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His Rectifying Graze

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[HIS SERIES BOOK #2] "His amending touch will stay forever in my heart." -Kate Frias. Kate had been broken before. Not just once, but twice. Her first heartbreak happened way back in high school, where the man she loves for a long time had fallen for her bestfriend. Second, it was with the most successful businessman in their country. And who would have thought that for the second time around, it was all because of Claire, her old bestfriend. Being broken twice made her realized one thing... And that is to never get herself too attached to someone. Specially with his father treating her as an asset to gained partnership to different famous companies. But when a man made her feel his rectifying graze, will she be able to resist it, or will she surrender her heart again?

Chapter 1: Best Of Friends


“That was gross!” I cried as the freak cut off the woman’s head on the television.

“Please turn it off, Kate!” Claire pleaded while covering her eyes.

“Why? This movie is the best,” I stated.

“No, it’s not.” Claire throw a pillow over my direction.

       I laughed, seeing my bestfriend scared to death. We are having a sleepover and I can’t help but to think why am I even friends with this lady. We’ve known each other since high school, and we are not keeping secrets. What Claire knows, I know.

       Despite of having two very different personalities, we get along so well. Claire being the friendly one while I’m being the cold hearted b*tch at our school. I love horror movies, while she is obsessed with cringe romance films.

“Just please, change the movie, Kate,” she said, trying to grabbed the remote out of my hands but I didn’t let her.

“Stop hovering around, will you? This film is nearly on it’s climax part! I want to watch it. Besides, this is our house.”

        She pouted, making me chuckle. Dad and Mom often fly abroad for their stupid work. That’s why I have a lots of time inviting my bestfriend over to our house. Our maids doesn’t mind it anyway.

       I often feel alone, having no friends while Mom and Dad aren’t around. They said that they are only doing this for my own good but I couldn’t understand it. Sometimes, I envy Claire for having a father that would stay over their house just to play with her when she’s still a kid.

“What are you thinking?” she curiously asked, throwing a popcorn over my face.

       I just laughed, wiping the dirt caused by her. Thank God Claire is here. She never let me feel lonely. Because of her, I finally got someone that I can call my own bestfriend.

“I’m thinking how lucky I am to have you as my bestfriend.”

“Well that was gross,” she faked puking in front of me and I laughed.

“Hey, I’m serious! Mom and Dad often leave me all alone. And I’m very glad that you came into my life.”

       She smiled at me, before patting my back.

“Me too. I’m vey lucky to have you,” she stated.

“You know what, I always wanted to have a sister. But Mom and Dad wouldn’t allow it.”

“Me too. But since Mom is sick, the doctors told us that having another member of the family will be to risky for her and for the baby, if ever. How I wish I could have one.”

“Don’t you realized it? Maybe God gave us to each other,” I stated. “You are more than qualified to be my sister, Claire.”

“Really? Thanks a lot, Kate. You’re really sweet.”

       I gave him a short hug before we did our secret handshake. We never told this to anyone. It was like our own version of promising that we will never leave each other’s side. Except that it is less girly, of course.

       The night passed by. The next morning, Claire and I ate our breakfast together in our dining room. Then we waited for each other to prepare ourselves before leaving to school. I requested to our maids to pack a lunch for two. I want to eat with Claire inside of our campus since I haven’t had any other friends except of her. I gladly took the containers as soon as they finished preparing it for us.

“So... Let’s go now?” Claire asked.

        I nodded as I got inside of our car. My driver started the engine and we finally drove to our school. Claire and I talked about some random stuffs during the whole trip. She even let me copy her assignment without any hesitation.

       Claire has this dream of becoming a teacher someday. And I’m very happy for her. She’s very smart, not like me that I haven’t even had any plans for the future yet.

“We’re here, Ms. Frias,” our driver declared.

“Come on. We are going to be late,” Claire took her seatbelt off and I did the same.

“You are obviously excited to go. Please spare some enthusiasm for me,” I teased her.

        She just laughed as a response. It wasn’t that bad going to school everyday since I met her. My life was not as boring as before when I was a kid. Thanks to her, I finally learned how to enjoy my weekdays.

        We are currently at our last year in junior high school. Graduation is just around the corner and I still haven’t got any plan for my college application yet.

“So, let’s see each other at the school Cafeteria later?” I asked to Claire.

“Sure thing.”

        We made our way over our own respective classrooms for we didn’t have the same classes at our first subject. I walked through the hallways, not bothering to look at my way. Until I bumped into something... Or should I say someone?

“Hey...” I looked up at the man in front of me.

        My heart suddenly skipped a beat at the sight of his gorgeous face. How come I didn’t know that someone like him exist in our school?


“Are you alright?” he asked, pertaining to the folders and books that I just dropped on the floor.

“Yes, I am,” I answered too quickly, picking up my stuffs.

“Let me help you.”

         He kneel down to help me, and as he tried to reached out for some of my books, our hands accidentally touched, giving an electrifying sensation to my arms up to my body.

“Here you go,” he said as he handed me some of my books before he finally stood up. I did the same.

“Are you new here?” I curiously asked.

“Uhm... Not actually. I’ve been here for months. And I often see you arriving here in our school with Claire.”

“You know my bestfriend?”

        He smiled, before nodding. I’m pretty sure that it will only take some few more smiles from this gorgeous man before I fall for him.

“Well, not exactly. I often heard her name from some of our classmates. You know, we have the same classes together.”

        I thought about how lucky my bestfriend is. If a guy like this know and watching someone like me, I would be thrilled. But Claire isn’t like that. Yes, she’s so obsessed with romantic films but she didn’t fond to that kind of thing in real life.

“What’s your name, by the way?” he asked, making me blushed. Thank God he finally asked me.

“I’m Kate.” I lend my hand for a shake.

“Gabriel.” He reached for it and then he gently shook it.

        For the second time today, I felt my heart skipped another beat. He look at me, then smiled. My heart melts at this lovely sight of him. I couldn’t believe that the process of falling in love could happen this fast.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You are blushing right now,” he stated, then chuckled.

“I’m not!” I answered too quickly, only proving that I am guilty if that was a crime.

        I reached my warm cheeks, covering it with my palms in order for him not to see it. I can’t wait to have lunch and tell this to my bestfriend.

“So... I gotta go now. See you later, Kate.” He winked at me.

        I can’t feel my tongue anymore as he walked away from me. I couldn’t answer him as much as I wanted to. But even so, I felt glad meeting someone like him.

        Hours passed by so fast that I couldn’t even remember our lesson for today. As soon as the bell rings, I quickly grabbed my stuffs and went straight to the Cafeteria of our school. I badly wanted to see Claire.

         My heart throbbed in nervousness as soon as I stepped inside of the place. There, I saw the man that I just met earlier... Sitting with my bestfriend. They are laughing with each other while sharing some random thoughts. How can I eat now that he’s with us? Also, I couldn’t tell Claire about what happened earlier because she’ll surely tease me about it. And of course I don’t want that to happen in front of Gabriel.

“Kate!” I finally came back to my senses when I heard my bestfriend called me by my name. “Come over here!”

        I walked towards their direction sheepishly. Gabriel is still there, smiling widely at me.

“I met him in one of my classes. He told me that you two bumped into each other earlier. Is that true?” Claire curiously asked me and I just nodded as a response.

“Since you two had already known me by now, I’m inviting myself to your table every lunch. Is that okay with you, Claire?”

         Claire just nodded before patting the seat next to her while looking at me. I sat down, blushing at the thought that I’m going to spend every lunch here at the Cafeteria not just with my bestfriend... But also with Gabriel.

“Are you okay, Kate?” Claire asked me, worried.

“Y-yeah.” Why am I even stuttering?!

“Gab was asking you if it’s okay that he’ll sat down with us during every lunch,” she casually stated.

        Gabriel put on a sweetest smile upon his face. Now how come they think that I could refuse the request this guy?

“Is that okay? If not I–”

“No! It’s super fine with me. You can join us any time that you want.”

        My bestfriend smiled towards my direction mischievously. And at that moment, I instantly realized that maybe she already knew about my feelings for that new guy.

Chapter 2: Sharing Secrets


         My driver parked our car in front of Claire’s house. It’s been a week since our first encounter with that Gabriel guy. But even so, I can still remember his face, the sound of his voice, and everything about him.

“Kate! You’re here!” Claire bounced happily towards me.

         I beamed at her, thankful that I could spend every lunch with the man I like because of her being so much friendly to everyone.

“I’m here to borrow you again from your parents.” She laughed at my statement. “Just kidding. But you know, weekend is...”

“Bestfriend time!” we both shouted before we did our secret handshake.

“So... Are you ready?”

“Uhm, yeah. I’ll just get my sleepover stuffs. Do you want to get inside?” she asked.


        We walked inside of their house. It was just simple and small, yet very cozy and tidy. I’m sure that everyone will feel at ho


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