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"He is not yours!" She affirms with a confident and unwavering look. "Whose child is he, then?" I question, my eyes wandering to the boy with piercing blue eyes like mine. Celine narrows her eyes with her hands clenched. "He is mine!" "What about his father? Who is he?" I drop my hands lazily and watch her intensely. "That is none of your business." She says defensively. "It means he is mine and I am taking him", I conclude with a smile and walk past her to pick up the child who is already dozing off. "No, no, no!" Celine chants, blocking my way. "Please, don't take him. I beg you!" **** After realizing she was pregnant which was not part of the deal she made with Billionaire Bryan Martinez, Celine left his mansion before the end of the contract. When they meet again and he discovered the secret she was hiding from him, he decided to punish her by taking custody of the child. What will happen when the baby wants his mother close to him? Will this reunion blossom the love between them before her departure? How sweet will Bryan's revenge be for Celine?

Chapter 1

Bryan's POV

The car comes to a halt in front of the small house that can pass for my gateman's quarters. I tilt my head aside to look into the house, with my anger at its peak for being cheated. The light from the house illuminates the window making me see a shadow of a woman who I presume to be her, the woman who ran away with something that belongs to me.She seems to be doing some chores as she moves about the room and turns to look at someone before she continues her work.I keep looking, remembering what happened between us three years ago and how she disappeared into thin air. At first, I was worried about her but she was too dumb to leave traces of where she was going and within two weeks, my men found her staying with her old aunt in Los Angeles. I told them to let her be.Now that I know she has something that belongs to me, I can't just overlook it and I am here to take it back. I don't care what she thinks or what she says, I am getting it back and I will punish her for denying me the right to know about my heir."Open the door!" I command, without taking my eyes off the window.Kelvin, the driver comes out and opens the door to the Ferrari for me. I take a last look at the window and step out with my suede shoes shining brightly in the darkness. I turn my head slightly to look at the head of the bodyguard, coming from the other car. "Maxwell and Patrick, follow me.""Yes, boss", they answer and step forward immediately to do as instructed.I adjust my aggressively tailored Italian suit with confidence and dip my two hands inside the pocket before taking a step towards the small house.I do not have any idea why she is doing this, hiding my baby from me and depriving me of the right to know of his existence but I know whatever reason she has isn't genuine enough. Running away is an error on its own and the offense of not telling me about her pregnancy is a crime that deserves punishment.I stand in front of the door and without the courtesy of knocking, Maxwell pulls the door open and I walk in. I hear a gasp and a soft scream of panic from the woman inside as she runs to her baby. I venture fully into the house until her gaze falls on me, leaving the two hefty bodyguards at the door."Bryan?" She calls with her eyes bulging out in surprise.I fold my arms and look around her little living room. It is still the same way it was when I offered her a life-changing opportunity that she misused. She left before the end of our contract and without getting her final pay. I thought she was going to come back for her pay but she never did.She picks up the little boy whose eyes are on me. I watch him intensely and I can see his blue eyes and the clear resemblance between us. I need no soothsayer to tell me this baby is mine but I know she is going to deny it."Bryan....""Long time no see, Celine", I cut her off, staring at her outfit. She has an apron tied around her neck region, explaining why she was walking up and down the room when I was outside. She was obviously cooking a meal for herself and my baby. I can't believe my child is living in a shabby home like this and eating crumbs. The thought of this is making me more p*ss*d."What are you doing here?" She demands, breathing heavily and hiding the boy's face."To take what is rightfully mine", I say without beating about the bush."What? you mean by what is rightfully yours?" She stammers in question."My child", I point towards the boy. "I know he is mine."She drops him back on the couch and folds her arms defiantly as she moves closer. "He is not yours!"Before I can say anything, the little boy calls. "Mommy."She turns back abruptly at his voice. "Yes, baby." She squates to his height on the couch.The boy points at me. "Zaddy?"She shakes her head. "No, baby. He is not your daddy.""I am your daddy", I tell him.Celine gets up immediately and rushes to me."He is not yours", she affirms with a confident and unwavering look."Whose child is he, then?" I question, my eyes wandering to the boy with piercing blue eyes like mine.Celine narrows her eyes with her hands clenched. "He is mine.""What about his father? Who is his father?" I drop my hand lazily and watch her intensely, studying her expression. Everything about her shows how bad she is at lying.She is quiet for a while before she answers defensively. "That is none of your business.""Then it means he is mine then and I am taking him", I conclude with a smile and walk past her to pick up the child who is already dozing off. "No, no, no!" She chants blocking my way. "Please, don't take him away. I beg you!"I stand staring at her crying face. She is still the same cry baby I know her to be but it does not affect me. I can't let my son stay here."Give me one good reason why you decide to host a billionaire's son in this slum", I say softly, careful not to wake the sleeping boy."I'm sorry, Bryan. Please, don't take him.""I am taking him and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it", I stroll past her with the boy in my arms as she follows behind, pleading in tears.I get to the door as Maxwell throws it open for me and I whisper to him. "Don't let her come out until I am gone."Maxwell nods and slams the door shut behind me. I hear her muffle screams as I take long strides toward the car with my son in my arms, sleeping peacefully.Kevin is out waiting for me and he opens the door for me to get in as soon as I am close by. I slouch into the car carefully so as not to wake him. Kevin walks back to the driver's seat and enters. He ignites the car into action and as he drives off.I hear her scream of "No!"I realize she is watching me from the window as she screams again, her voice echoing round the entire residence. "No!"

Chapter 2

Celine's POV

The moment I realize he is gone and not coming back to hear my pleas, I slump to the floor and burst into fresh tears."Please, Bryan", I beg, burying my head in between my legs, wishing he can hear me or feel my pain. The pain of being separated from my child. Jason is my life, he is all I got and he is the reason why I left Bryan's mansion, without letting him know. I didn't want Bryan to take custody of my child, denying me the right to know and cater for my son. I didn't tell him I was pregnant before running away. Now I regret it. What is the essence of running away when the past has now come to haunt me? How can I survive without my boy? He is the only one I have and my source of strength and motivation.The burnt smell of what I am cooking hits my nostril but I am too weak to stand up and turn the stove off. I feel like dying. I thought Bryan has forgotten all about my existence but I know I am wrong now. I shouldn't have co


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