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Do me Dirty

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Two people who made a mistake in the past. This same couple cannot still admit that they still have feelings for each other and that they had made a mistake when they decided to break up. While the issue may seem so easy, no body wants to go back to the person who cheated on them especially when the other person feels their partner cheated on them. They both feel the other cheated on them and one was caught in the act. How do Riley and Ash fight through everything holding them apart as they try to battle with their incessant feelings for each other? And what exactly had Riley said to Ash to make him seek help from a cougar while she sought help from a different male? Read to find out.


Prologue "Ah, f*ck. Right there."Ash stopped in his steps. What was happening, he asked himself. Surely, that wasn't his girlfriend's voice, right? There was no way that was Riley's voice right? But he knew. He knew deep down that she was the one moaning and it hurt that when they had s*x together she never moaned that way. This seemed like she was enjoying it."Oh yes." He heard her voice moan out again."You like that?" He heard a grunt, an obvious male grunt.Wait, male? He asked himself with a frown. No, there was no way that girl in the bed was his girlfriend. He is the boyfriend and he was standing right here with his clothes intact."Oh….f*ck." He heard her moan again.Ash took a look around to confirm if he was in the right place. If this building was the home they had purchased together. He did a slow turn and sure enough, it was their home. He moved quietly towards where the sound was coming from. His heart was beating extremely fast. It was tearing at his chest like a jackknife. Please let it be someone else he thought to himself but he knew deep down. He knew whose voice that was. He was sure of it but part of him was in denial. Surely she wouldn't do something like this to him right…..she did. Riley betrayed him and Ash stood with his mouth ajar as he watched the love of his life get pounded by another man he has never met in his life.He had no idea how long he stood there, watching both of them go at it but it was long enough for her to climax."Riley?" Ash called out in a broken voice.Should he be sad? Was he supposed to be sad? What would be the right thing to do now, if at all there was any right thing to do in this situation? He could not believe it."Oh sh*t." He heard the male mutter as he stood up from the bed.He quickly picked up his clothes but before leaving, he turned to Ash."Your girlfriend is f*ck*ng hot by the way." He told him.Ash just gave him the stink eye. He was aware Riley was beautiful. Her beauty was one of the things about her that had attracted him."You are home." She said to him as she stood up from the bed."Yeah, um. What was that?" He asked as he pointed towards the direction her s*x partner left in."What did it look like?" She asked him."Were you having s*x with him?" He asked her.Riley turned to him and gave him a raised eyebrow in question. She knew he saw what just happened but maybe he was in denial."And he was pretty d*mn good at it." She told him"Riley…..""Let's face it, Ash. Before we started this relationship, you knew I liked s*x. Hell, I can say I love it but since we've been dating, how many times have I gotten my climax like I had this night? I'll answer that for you. Three times and we have been together for three f*ck*ng years….""I'm trying. I'm learning….""Learning? If you wanted to learn then you should have come to me and not the yoga instructor or whatever she is that wants to get into your pants." She told him."You said you wanted me to do better….""Yes! Do better for me, with me and not some cougar." She said to him,"She is not a cougar," Ash replied to her in a stern voice.Riley was taken aback. She had her suspicions and frankly, she wouldn't have done what she did some few minutes ago if not for the boost of liquid courage and the bitterness she felt towards the said cougar who was teaching her boyfriend how to have s*x. And now he's defending her?"Are you sleeping with her?" She asked him."Some question that is. I just caught you in bed, our bed with someone else and you are asking me if I'm sleeping with some other woman? How many men have you slept with apart from him? Or wait, is this because you are a nympho?" He asked her with a slight tilt of his lips.Riley blinked. She was in no way a nymphomaniac. All she wanted was to have good s*x with her boyfriend."So this is when we get to be mean to each other?" She asked him with a raised eyebrow."No offence Riley but you have always been a mean b*tch. This is not new to you." He told her."What?" She asked him. Ash was someone who hated rudeness. He hated things like that so she was sure if she was a mean b*tch like he claimed she was, they wouldn't be dating each other ... .right?"How did you not know that?" He asked her."Yo… never said anything regarding it." She told him. "Yeah, because I was willing to look past your flaws and stay with you regardless. But you couldn't do that for me and instead, you took someone else to bed. I should have listened when people warned me." He said with a shake of his head.He was using his businessman's voice on her. He hardly ever used it on her. It was a stern voice, devoid of any sweet emotion. She knew he was hurt but did he have to talk to her this way? And what did he mean by 'when people warned him'?"What do you mean by that?" She asked him."You know very well what I mean. Everyone said I wasn't fit for you. They insisted we were not a perfect fit for…..""What? Who? Who the f*ck said that? No one is…..""Let's just stop this okay?" He said, interrupting her.Riley swallowed. What was he talking about right now?"W…what?" She stuttered."Let's just break up. I mean since we can't satisfy each other and that seems like the deal breaker in this relationship or whatever." He told her."Wait, no. No. I only did what I did because….""Let's just stop with the excuses, okay? We should give each other space. I have work to do." He told her as he moved into his home office.Riley collapsed on the floor. She just ruined the best thing that happened to her at the cost of getting a climax, an orgasm? None of it mattered. She sat there for hours crying. From feeling pity for herself to anger at Ash. He was the one she caught cheating. He was with the cougar and she was all over him. Riley knew what she saw. There was no way she was going to apologize to Ash until he apologized to her first. He said they should give each other space but hours became days and days became weeks and weeks became months. Riley understood the message. When he said they should take a break, he meant they should break up and that the relationship was over. She should have known that was the case.

Chapter 1

THREE YEARS LATERAsh's POV"Oh yes. Just like that." She moaned.I loved hearing girls moan. It was like a stroke to my ego because they were moaning because of what I was doing to them….could do to them. And I've been told I am a fantastic lover numerous times. I was enjoying my time with this little damsel when my brother walked in. I knew he was the one, there was no need to even clarify. He was the perpetual cock blocker in my life. He frowned on the way I lived my life while I enjoyed it and I would choose this in a heartbeat, especially after everything that had gone down with me three years ago. I stopped thrusting into the girl and she frowned. "Why did you stop?""Sorry sweetheart, I have something to do now," I told her."What? But why? We were having so much fun." She told me with a pout."Yes, we were and mind you we already had so much


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