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His mania

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"leave me" she whispered in a heavy voice. " never gattina" he spoke huskily while moving his fingers along her thigh which made her shiver. "" she stuttered, enjoying the havoc creating in her body by his calloused fingers. Suddenly he wrapped his s*xy digits against her swan like beautiful neck and squeezed but not hard to hurt her, but enough to make her feel wet between her plumply thighs. "YOU ARE MINE, GATTINA. ONLY MINE. I WILL DESTROY WHO EVER WILL SNATCH YOU FROM ME. I WILL MAKE HIS LIFE HELL. I WILL BURN HIM ALIVE IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES. " HE shouted in a dominating tone. She closed her eyes, feeling the pleasure building up in her body by his dominance and let out a husky sigh. His eyes darkened in desire and" F*CK IT" HE smashed his lips against her and s*ck the hell out of her pink petals. H3 was sucking and biting her leeting out his frustration on her beautiful lips....

Chapter 1


It was early morning, when I was frustrated and stress due to my work,as someone decided to deceive me in my work place, so my PA arrange a sl*t for me to rake my frustration out on her.

As I am not a saint but I love to enjoy new flavors every day and night. So I was thrusting into the sl*t’s p*ssy roughly while pressing her big plastic boobs together. And she was a moaning mess. “Ahhh.. Ahhh… aiden f*ck baby ahhhh faster and harder”

“Her moaning was s*xy, but how dare this sl*t to call me aiden and also f*ck*ng baby. I won’t spare her but I am definitely going to take pleasure from her body. As I can’t waste a beautiful body”Aiden’s thought

As I was going to enjoy my time my f*ck*ng cell buzzed catching my attention.

I was going to remove my d*ck from this sl*t’s loose p*ssy, when she wrapped her f*ck*ng legs around my waist and started to act cute and s*xy by pouting and bitting her big lips.

I would be now turn on if the phone was not related to my work. So I hold her neck tightly and shouted “how dare you touch me you bloody wh*r*. I will kill you”

“N.. No no si.. Siiirrr. Ple..please j.. Just le.. Let me… me g.. go siirrr”she begged.

My cell was buzzing continously so I just push that sl*t away and take my phone.

While holding the phone near my ear I grabbed her hairs tightly in a fist and screamed at her face “GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE WH*R* AND TAKE THE MONEY” you sl*t.

She was shivering from my voice and started collecting her clothes, and money. When she went out.

I took the call and it was my right hand leo who was calling….

“BOSS”Leo asked.

“Yes” I replied.

“There is a problem in our warehouse” He replied.

“What is it”I asked.

“Boss that b*st*rd is not ready to open his f*ck*ng mouth and tell the d*mn truth” he replied.

I smirked “I am coming”while thinking of the tools I would love to play on his body.

I was moving out of the mansion while puffing the smoke out of my rough lips.

Setting inside my expensive Mercedes I was scrolling through my mails. When all of a sudden the car screeched and stop,when I look up at the intruder, there infront of our car, were two f*ck*ng girls, one has long hairs and another one has short hairs.

The long hair girl murmur something while passing by our car and dragging the short hair girl who was shouting like a b*tch.

I just shake my head and continue scrolling “f*ck*ng teanagers”. And moved towards my warehouse.


It was early morning, the birds were chirping near the windows of the orphanage. I woke up from my slumber and move towards the washroom and started getting ready for my school. While brushing my teeth, I suddenly remember my bestie who is not a morning person as she was still sleeping.

I shouted from the washroom “OLI COMEON GET UP WE ARE GETTING LATE”.

She was lazily opening her eyes while rubbing them and taking her time.

She was going to make her way towards me and all of a sudden her eyes make contact with the clock and she screamed at me “CALISTA WHY THE F*CK DID YOU NOT WAKE ME UP BEFORE. NOW because of you we are gonna be late for our lectures”

We got ready, and was moving towards the bus as we are already late for our class because of MISS OLIVIA here my bestie.

While crossing the road we came across an expensive car, and the car stopped with a screeched. I was too shocked to react fast while my friend here was cursing the driver. When I came back yo my senses I apologized and drag oli with me towards the bus stop..

Hey guys!

First book first chapter, so what you think about this chapter let me know please?

Bye bye take care.

Thank you…

Chapter 2


I was working well, as today I was feeling energetic. Suddenly I remember the incident while coming to work, I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn’t notice when I bumped into my coworker james, he held me by my waist when I was going to fall, and I grabbed him by his shoulders and closed my eyes shut.

I was feeling uncomfortable as I was never this close to any guy before, so I moved from him quite quickly. He also composed himself and look at me, I politely apologized and move back to my work, which is taking orders.

When I was waiting for the orders, oli held me tight from the back and keep her head on my shoulder and let out a sigh. I kept my hands on top of hers, she whine and told me “ I am tired as hell cali lets take a half day off” while cheekily looked at me. I gasped and shake my head in no. “ Oli you have already taken enough offs please no more babes”I said showing her my pouty face.

When I was taking my l


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