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I was pampered by the emperor's uncle

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In her previous life, Gu Lanyue assisted her husband wholeheartedly, but what she got was her father and brother's calculation, her husband's betrayal, and her favorite uncle was even executed for treason. She tried her best to pull all her enemies to be buried with her, and only woke up before she died. What she was obsessed with was just a face. After her rebirth, Gu Lanyue was determined to retaliate. She abused her father, overturned her father, destroyed the king, and trampled scum under her feet. In the end, she slept with Xiao Jiuzhong, and then left smartly. Gu Lanyue - "Who said that the Ling family has no successor? From today on, I, Ling Lanyue, am the Young General of Long Shuo's army!" "Ashnayan, dare to step into Shuo Border Town, I will destroy your entire Northern Xia family!" Xiao Jiuzhong - "My nature protects my shortcomings and is unreasonable. Whoever dares to hurt her will die hard to redeem!" "Xiao Jiuzhong is hired by Jiangshan to marry Young Marshal Long Shuojun. I was born and the world is shared with Qing. If I die, Jiangshan will pay Qing from now on."

Chapter 1 I Can Save People and Kill People!

Early winter, first year of Shaoping, Dajing

  Tonight light snow, the night is cold.

  The depths of the palace were brightly lit.

  There was a faint sound of silk and bamboo dancing in Longde Hall, and there seemed to be wine and flowers floating in the night sky.

  By the inconspicuous palace wall, the old eunuch carried the bucket with difficulty. Listening to the decadent music, he couldn't help feeling in his heart.

  Only half a year after the death of the first emperor, his majesty played music every night in the palace.

  In vain, the first emperor took good care of this nephew.

  Knock knock...

  A burst of footsteps came from afar, and the eunuch looked up and narrowed his old eyes.

  I saw a team of palace guards dragging a slender figure quickly.

  As the team moved forward, the slightly tilted head revealed most of its face under the moonlight.

  This was supposed to be the face of a peerless city.

  However, a wound penetrated from under the right eye to the left jaw, splitting the flawless face into two halves abruptly.

  It looked weird and shrill.

  This child is afraid that he will not live. Poor thing.

  The old eunuch sighed in his heart and staggered away carrying a bucket.

  The sound of silk and bamboo lingered in Longde Hall, and the dancers were graceful.

  Xiao Shao, the new emperor who had just ascended the throne for half a year, hugged the beauty in his arms and leaned lazily against the table and chair. His eyes were full of high spirits.

  His Highness is only three people, but they are all his confidants.

  "Your Majesty, bring Gu Lanyue!"

  "Come in!" Xiao Shao waved back the other people in the hall and snapped.

  The woman was dragged by two guards and left on the cold ground in the middle of the hall.

  After doing this, the guard bowed and left.

  The lights of Longde Hall were shining brightly. When Gu Lanyue opened her eyes, she saw the two people high above her. A sneer appeared on their faces that were blue from the cold night.

  "Xiao Shao, Gu Lianxing."

  "Presumptuous! How dare you call His Majesty and Empress by their names!"

  Gu Lanyue ignored the yelling and struggled to stand up.

  She was extremely thin. She only wore a single dress on winter nights, but she could still vaguely see the charm of Madam Jingan Hou, who was originally famous in Luodu.

  Gu Lanyue looked around the people in the hall with scorn in her eyes.

  "Gu Lanyue, do you know why I ordered someone to bring you here?" Xiao Shao looked at the woman in the palace condescendingly

  Gu Lanyue smiled calmly. "If I don't know, why am I here?"

  "You did it on purpose! Quickly take out the antidote! Xing'er is your sister, how dare you harm her like this?" His Highness, a middle-aged man in his early fifties, angrily rebuked.

  Gu Lanyue curled her lips into a smile and said, "How dare you say that you are my sister?"

  "Pa!" A slap was thrown hard on her face, and a trace of blood spilled from Gu Lanyue's lips.

  Gu Lanyue looked coldly at the man in front of her.

  The newly sealed King Zhao Zhang of Jing'an County, her husband of Gu Lanyue.

  Zhao Zhang avoided her eyes with a guilty conscience. "Lanyue, take out the antidote. I will beg Your Majesty to spare your life."

  Gu Lanyue smiled and said, "Do you think I will give it to you?"

  Zhao Zhang stared at her with a gloomy face, "Gu Lanyue, don't fool around! The Ling family is gone, don't you want to live anymore?"

  "Could it be that if I want to live, you will let me go?"

  "I..." Zhao Zhang looked at her and wanted to say that I would protect you.

  However, the corners of his lips moved, but when the words came to his mouth, they were silent.

  "Sister, why do you want to harm me?"

  Gu Lianxing, who was on the seat, sobbed, "When you had your eyes on Brother Zhang, I gave it to you. I gave in everywhere and didn't dare to compete with you. Why do you... still want to harm me? I already have Shao Lang's imperial son in my belly. Please, sister, for the sake of your unborn nephew, let me go."

  Gu Lanyue coughed lightly and forced down the fishy sweetness on her throat. She chuckled.

  Idiot, how dare you provoke her when you die?

  "Adulterers and adulterers, disorderly officials and thieves." Gu Lanyue sneered, "The emperor's respect, mother is the world, you are also worthy!"

  "Lanyue, shut up!" Zhao Zhang said angrily, "Are you crazy?!"

  A pair of cold eyes looked at him fixedly and said faintly, "I, Gu Lanyue, have to pay for my Ling family's things with my life."

  An uneasy feeling instantly rose from the bottom of his heart. Zhao Zhang stared at her and said, "What did you do?"

  She smiled and said, "Your biggest mistake is that you shouldn't have let me come here!"

  Raising her right hand, a wound on her wrist was shocking. Blood was flowing down her wrist, which had already dyed her whole hand red.

  However, she was already scarred, and no one in the temple cared about the injury of a sinful woman.

  Zhao Zhang suddenly felt as if his heart had been pierced by a needle, and the pain was unbearable.

  "You... What did you do?" Zhao Zhang looked at the woman in front of him incredulously. How could she still poison him?!

  "Have you forgotten? I'm a medical disciple."

  Under the bright lights, Gu Lanyue said proudly, "I can save people, and I can also kill people!"

  With a thud, the wine glass rolled down from the main hall.

  Xiao Shao covered his heart and stared at Gu Lanyue, who was in a mess, with a face full of horror.

  "This is impossible! What poison did you poison? Imperial doctor! Someone! Pass on imperial doctor!"

  Gu Lanyue smiled and said, "It's too late."

  "Take out the antidote. I'll spare you!"

  Gu Lanyue looked up at him with a look of pity in her eyes, as if she was looking at a silly child. "How can there be an antidote to the deep lovesickness?"

  One inch of acacia and one inch of ash, acacia into the bones, liver and intestines destroy.

  After eighty-one, his liver was broken and his five zang-organs burned.

  "Zhao Zhang, Gu Wenhua, Lu Guanyue, there's no one left in the Ling family. You all have to die too."

  Gu Lanyue looked at Xiao Shao on the seat with a smile and said calmly, "My Ling family has guarded the border for Dajing for generations. As a royal clan, you collaborated with the enemy and betrayed the country. You murdered the first emperor, framed Zhongliang, and killed the heroes. Go underground to make amends to my uncle."

  "I'll kill you, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this!"

  Xiao Shao rushed down from Dan Bi and grabbed Gu Lanyue's neck. His eyes were bloody red.

  Acacia to the bone! Acacia to the bone!

  The pain of the needle in his heart reminded him that he had been poisoned by the first strange poison in the world.

  No! He can t die!

  He has just ascended the throne as emperor, and the world is under control!

  He can t die!

  "You are talking nonsense, you can't have the chance to poison!"

  "She poisoned her own blood!" The handsome young man lying on the table turned pale and gritted his teeth.

  "Acacia to the bone... In case of Jinzhi wine, it has ten times the effect."

  They had a feast tonight and drank exactly Jinzhi wine.

  Xiao Shao's face changed. He could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood. He gritted his teeth and said, "Xu, Rong!"

  An old eunuch walked out from the back of the hall shakily and bowed respectfully to Gu Lanyue before facing the king, "Old slave kowtows to His Majesty."

  Xiao Shao pointed at him, his face livid. "I've treated you well. Why did you betray me?"

  The old eunuch looked up and revealed an expression that looked like crying and laughing. "The first emperor treats His Majesty well. Your Majesty... why did you betray the first emperor?"

  "Origin, come, such as, this!"

  The person he thought he could trust was never him!

  "Gu Lanyue, hand over the antidote! Otherwise, I will cut you into pieces!"

  "Your Majesty said and laughed. I said earlier that I am deeply in love with you and have no solution."

  "I, no, believe it."

  "I don't believe it! Hand over the antidote, otherwise, I will throw you into the red tent! Let Ling Chuang's spirit in heaven see how his niece was ridden by thousands of people!"

  "It's not a loss to have the empress and the nouveau riche buried with me."

  Blood continued to spill from her lips. Gu Lanyue's face grew paler, but the smile on her face grew stronger.

  "Your Majesty, she already has a death wish."

  Zhao Zhang looked at her with complicated eyes and said bitterly, "Lanyue, I never wanted to kill you."

  After all, it was a few years of love between husband and wife. He wanted to save her.

  Gu Lanyue said, "Zhao Zhang, I was the one who mistook the beast for someone else. I admit that Gu Lanyue was blind. However, if you provoke me, Gu Lanyue, you have to accept your fate."

  "Marquis Jing'an's Mansion is once again prosperous because of my Gu Lanyue, and it should also be destroyed by my Gu Lanyue!"

  "Sister!" Gu Lianxing, who was on the seat, finally couldn't help but run down to Dan Bi. He knelt down beside Gu Lanyue and cried, "Sister, Xing'er knows she's wrong! Spare Xing'er!"

  "Sister, as long as you take out the antidote, Xing'er will definitely persuade Your Majesty to rehabilitate Great General Ling!"

  Xiao Shao's eyes flashed and he immediately said, "Xing'er is right. As long as you hand over the antidote, I will definitely rehabilitate Ling Chuang and pursue him as the Duke of the Town! Long Shuo's army, I will not pursue it anymore!"

  Gu Lanyue smiled and raised her left hand to throw out a pill.

  "This is the last Clear Spirit Pill in the world. It can cure all poisons."

  As soon as her voice fell, she was mercilessly thrown to the ground. The moment she landed, she spat out another mouthful of blood.

  No one wanted to die.

  Not long ago, the monarch and the minister were at peace, and those who loved each other instantly turned against each other.

  The main hall was in a mess.

  Gu Lanyue slowly closed her eyes and listened to the fighting and angry scolding around her. A faint smile appeared on her lips.


  She Gu Lanyue was conceited and smart, and actually fell into the hands of these idiots!

Chapter 2 Reborn!

Gu Lanyue lay on the cold ground. The coldness gradually faded away, and her whole body became lighter.

  With steady footsteps as if coming from a distant place, she was supported up by a pair of hands.

  She opened her eyes with difficulty, only to see a handsome, familiar and strange face.

  Something exploded in her mind for a moment. The chaotic past all dispersed like a fog, leaving only this face in her eyes.

  "You, you are..."

  The man hugged her into his arms. His voice was low with anger and sorrow. "Ah Yue, I'm back."

  She stared blankly at his face and suddenly turned to look at Zhao Zhang, who was kneeling on the ground and being escorted by Long Shuo soldiers who came in not far away.

  She laughed miserably, "Wrong. So, I was wrong..."

  "It's my fault." The man wrapped his arms around her carefully and said, "I'm back. Don't be afraid."

  The fog recovered her eyes, and that handsome face was once again informe


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