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Hot Daddy Series

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"If we do this, Kayla, there's no going back." The first time it happened, we didn't know each other. F*ck*ng her after finding out her dad was my best friend was a different thing, however. "I know." Part of me thought she would rethink her decision and I was relieved when she didn't. "Good." I breathed out, burying myself inside her. When Kayla John encounters a very s*xy stranger and has a one night stand with him, she's shocked to find out that he is her father's best friend. However, she's still insanely attracted to him and gets wet at the sound of his voice. When her father informs her that she'll be staying with his best friend in Italy, will she pursue this attraction? Or will she consider her father's feelings and put him first?

Chapter 1 One night stand

Hello everyone, before you proceed, please take note. You are about to start a series/compilation book. This book contains tales about hot daddies and young girls. Each book has about 50 chapters, so that means from the next chapter to 49 chapters, you'll be reading the completed version of the first Daddy book.

It'll be erotic and hot. Although the first book has reduced erotic content, the coming books will have hotter and more intense erotic content. Once you are done reading a book, you can drop a review.

The first book you are about to read is ONE-NIGHT STAND WITH MY FATHER'S BEST Friend.

Chapter One

Kayla's POV

What I never thought could happen occurred before my very own eyes. My daddy's best friend, the one he was always talking about, turned out to be my one-night stand from two nights ago.

It all started that Sunday morning, my daddy got a call from his best friend that he was gonna be visiting for the first time in years. My dad's best friend has been out of the country running his company that is based there and only came back a few days ago.

"Kayla, get the door, he must be here." My dad shouted as he went down the flight of stairs.

"Yes, yes, I'm coming," I shouted in reply as I came out of the room and ran past him to get the door.

"I got to the front door and without wasting a minute, I opened it and to my surprise, or my shock, to see a tall muscular man who was built the way a greek god should be built standing there staring down at me. My mouth fell open as I recognized him.

It wasn't so hard to recognize him considering the fact that I fûcked him two nights ago and the experience has refused to leave my head.

"What—" I was about to ask him how he found my house when my dad's voice came from behind.

"Oh Bruce, finally! You are finally here." My dad exclaimed happily.

"John!" He responded with equal enthusiasm as he managed to peel his eyes away from me to my dad. "How are you, man? Geez!" Bruce mumbled as they hugged each other.

I stood by the door with my mouth wide open as I watched the scene which unfolded in front of me.

What on earth is going on here? He is my dad's best friend. How?

"It's been so long, I missed you, man!" Bruce confessed.

"Not more than I missed you, we have a lot of things to discuss, but first, meet my daughter. I know you know her but meet the older her," my dad introduced, turning to face me.

He also turned his attention from my dad to me.

"She is Kayla?" He inquired with his eyes growing wide as if he was just registering the situation at hand.

"Yes, the last time you saw her she was still a baby, I'm sure you are surprised at her growth." My dad laughed and I watched the way he kept staring at me in shock. He was as speechless as I was.

How the f*ck did this happen?

How did I fûck my father's best friend without knowing?

I had to tear my eyes away when he spoke up.

"Hi darling, nice to meet you again," he greeted, bringing his hand towards me.

"H...hi," I responded, trying not to sound nervous as I took his hand for a handshake.

"Now come on, come on, come to the dining, I had Kayla make something when you told me you were coming." My dad grabbed him and started leading him to the dining.

My eyes were locked on him as he continued watching me until my dad pulled him away.

He must have been surprised, or maybe curious.

He must have been thinking about how he fûcked me without knowing that I was his friend's daughter. Damnit!

"Kayla, join us. Be quick," I heard my daddy say from the dining room.

I locked the front door and started strolling to the dining. The dining was already set. I had to wake up as early as 6:00 am to prepare something for our guest to eat.

"Kayla, you forgot water." Immediately I got to the dining, my father called out.

"Let me get it, sorry." I apologized and quickly left for the kitchen, still feeling his gaze on me.

Bruce. He was staring. He still hadn't gotten out of his shocked state.

I wondered if he'll tell my dad.

No! No! I didn't think it was something he should tell dad. The outcome would turn out bad.

Because dad definitely wouldn't want to hear his best friend say things like, I fûcked Kayla. I fûcked your daughter without knowing that she's the one.

I just hoped he was smart enough to keep it from my dad.

I returned to the dining room with bottles of table water and placed them carefully on the table.

"Thank you," he breathed out, whispering the words to only my hearing.

I bobbed my head as I nervously sat down in the space beside my dad, facing Bruce who sat on the other side of the table.

"So, how has it been going Bruce? I know your business is blooming, I'm not asking you about that." My dad clarified.

Bruce let out a chuckle as he opened one of the table waters and took a sip. I watched the way the bottle lid touched his lips, the way he slowly sipped the water, and the way the water went down his throat.

The way his Adam's apple moved as the water passed down his throat.

Oh god! What was I thinking?

I shouldn't be imagining this. No, not after finding out that he was my father's best friend.

He drank the water halfway before closing it. As he closed it, his gaze shifted to my side and I quickly lowered my eyes to the number of dishes in front of me.

"You already know what I'll tell you, John. Everything is perfect!" Bruce replied, his eyes drifting away from me to my dad.

"Well except for your love life," my dad mocked and he chuckled. His chuckle sounded so manly and erotic. I didn't know but the sound made me fold my legs as I felt my in-between tingle in excitement.

Something was wrong with me.

"Look who's talking," he fired back and they laughed.

Bruce finally opened the dish in front of him. "She made this?" He asked and my dad smiled with pride.

My dad was as proud of me as I was of him, but I didn't think he'd be that happy if he found out that I f*ck*d his best friend.

"She's a very good cook." Dad prompted. He stared at me for a split second as he grabbed his spoon and tasted my cooking.

It was rice; Italian fried rice with veggies and chicken sausage.

A wow escaped his lips and my dad nodded with pride. "You like it?"

"Yes, she's a good cook, indeed!" He complimented, turning to look at me.

My gaze was locked on my plate of rice as I forced myself not to look at him. I kept staring at my food but he kept staring at me. What the f*ck was he doing?

Dad was sitting right in front of him. He'd notice. Fûcking stop! I mentally screamed at him but he continued.

I slowly lifted my head to look at him after a while but the unexpected happened and I froze.

I fûcking turned frozen.

Chapter 2 One night stand

Chapter Two

Kayla's POV

I didn't know if he did it on purpose but he bit his bottom lip and sucked on it as he watched me.

Who the hell was this man?! What was he doing? What was he doing to me?

His every movement seemed to do something to me.

"Oh damn," my dad grumbled and I took my eyes to him to find him staring down at his phone. He had been staring at his phone for a while. That was probably what gave Bruce the confidence to stare at me the way he did.

"I'll be back, let me speak to my secretary," my dad informed us as he stood up.

"Why? Is something wrong?" Bruce asked, concentrating on him.

"No, just this and that, let me speak to him first. I'm sorry man." My dad moved closer to him and touched his shoulder.

"No, it's okay man. Go talk to him, I'll be here." Bruce gave him a go-ahead and he left for his room upstairs.

Once my dad was no


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