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Dominant Culprit

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Claire was adopted by Lorenzo when she was five and was rescued in a fire accident, she is then trained to become a field agent, with a mentality to win by all cause, she is then offered a mouth-watering mission to nail a secret drug dealer disguised as a regular businessman. She does anything to ace it which leads her to play the role of a desperate young lady, begging for love, and deciding to get into a contract relationship of being a girlfriend for a certain amount of time. All these were facades of being in love at first sight, but everything changed when she finds out, the man she was just about to pin down was the reason she was saved and still alive…how?

Chapter 1 : Agent Kaos

It's a new day in the city of New York, and on one of Claire's worst days, in HQ, she sat on her drafting chair, going through files like a book worm she was not, well until now, “ give me something!” she yelled as she banged her hands on the well-polished table before her, sending some loose sheet of paper up in the air.

She had just returned from her first failed mission, and couldn't dwell on failure as she combed her plans all over again. She had been the best field agent since she was 13 and wasn't known for making mistakes. I went through all this, she thought as she went through the soft copies on her laptop.

Marley walks in, a lady in her early twenties, blonde hair, tanned skin, full lips, and an elegant dress. She had also been an agent but an analyst, who stayed behind the desk

“ hey beauty, there's a board meeting in two minutes get ready,” she said, stressing the word minutes.

Claire had her eyes fixed on the laptop not noticing when Marley entered. She kept whispering her complaints to herself, until Marley leaned over pressing the sleep button without her notice, “ hey get out Marley”! She yelled in annoyance

“Make me”, she snarled

Their eyes held each other as they passed hateful glances towards each other, without saying a word. “Meeting is up in two minutes, don't die before you get there” Marley said most sarcastically, Claire rolled her eyes to the back, obviously expecting a dumb word from her best friend.

“ Marley, I was so sure of this plan, there's no room for mistakes, never!” she yelled banging her hands on the table again,

“And Eve ate the apple” Marley said as she smiled devilishly,

“No more complaints, we have a meeting, and you know what dad does to late comers.”

“Yes Marley, will be there in two minutes promise,” she said rubbing her index fingers on her temples, as wrinkles formed just on her forehead,

“ waiting”

Marley made her way to the door and then into the elevator taking her to the top floor, Claire fell back on her seat frustrated, about everything that had happened but she had to attend the meeting, so she piles up her files on her table.

She walks into the elevator, taking her to the top floor. She rechecks her breath and strengthens her suit as she recites her apology to the higher bidder, and agent, for failing a mission they had been after for the past two weeks. The elevator bell chimes, bringing her back to reality. “There you go,” she mutters to herself.

“Welcome agent kaos take a sit,” a man said, and he was no one other than Lorenzo detulio, the second in command and leader of the con actors, a well-built man, in loose sleeves, and a navy blue suit, which hung his body, exposing the curves on his alluring zaddy figure

“ Thanks, dad”

Claire said as she spotted a vacant chair, just opposite where he stood. “That's calvary to you young lady” he said as their eyes locked. Everyone in the room got tense, there was a battle going on between them, and it could be felt just around the table.

“ Pardon chief '' Claire corrected as perspiration found its way down her face. Even under the well-air-conditioned room, they had a close relationship just outside their business life, but within the board room, she was no more than a field agent.

“ Today we will be facing our greatest challenge yet, and our gateway to being the top agencies in the whole of the United States,” he said as a shark grin appeared on his face. He saw the questioning look on their faces, they were eager now

He pressed the remote in his hand and a hologram appeared just before him. A man appeared, he had an aviator glass on, giving him the look of a detective. He was new to the screen and everyone had questions popping in their heads now

“ This is Darrell cortex,a shareholder at U-tech enterprise, and our next target.”

A photo grid, appeared on the screen, in all of them he had shades on his eyes, and they were all blurred, making it obvious that they were all taken without his permission,

“ He is a wealthy b*st*rd, eye-catching young man, but there's something beneath the whole perfect facade, and that drug dealing, he has access to crank, which we all know is illegal, but he is a chronic introvert, with little to no information talk more of social status

“And we must have him in our custody for interrogation, but being Darell, he had some agent under his sleeves, and he knows the law, which means we can’t just barge in and show him our badges.”

“How possible is that?” one of the co-agents asked, “ wells something must kill a man,” Lorenzo said as he smiled devilishly, making it obvious that he had something up his sleeves,

" Agent kaos, you would be the forerunner of this mission," he said, Claire yelped, " what?, I am not done with the Gambino's case" she huffed

“ Well that's officially canceled, you would be the one taking this up, for failing on the Gambino's case,” he said calmly. Claire was p*ss*d now, she didn't want to do another mission she likes getting her work done, before starting a new one.

“ What's in it for me chief, I have the money, so what do I stand to gain?” she said, as she tried sliding her way out of the game. “The top bunker Claire, “ he said with his fingers on the table now. Everyone gasped in disbelief

The top bunker was another name for the highest position in the agency world, and every agent wished to get that leave before they passed out and she was given a plate of gold smeared with honey and milk.

“I will take him down chief”.

“Three months to pin him down Claire,” Lorenzo said, stretching his hands for a handshake. “We will shake at the sight of victory” Claire rebuffed, standing from her chair, and then exiting without looking back

Chapter 2 : Perfect Actress

Claire was back at her lake house now, taking a sip from the champagne flute, as she surfed the internet for who Darrell's cortex might be, and why she hadn't heard much about him, until now, but she had nothing, there was nothing the internet had to offer.

Her phone rings, bringing her out of her misery. “Hey, make it fast” she said to Marley over the phone. “Come to the lavida bar” Marley said before ending the call, her notification chimes,

‘make it fast’ sender Marley

Marley was playful, but never took her work with a tender hand, she must have a reason why Claire should come to the bar. She had a rethink, she either stayed here and browsed endlessly, or checked out what Marley had to offer, and the latter was better, she took a sip from her cup before standing up from her bamboo rocking chair.

What could she possibly want?

In less than 30 mins Claire was outside the bar and had begun to regret her decision the moment she saw a girl thro


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