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I Was Always His

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Ayesha
  • Chapters: 7
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 3.0
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Emily Clark has always had an idea of Love and how she wants her love life to be. Everything was going on well and she had her future planned out with the love of her life Fred Hill. Things began to change when Emily's father made a deal with Marc Baker "His daughter for his debts". It was a nice deal and Emily’s father had no intention to back down from it even if it meant taking his daughter’s happiness away. Emily's life crumbled in front of her and Every single day was a fight to get back with the man she truely loved. Will Love win at the end of the day or will power, influence and money be the one winning?

Chapter 1

"It's time," Vivian said, standing by the door.

She admired her daughter's look, staring at the mirror Emily was sitting in front.

"do I have to do this?" Emily asked, tears falling down her cheeks.

Vivian walked towards where Emily was sitting, placing her hands, on Emily's shoulder.

"Everything is paid for, everyone is waiting, there is no going back now," Vivian said.

"But...." Emily stuttered.

"No Buts," She said. "wipe these tears off your face and put a smile on your face," She added.

"Is my beautiful daughter ready?" George asked, walking into the room.

"We were just about to leave," Emily said, with a smile.

George was the happiest person at the wedding. It was visible in the wide smile, that had been plastered on his face, since the day began.

After today, George was glad that he would never have to deal with debtors again. Marc had given him the best deal ever.

His daughter for his debts. It wasn't such a big deal for George.

Emily stood from where she had been sitting. She packed the flowing gown in her hands, her gown was long, and it could fill a whole room up. It was the most expensive, in the store they had walked in last Saturday.

Marc's mother had wanted only the best for her son's wedding. The only thing that seemed off to her, was Emily.

But she was the bride her son had chosen. Even though, she felt her son deserved so much more. There was nothing she could do.

Emily's eyes met her father's, as she stared into his brown eye that she had taken after.

Emily looked like she had drank all night, with the black circles around her eye, threatening to reveal themselves under the foundation.

"Smile," Vivian said, before walking out the door.

Emily forced a smile on her lips, holding her gown by the side.

George walked to her side "may I?" He asked. Wrapping his hands around hers.

The wedding was at the beach, it was probably the only thing Emily liked about the day. It had always been her dream, to get married at the beach. But in her dreams, it had always been with someone she was madly in love with.

The weather was perfect, as the cool breeze swept the brown sand gently, making it look smooth. The aisle was beautifully decorated, with pink flowers spread on the path, leading there. The aisle had blue and pink flowers hung around it while some hung freely down.

There were white chairs, arranged on opposite sides and the guests were all sitting. Most ladies were dressed in free gowns. For the guys, a shirt and trousers.

The music began and the guest stood up in unison, as Emily and her father, walked down the aisle. The music was slow and romantic.

Emily kept her face straight and fixated in front. Marc was there, all smiles, looking overly handsome in his black suit.

Emily held on tightly to her red and blue coloured bouquet, it was the only thing keeping her calm and preventing her from breaking down in tears.

The walk down to the aisle seemed longer than Emily had expected. It felt like everyone was staring at her and she felt so uncomfortable.

The guest all looked at her, smiling and some taking videos and pictures of the moment. Emily's aunty, Sarah waved at her with a smile from the corner. She was the only family Emily was close to. Emily felt a bit of peace and smiled back at her.

Emily looked at the man she was about to spend her whole life with, her husband to be and someone she barely even knew.

Emily always had the idea of a perfect wedding, in her head. She read a lot of books and watched a lot of romantic movies. This was not how she had pictured it all.

Marc stood tall with his broad shoulder and perfectly built body. He was the type of guy every lady would love to be with, any lady would literarily kill to be standing where she was, but all this wasn't what she wanted.

Emily became even more nervous, as she got closer to the front. Tears threatened to spill down her face, but she battered her eyelashes, preventing them from falling.

As they reached the front, her father hugged her and whispered in her ears "I am proud of you." He then smiled at Marc, before leaving to his seat.

Emily looked at the crowd, as they all sat back in their seat. She looked at her mother who smiled widely at her, she had never seen her mother so excited before.

Emily's eyes met those of Marc's mother who had an expressionless face. She looked like, she wanted the whole program done already.

"Are you okay?" Emily's best friend whispered, behind her ear.

Emily nodded, to show that she was.

"Dear beloved, we are gathered here today, to witness the joining of these two amazing souls," The minister said.

"Do you, Marc bellow, take Emily Winston as your lawfully wedded wife?" He asked.

"I do," Marc said, without hesitation.

It was evident how much he wanted it and how

eager he was for all of it.

"Do you, Emily Winston, take Marc bellow as your lawfully wedded husband?" He asked.

Emily was lost in thought. She looked around the crowd, as if, she was waiting for someone to save her, from this ridiculous wedding.

In all her 22 years of existence, this is the most anxious and nervous she had been.

This was the perfect time for him to come" Emily thought. Why was he not keeping to the plan? Where was he at? Emily was confused, her heart rate increased rapidly and she could hear her heartbeat.

She didn't understand why Fred wasn't keeping to their plan, he was so optimistic yesterday. They had drawn it all out and perfectly thought about it. So why didn't he show up?

The crowd was becoming impatient, everyone didn't understand what the delay was for.

Marc knew who she was waiting for. He knew the whole plan and what was on her mind. But little did Emily know, that Marc also had his plan, which was to disrupt her plan.

"Emily," Marc called, in a low tone.

"Just say yes," Emily's mother said.

"Yes," Emily said, after a while.

"Yes, I do," She added.

"Is there anyone here who objects to this marriage? please speak up now."

Emily knew this was the last chance to save her but Fred still wasn't here. She prayed silently, hoping he would show up, but still nothing.

"With the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Marc leaned forward in excitement as he held Emily kissing her. Everyone cheered in excitement.

Emily then let go as they both walked out with everyone cheering by the side.

They were to go to the reception from there.

Everyone was sitting on their chairs, with food and drinks while chatting away and the couple were called for their first dance.

Emily was exhausted with the whole thing, the day wasn't going as she has planned. It was going the exact opposite.

Marc was following Emily everywhere she went, Emily felt it weird but Marc had a mission, to not let her out of his sight.

Marc and Emily, were about to go to the dance floor when George stopped them.

"I have made all the payments, I have settled all of it. I will also make arrangements for the loan I promised," Marc explained and George smiled happily.

Emily was disgusted by her father's behaviour. She had always looked up to him and admired him but now he was completely different, from the man she had grown up with.

Emily and George went to the dance floor and then, the music started, with everyone excitedly watching the two dance.

Emily was good at not showing her emotions and so, the two looked like two happy newlyweds.

The slow and romantic music went on for a while with just them. A few minutes later, George and Vivian also came to the dance floor and then other couples joined.

"I need to use the bathroom," Emily whispered to Marc.

"I will come with you," he said.

"No, there is no need, I will be fine," Emily insisted.

"I want to," he said.

"Marc, can I talk to you for a bit," Marc's mother, grace, said.

"Sure," he said.

"I will go now," Emily said. She was glad that Grace came at the right time.

Emily rushed inside the house, she brought out her phone, as she walked anxiously into the bathroom.

She scrolled through her contact list, as fast as she could. She dialled Fred's number and on the second ring, he picked up.

"Hello," Emily said, in a very low tone.

"I have been trying to reach you," Fred said.

"I have not been able to get away. I have been waiting for you." Emily said, still worried about why he didn't go with the plan.

"I was on my way there when some guys came out of nowhere to attack me," Fred explained.

Emily was worried, her suspicion had been correct. Something had happened.

"Are you alright? Are you fine? I am so worried about you," Emily said, not knowing the exact words to use.

"I am fine Emily, calm down," Fred said and then Emily took a deep breath.

Fred was Emily's neighbour, the neighbour the parents don't like.

Fred's family weren't the type that could save you from debts, of thousands of dollars. Fred had no such money and his parents didn't either.

He worked in a store on the street and since the first day Emily had walked into the store, about 2 years ago, she was sure she had met her soulmate.

Fred was the opposite of Marc, he dressed in sweat pants and tops all day with a cap. One who played football, with the little kids in the neighbourhood and one who probably had debts of his own to pay too.

"I was able to get away, I am alright," Fred assured.

"I will come and get you tonight," Fred said.

"I miss you," Emily said.

"I miss you even more."

They had both planned to elope from the town, even though, they had literarily no idea where to go or what money they were going to live with.

They both were sure their Love would sustain them.

"Emily!! Come out of there now!!"

It was Marc, he was knocking on the bathroom door.

Emily wasn't sure how long he had probably been at the door. She hoped he didn't hear her talking.

"Emily!! I know you're in there, don't make me call again." Marc said, knocking.

Chapter 2

"Here I am," Emily said, after opening the bathroom door.

"We are leaving," Marc said.

"Leaving to where?" Emily asked, confused.

"For our honeymoon," Marc said.

That wasn't the plan at all, Emily stood staring at him. Her whole head felt like it was on fire, so many things all at once, in her head.

"I thought that was still next week," Emily said.

Marc could sense the discomfort.and the worry. It was visible on Emily's face. Marc knew her plans, he knew everything she was up to.

He had been listening to her call, through an app he had on his phone, that connected her phone to his. She was oblivious but he knew what he was doing.

"Change of plans," he said.

"Our flight is in an hour, so we better start moving now."

"I have to pack," She said, hoping she could use the time to call Fred.

"You don't need to, everything has


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