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His Abandoned Ex-Wife

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“You would do anything or money, won’t you?” He looked at her in disgust. “And you will always believe that money can buy anything, won’t you?” She kept her chin high even when her flimsy costume was making her resolve to fight weak. He took slow predatory steps towards her and yanked her hair, “Things like you can easily be bought. And I will.” He sniffed her scent and she pushed him away. He jerked her towards him and looked into her eyes, “A wh*r* will always be a wh*r*.” “And men will always be men.” She cursed him as he left her crying.


He took slow predatory steps towards her and she inched back. She felt as she only knew his name, because the guy who was moving towards her was not the man she used to admire, worship, and love. He was nothing but a torturer who was ready to tear her apart. Why? She had no idea.

He looked at her. In her G-string stripper costume. He hated her. He hated her because she was a cheater, a gold-digger, and she was his love. His wife. His ex-wife.

“You wouldn’t change, would you, woman? Always running behind money and luring men with this s*xy body of yours, huh? Always a bed-warmer, nothing more.”

“Yes, people like you come here, pay, and then judge us.”

He smirked and covered the distance between them. His proximity made her turn her face sideways, but he tilted her chin forcefully, his calloused fingers making it painful as a whimpered cry escaped her lips. “That’s because a wh*r* is always a wh*r*. She can never be a wife. No matter how much respect you give her, she will go back to her world, crawling in other men’s bed. That’s what you are. A f*ck*ng stripper who earns through this body.” He looked at her in disgust.

Tears stung in her eyes and she spoke, “I hate you.”

“I hate you more.” He seethed through gritted teeth as he yanked her hair back and a painful cry tore through her throat.

Chapter 1


He had a long day. So, when he reached home, he fell down on the couch and rested his head on its soft back. He loosened his tie and closed his eyes.

A melody rang in his mind and he gritted his teeth. Why could he not clear his mind?

“Xorian, you are home? I was calling you. Come on, hurry up, we have to attend the Governor’s daughter’s birthday party tonight.

He didn’t reply to his wife’s irritating voice. Yes, wife. He was married for three years now.

“Xorian, are you even listening to me?”

He didn’t listen and let his mind tell him that she will go away, but no.

“Xorian?” She touched him on his arm and he jerked up.

Laura was shocked because he held her neck in his strong hold. His silver eyes shining like melted silver and his face impassive.

“Laura, don’t cross your lines. Never ever touch me again.” She was struggling in his hold and he left her on the huge couch to think what just happened.

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