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Forever Mine

Forever Mine

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*❃ STAR BRIGHT ACADEMY. One of the most prestigious school in California. Most of the important personalities in California have their children schooling there, making it a school mostly for the rich. The poor also are given a chance to attend this school through scholarships and that makes them an easy target for richer kids to bully. Among those bullies is Arianna. Arianna Brauns is none other than the only daughter of governor Brauns. Petite figure, long inky black hair, and a cute adorable face but don't let her physique deceive you. She's rude, proud, arrogant, petty, short tempered...just name it. She rules the school with an iron fist. What will happen when he gets into the school and shockingly is the only person who isn't scared of her. It's instead the contrary. Who's this he?

Chapter 1

✭(𝕹𝖊𝖜 𝕭𝖊𝖌𝖎𝖓𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌


A car drove by and stopped then out of it came a man wearing a suit with shades on.

The stares of the plane rolled down and pair of slim legs putting on sneakers came down the plane. The man rushed to her and bowed.

"Welcome back home Miss Brauns" He said.

Arianna scoffed and rolled her eyes ignoring his greetings. She scanned through the environment and smiled with the corner of her lips.

"Feels good to be back in California" A woman said beside her

The woman was in her 30s but she looked younger,, really beautiful.

Arianna rolled her eyes.

"We were just gone for two months" She said.

"I'm sure gonna miss Paris and it's delicacies" The woman said.

"Whatever.. Let's go before my mom starts calling me" She said and began heading to the car.

The woman just smiled and followed behind. Well the woman is none other than Elise, her nanny. She baby-sitted Arianna since she was a baby.

The driver opened the door for them and they got in. He went to the driver's seat and immediately drove off..



"Baby!!" Mrs Brauns exclaimed when Arianna got in the house

"Mommy!!" She ra embrace.

"How was your holiday with aunt Melissa" Mrs Brauns asked as they went to sit down on the couch.

"Well was really fun.. Too bad it ended really fast" She said.

"Yeah.. Tomorrow you're resuming school" Mrs Brauns said.

Arianna groaned and rested her head on the couch..

"I hàte school!!" She groaned loudly.

Mrs Brauns chuckled and patted her hair.

"It's for the best"

"I know" She said and sat back upright.

"Can't wait to see my friends tomorrow" She said and smiled.

"I'm sure they miss you"

"Yeah. I'll be resting in room mom. Bye!" She pecked her mother's cheek and left for her room.

She got into her room and smiled when her eyes caught a framed picture on her vanity table. She walked to it and picked it then smiled while staring at it.

"Can't wait to see you tomorrow cutie" She smiled widely, staring at it.

A frown settled on her face when she noticed something on the picture frame. She touched it and looked at her finger.


"Anita!!!!!!" She shouted angrily.

Arianna held the picture frame while staring at the door, tapping her foot angrily on the floor. Soon a maid ran in her room.

The maid immediately looked down while trembling.

"Good- Good after-"

A slap immediately landed on her face. She held here cheek while staring at Arianna in shock. She couldn't believe a girl old enough to be her little sister just slapped her.

"What did I personally ordered you to do" Arianna asked.

"To clean your room miss" Anita said.

"What is this" She showed her finger which still had dust on it

"It's dust right? That means you weren't doing your job well.. You know I hàte incompetent people so you know what that means,, you're fired!!" Arianna spatted.

Anita immediately went down to her knees and clamped her hands together.

"I'm sorry miss please forgive me!!" She begged.

"Get your disgusting face off my sight!! Poor rat!" Arianna said with a disgusted look on her face.

Anita slowly stood up and left.

"Incompetent She frowned.

She looked at the picture in her hand and smiled back then wiped it with her hand before placing a kiss on it.

It was a pic of Lance who was none other than her crush..



Beep beep! Beep beep!

The alarm beeped for the fourth time..

"No.. Not again" A voice groaned.

The person brought out her face from the covers and pouted her lips. She sat up and rubbed her eyes sleepily.

"I'm hungry" She mumbled and looked at her alarm.

Her eyes grew wide and she flew out of her small bed.

"F*ck it!! I'm late for work!!" She picked her towel and flew out of the room heading to the bathroom.

She hurriedly picked her toothbrush and pressed out the tooth paste on top of it before she began brushing while showering at the same time.

Once she was through, she ran out of the bathroom back to her room.

"I have 5 minutes to arrive on time" She whined while searching for what to wear.

She decided to wear white shorts and a blue shirt then she tied her hair up.

She hoped on one feet as she tied her laces.

"Gianna? Oh you're awake.. I made breakfast for us" A handsome young man who look like he's in his early 20s said.

"F**k you Gray! Why didn't you wake me up!" She said.

"Last time I did you broke my arm in your sleep." Grayson said.

Gianna looked at him and rolled her eyes..

"I'm late for work! Bye! I hate you!!" She shouted while leaving her house

"I love you too sis!" He replied.

Well Grayson and Gianna are siblings. Their parents died in a fire accident, leaving them to fend for themselves. Gianna dropped out of school because of that and Grayson is a college graduate, no serious job yet.

They both do part time jobs as a living..



Gianna ran into the restaurant while breathing heavily. She looked around to make sure no one noticed her absence.


"Ahh!!" She screamed and quickly turned to see it was Linda.

Linda is her best and only friend.

"Gosh!! You scared me" Gianna said, holding her chest.

"Did madam notice my absence?" Gianna asked, picking here apron to wear.

"She hasn't yet arrived" Linda replied

"Thank heavens!!" Gianna heaved out.

Linda's phone suddenly beeped and she brought it out excitedly then squealed when she saw the notification.

"Gianna!! Johnny Sins just released his latest video come check it out!!" Linda said excitedly.

Gianna gave her a disgusting look.

"Don't you think you're too young to be watching p*rn? We're 17 for God sake" Gianna said, going to clean the dishes.

"17 isn't small. Beside seeing doesn't mean I'm doing it, I just wanna learn fresh styles so I can impress my future boyfriend!" Linda smirked naughtily.

"You're so perverted" Gianna shook her head and smiled.

She faced back her work and continued cleaning the dishes. She abruptly stopped and frowned when realization hit her

"Wait.." She quickly turned back to Linda.

"We both don't have a phone.. How did you get this one?" Gianna asked.

Linda laughed nervously and began scratching her head then looked away.

"I...borrowed it from a guy without his consent" She said.




"Like seriously, I really missed you guys.." Amber said, adjusting her skirt which was shorter than the other students.

"Me too" Julia replied

They're both Arianna's friends.

"Let's go shopping after this" Arianna proposed

"Yes!!" The chorused.

🗣 Look? They're approaching!!

🗣 OMG!! They became more beautiful!!

🗣 Arianna became cuter.. Gosh, that baby face is kílling me

🗣 Amber's s*xy body is the only thing keeping me in this school.

🗣 Julia's charisma be kílling me!!

🗣 Arianna!! Date me just for one week please!!

People commented as they made their way to the cafeteria. A girl who was wearing lenses while carrying her books was walking in a hurry.

Due to the amount of books she was carrying, she couldn't see well and she mistakenly stepped on Julia's shoes, bumping on her.

The books all landed on Julia and she fell. Everyone present there gasped..

🗣 Oh.. My.. God

🗣 I feel sorry in advance for her.

"Are you okay?" Amber helped her up.

Julia slowly stood up while glaring at her. The girl looked down in fear..

"I.. I'm.. I'm"

Julia slapped her hard before she could form a phrase. The girl held her cheek, already in tears.

"Are you're cràzy!! How dare you push me!! You even stepped on my shoe!! Do you know that this shoe can buy your entire family twice? Huh!!" Julia screamed at her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to" She cried.

"Lick my shoe" Julia said.


"I won't repeat myself again.. Do it or face the consequences" Julia crossed her arms under her b**bs.

The girl cleaned her tears and nodded. She slowly went down to her knees and brought her face closer to Julia's shoe.

She brought out her tongue and made to lick it when..

"They're coming!! The DEW•DROPS are coming over here" A girl screamed.

The students began bringing out their phone, ready to take pictures and videos.

Julia retracted her leg from the girl who looked up.

"Get out of my sight" She said.

The girl quickly stood and ran off.

Arianna smiled and began arranging her hair while awaiting them to arrive.

Screams erupted in the hallway when the DEW•DROPS finally appeared.

Well the DEW•DROPS (D•D) is a boy band made up of three boys who are self made (they compose their own songs)

They debuted two year ago and due to their talent, they grew pretty fast..

Dean was the first who came to view. He ran his hands through his hair and waved at his fans. He's the leader, vocalist and also the lyricist of the group. He's the friendly kind, sometimes naughty too..

The next was Lance, the popular playboy of the group. He licked his lips and winked while staring at a girl in particular. Other student held the girls so that she doesn't faint. He's the rapper of the group

Lastly was Cole, more like Cold. As usual he kept a straight face with his gaze focused at the front, no smile, no wink.. He's the dancer of the group.

Arianna's gaze was fixed on Lance as the boys made their way out of the hallways. Lance looked at Arianna and winked at her.

She couldn't help but blush as she waved at him till they left the hallway.

"Cole turns me on!!" Amber bit her lips as she began imagining him f*cking her mercilessly..

"I can díe for Dean's smile" Julia gushed.

Arianna just smiled.



"This necklace will really match your beautiful jade eyes" He said and smiled out his dimples.

"Really? I'll take it then" The lady girl blushed at his compliment.

"I'll have it wrapped for you then miss" He said and began writing things out in a book.

The girl began staring at him. His tall figure, dimples, full bangs which covered his eyes when he looks down, small natural pink lips made him look like an angel..

He didn't have a muscular body. Just a lean figure giving him a girlish look but strangely it added to his handsomeness.

"Here's your necklace miss" He gave her the wrapped up good.

"Thanks" She collected it.

"Can I have your number?" She suddenly asked, taking him by surprise.

"Oh sorry,, I don't have a phone" He said politely and smiled.

The girl pouted sadly and left. Another immediately came to him..

That's how it is everyday.. There's always a long line and most of them are teenage girl. Some of them just come to the store to stare at him work.

"What do you want miss?" He smiled.


"Nathaniel!!!!" Someone screamed his name making him to turn to the entranice.

Chapter 2&3




"Nathaniel!!" Someone screamed his name out making him turn to the entrance.

"Nathan!!" A guy ran in and not minding the crowd, he went and hugged him tightly.

"What's wrong with you? You scared me" Nathaniel said, calming his racing heart.

"You can't believe what I got for us!" Theodore said, smiling widely.

"What?" Nathaniel asked.

"It's a surprise! I'll come pick you up by 7pm" Theodore winked and smirked.

He's Nathaniel's best friend. They've known each since they were kids.

The lady in front of him cleared her throat, obviously looking pissed off.

"Oh sorry miss.. What do you wish to buy" Nathaniel smiled at her.

"Theo leave, the last time you came here I almost got fired.. We'll talk at home" Nathaniel said.

Theodore shrugged and left..


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