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He Is Not My Brother-In-Law

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Nur
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 9
  • 5.0
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Nur Naila Habibah, a free, wild-spirited student, finds her life at an unexpected crossroads when her brother-in-law, Raihan, makes a strange request: to marry Naila to provide children for her own husband. However, Naila found herself caught between her principles and this unreasonable request. For him, marrying his brother-in-law who is also a religion lecturer is ironic. Naila, a girl who still lives a free life, faces a major moral conflict. How could she agree to the marriage when she felt it was inappropriate for her religious brother?

Chapter 1

In the morning Naila wanted to go to campus, her sister told her to go with her husband but Raihan refused because he was not her mahram.

"Mas, Naila is leaving with me, bro," said Hanifah, she is Raihan's wife. Naila lives with her brother and her parents too, but her parents are abroad taking care of their work.

"Why? He can take a taxi," said Raihan, sitting in the dining chair next to his wife.

"Sis, what Sis Raihan said is true, how come I can still take a taxi," said Naila.

"No, you'll be late," replied Hanifah.

"I'm sorry, Naila, I'm going to be late, come on, bro," persuaded his wife, hugging her husband's hand. Hanifah wanted to bring her sister closer to her husband so that they could be united by marriage.

"Hadeehhh use all the drama," thought Naila, not liking their romance.

"Okay, this is for you, darling," Hanifah pinched her nose.

"It hurts, you know," groaned Hanifah.

"If you don't intend to accompany me, you don't have to, I can take a taxi myself," leaving those who were still intimate.

"Come on, catch up with Naila there," Hanifah cooed before following Naila. Raihan kissed his wife's forehead and Hanifah kissed her husband's hand and then chased after his sister-in-law who was still at the door of the house.

"Nai, wait, let me take you," said Raihan, not bothering. Naila immediately got into Raihan's car and Raihan drove the car on the road, there was no sound, we were silent, Raihan asked Naila to talk.

"Hmm..." Raihan cleared his throat so that the atmosphere wouldn't be silent. Naila immediately looked at Raihan who cleared his throat.

"I'll take you home later" flatly then Naila nodded and looked at the window. According to her, it was better to stare at the window than to have to talk to her brother-in-law. He was so cold, flat, indifferent, he spoke only briefly and only needed it. It was different if Raihan was with his wife, of course. spoiled, affectionate, naughty, basically.

When we arrived at campus, everyone looked at us, maybe because Naila left with Raihan, he thought Naila was an actor because she was always close to her sister's husband, even though Raihan said he had a lot of fans, according to his fans, he was handsome, rich, good at reciting the Koran, but according to them, he was their dream husband. but according to Naila, it's normal.

Basic actors.

Her sister's husband was taken away.

Beautiful, not ugly, yes.

It's better if her sister is pretty everywhere.

Don't have a heart.

What a bad girl.

Naila just kept quiet, according to Naila, it was all true, she was like a perpetrator who stole her brother's husband, but Raihan didn't respond to all of their words, he was indifferent, flat, cold, he was different. If he was with his wife, he would be very gentle. Until we got to the corridor, I parted ways with Raihan.

"I'll go first, sir," I said goodbye. I had just walked a little when Raihan called me.

"Naila" Naila stopped when she heard Raihan calling her.

"You'll come home with me later" then Naila continued her journey in class, she met her boyfriend, yes, she already has a boyfriend, Raka.

"Good morning darling," called Raka, saying affectionate words, he kissed Naila's cheek and Naila smiled then Raka sat next to Naila.

"You'll come home with me later," said Raka while rubbing Naila's white thighs with his naughty hands. Yes, she was wearing s*xy clothes. She never protested if Raka rubbed her because according to Raina it was just normal.

"Sorry, I can't because I'm with my sister-in-law," said Naila.

"Let's go for a walk tonight or not?" asked Raka.

"Okay, but come pick me up," Naila whined, rubbing Raka's broad chest. She always makes Raka tempted.

"You've been naughty, don't make my faith weak, dear," said Raka, who hugged Naila's waist, without them realizing, the lecturer had arrived, namely his own brother-in-law, "If you want to date, don't come here," Raihan said flatly, we all moved to our respective seats.

"Open the book to page 87." Raihan started his lesson.

After finishing class, we went home. Naila waited for her brother-in-law in the parking lot. Her brother-in-law hadn't arrived for a long time. Raihan came.

"It's been really hot for a long time, you know I'm going to burn here," Naila scolded, not responding to her sister-in-law's chatter. Raihan immediately got into his car.

"You ice cubes are so cold they beat ice cubes," Naila grumbled.

On the way, Raihan invited Naila to chat and asked about the problem in class with his girlfriend.

"Who were you?" asked Raihan coldly while looking at Naila.

"What's wrong with my girlfriend?" answered Naila, looking to her side.

"It's better if you stay away from that guy. Looks like he's not a good guy. Just look at him and he dares to touch you," explained Raihan, still focused on driving his car.

"It's my business, it's up to me whether I want to leave him or not, that's none of your father's business," I scolded after arriving home. Naila got out of her car and went into her house. Raihan also got out of his car. Hanifah who was inside was strange seeing Naila's behavior, she was just wandering around, usually she wouldn't so.

"Naila, what's wrong, bro?" asked his wife, approaching her husband, kissing his hand.

"I told him to stay away from that bad guy. I saw that guy in class

"rubbing his thigh and hugging him, that guy's not right, Han," Raihan answered clearly what he saw in class earlier.

"Naila already has a boyfriend," said Hanifah.

"Maybe it's his girlfriend, he looks familiar," explained Raihan.

"Brother, take care of my sister, if necessary, if that guy does that to Naila, bro, I'll get angry at him. I don't like my little sister being treated like that by an unrighteous guy," said Hanifah.

"I will always protect your sister from that unrighteous guy. Now you don't have to be sad anymore, okay? Smile," soothed his wife by stroking her cheek.

In the evening we ate together in the dining room, we kept quiet. After finishing eating, Hanifah talked to her sister about her boyfriend's problems.

"Nai, sister, ask me to break up with that guy," asked her sister.

Chapter 2

"Sis, I love him, I can't end my relationship," said Naila.

"Well, he's not a good guy. Now I want you to end the relationship before anything happens to you," said his sister.

"Surely you were the one who complained to my brother, it's better if you just take care of your life, you don't have to take care of other people's lives," Naila scolded.

"Rai, I just don't want my sister-in-law to get close to inappropriate social groups," said Raihan, then they heard someone knocking on the house, maybe it was Raka, Naila thought, yes, they had an appointment.

"Who comes to the house at this time of night?" said Hanifah.

"I'll just open the door," said Naila.

"You don't need to stay here," then Hanifah immediately opened the door to her house. "Excuse me, who are you?" Hanifah asked.


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