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Hot Night With My Professor

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Jothea Alvandra doesn't like the new sub-professor who is in charge of their math subject, calculus. Well, she wasn't interested in the subject itself in the first place. She always came late and ruined everything for Professor Ismael Mondalla, but little did she know what would happen after they came up with an agreement, which would lead to a hugely chaotic life for them both. "What does love mean? I'll make you feel it the second time you attempt to slap me again."

Chapter 1

"I love you, professor," I said while looking into his eyes and pressing him with a sweet and warm kiss. I can't ask for anything more. Even if our relationship is a secret, as long as he's here, I can get through the days that will pass between us with a smile on our faces. Fulfilled and content.

"I know, and you have my love as well, my student."

I couldn't help but break a smile as I glanced at his stunning face. His charm is irresistible to anyone, and I consider myself quite fortunate that, out of all the girls on this campus, he chose to spend time with me. My beauty got his attention, and despite the number of women he wanted to be with, including the number of female professors, he chose me to be in a committed relationship.

We were making the most of our time in his office at this very moment. I always come here to see and be with him. We only have one hour of class with him, so I'm trying to find a way to somehow spend more time together.

Professor Sybill Enciso is our calculus professor, and even though I struggle with her subject, I find myself paying attention to what he discusses. At least I'm learning somehow, although the majority of it was really hard to understand for me. To get things straight, my intention of having a relationship with him is not for me to pass the subject; I really love him. It's just a bonus that he teaches me when there are points where I don't really understand the lesson. And I'm glad that this also becomes a way for us to have a moment together. He is teaching me in private after class, of course, along with some extra fun activities that only we know. So I don't hate calculus, if he is the professor.

I am currently in my fourth year of college, and my relationship with Professor Sybill will soon be one year. No one knows. No one notices. We always hide. And I enjoy our stolen moments, secret glances, and touches during class. And it's fine with me; I'll just have to wait a little longer, and we'll be freer together. And one more thing: I don't really want anyone else to know about us because I don't want him to get dismissed or for it to cause a separation between us. Marcus University does not permit any form of intimate relationship between its faculty and students. Well, all of the schools prohibited that, and I don't really understand.

I couldn't help but grin when I felt him lightly touching my cheek. My flesh and bones are dissolving because of his caress, which is full of warmth and love.

"Our first anniversary is coming around, my dear. What do you want to do?" I flashed a smile once more. That means he is aware of when we started.

"Of course, I'd like to spend it with you," was my response, which came out while I was giddy with excitement.

"Would you like to go to my flat instead?" My irises shone brightly. To go to his apartment is exactly what I've been requesting of him for a considerable amount of time now because he's always at my house. I really want to go to him this time.

I inquired, "Is that something I can do?"

"Sure thing, my dear," he said, kissing me again. I can't keep my mind off the possibility that something exciting will have happened in his unit by the time I get there. What does his place look like? Is it big? Beautiful? Clean? How about doing it there? I want to spend the rest of the day with him in every corner of his house.

My fantasy was interrupted when the door opened unexpectedly. It shattered my world of make-believe. After that, some faculty walked into Professor Sybill's office, both of them shaken by what they had just seen. Even I was unable to put clothes on and had to resort to blocking my upper body with the professor's coat instead.

The head teacher turned his eyes to the man beside me and asked, "Professor Enciso, what is the meaning of this?" My chest started to tighten almost instantly with anxiety. Even my hands trembled with fear. Even my knees lost strength. Why are they here?

It was difficult for me to follow what exactly they were debating. I found myself alone in the office after they took Professor Sybill from me. And I didn't know that would be the last time I would see him.

No one knew what happened, apart from me and the teachers. And because of that, I can't help but blame myself for everything that happened. After everything that took place, I never saw Professor Sybill again. When he left, it was almost as if all of my hopes and dreams had been shattered and vanished.

I don't even know how to continue my life now. Why is it not possible for us to be together? Why do they prohibit teacher-student relationships? Is it because I'm too young for him? Too immature? But I love him. We love each other.

What will happen to me? Now that he's gone, what about the dreams we built together? We still plan to celebrate our anniversary. Is that gone too?

I didn't hear from him after what happened. Even after several attempts to call him, he is now unreachable. He disappeared like a bubble. And no matter what question I asked the faculty about Professor Sybill, not a single one of them was able to provide me with an answer. Everyone was advising me to just put him out of my mind because what we were doing together was against the law.

What's wrong with love? We just love each other. And how can they tell me to stop doing it when we have just started? We were only together for one year, but they cut it off! I haven't talked to him yet! I don't understand. They are all unreasonable. They denied me the opportunity to enjoy myself, particularly having a relationship with the professor. They have all devastated my life, and the least I can do is return the misery they caused me.

"Why are you late again?"

Chapter 2

"Why are you late again?"

That was the question that the new professor asked me the moment I entered the room. Oh well, he's not just a professor but also a curmudgeon. My patience with him has long since worn thin. He consistently berates my tardiness and absences, and he humiliates me each time I attend class, but I couldn't care less. I will not stop this. They started this war. I will do what I want, no matter how much he humiliates me. He is unyielding in his complaints, but I won't make any changes to myself. I am still astounded that they intend to swiftly replace Professor Sybill with a man who is not even the individual I hold in the highest regard. And the way he talked to me—look, it was obvious that he possessed a high level of arrogance. Did he think he was so good? When it comes to teaching calculus, no one is better than Professor Sybill!

I entered the class without any dust and pretended that Ismael Mondalla's presence didn't bother me at all. I kn


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