lawful wedded husband to love and to cherish in sickness and in health until death do you apart?"the priest spoke, and the church went silent as they waited for the bride to speak, her grip on the groom tightened she could feel her throat getting drier by the minute but with a few breaths she answered in a soft low voice

"I do"she said and her family's smiles doubled while the groom's family held their hearts in their hands waiting for their son to say the words hoping and praying he didn't do anything funny

"Do you… Emiliano Alvaro take Kate Anderson as your lawful wedded wife to love and to cherish in sickness and in health until death do you apart?"he turned to the groom and asked with a smile as the entire crowd went pin drop silent, this was it this was the moment ofif truth and the moment the young bachelor was going to tie the knot finally, Emiliano looked at his family who nodded and then back at the bride who was about to collapse from anxiety, his face went blank as if he was pondering over the difficult question he was asked, the priest cleared his throat seeing that the groom wasn't answering and repeated the question once more

"Do you Emiliano Alvaro take Kate as your lawful wedded wife to love and to cherish in sickness and in health until death do you apart?"he asked and looked at the groom to answer and once again Emiliano hesitantly looked to his sides and prepared to say the two words which would doom him for the rest of his life

"I… I.'d…"

"I OBJECT THIS WEDDING!"before he could finish his sentence a soft melodious pleasant voice spoke echoing throughout the entire church as everyone present turned their heads towards the entrance only to see who would dare to object to the most famous, powerful and wealthy Alvaro wedding, their eyes met with a slightly tall girl with long black hair wearing a long black dress holding a baby in her arms wrapped in a small white blanket, she elegantly made her way down the aisle, her facial expression cold and aloof not caring about the disdain looks everyone were giving her, her eyes were fixed on the groom standing at the altar, his icy piercing eyes gazed upon the intruder.

Far at the corner back seat of the church, a blonde young man standing beside a girl with brown hair spoke

"Get ready for some drama"he said with a smirk as he watched the girl holding a baby stand before the groom just as the groom and bride's family members surrounded her waiting for her explanation as to why she came to ruin a special occasion and that too OF the Alvaro's.

CHAPTER 2 She has everything under control

Everyone looked at the lady holding a baby and murmurs rose among the guests as they wondered who she was to risk her life and object to the Alvaro wedding, it was like she was courting death

"Young lady, may I know why you came here?"A woman wearing a blue designer dress, her hair was in a nicely done updo, the ornament she wore showed just how classy and expensive her clothes were but the girl with the baby didn't mind as a cold expression plastered on her face and fixed her icy blue eyes in the groom in pure disdain

"Emiliano Alvaro, the beloved son of the Alvaro family right?"The girl said and took a step towards him, Emiliano narrowed his eyes as he tried to recall if ever he had met the lady before but his memory failed him because she was a stranger but what was she doing here

"Young lady, my patience has run out now, get out!" the same woman from earlier said in an angered tone and tried to grab the girl's arm but unfortunately she turned around fast and th


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