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Divorcing my Twin Sister's Billionaire Husband

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When Ariel, Muriel's twin sister, passed away, Muriel was thrust into a role she never wanted - that of the wife of billionaire Evander. But this wasn't a typical love story. Evander despised Ariel for her nasty attitude and uselessness, refusing to even share a bed with her. So, when Muriel arrived at the mansion disguised as her sister, she knew she wasn't welcome. After all, her twin was the evilest woman in the world. Muriel knew she had to escape this deception, as death seemed to be lurking around every corner. "Please, divorce me," she begged her cold-hearted husband. But Evander had other plans. With a smirk, he ripped up the divorce papers and declared, "If keeping you by my side is crazy, then I'll be the craziest man in the world, honey." Muriel was trapped in a dangerous marriage with no way out. Would she be able to break free from her twin's husband's grasp? Or would she succumb to his possessive ways?

Chapter 1 "Placing her Twin Sister"

Muriel’s POV

[“Ariel Cromwell, who had been missing for half a year, has now been pronounced deceased by her relatives..”]

Upon reading the article on my mobile device, my hands trembled uncontrollably.

However, it wasn’t the news of someone’s passing that left me shaken. It was the image of the woman that accompanied the headline.

Ariel Cromwell, the spouse of a billionaire, bore an uncanny resemblance to me. From her striking gaze to the contours of her nose and lips, it was as if I was staring at my own reflection.

For a moment, I couldn’t help but question my own identity. Was I the estranged offspring of a wealthy clan?

As I gazed at a photograph of a woman who could have been my doppelganger, an individual approached me.

“Excuse me, are you Muriel Monroe?” inquired a woman. She was clad in a suit, sunglasses, and a bold red lipstick that exuded sophistication.

“Yes, I am,” I replied, curious about her intentions.

“Your twin sister sent me to find you. Please come with me,” she said.

Little did I know this encounter would change my life forever.

Allyssa, the individual who took me, introduced herself as my twin sister’s devoted secretary and escorted me to a lavish Five-Star Hotel.

“Your twin sister, Ariel Cromwell, has been missing for six months now and was officially declared deceased by her adoptive family,” Alyssa shared with me the unfortunate update.

“However, prior to her vanishing, Mrs. Cromwell entrusted me with the responsibility of locating her twin sister, just in case any unfortunate circumstances occurred. That’s why I have been diligently searching for you, Ms. Muriel.”

Growing up in an orphanage without any recollection of my twin sister left me feeling disconnected from her. Therefore, upon receiving the news of her passing, a sense of sadness washed over me, yet it was devoid of any emotional attachment.

As I recalled the photo I had seen in the news headline, I uttered, “That explains why.” It was a shock to see someone who looked exactly like me. I turned to Allyssa and asked, “Did you look for me because my twin sister wanted to know if I was living a good life?”

Without hesitation, she replied, “No, Ariel didn’t care about you.” I was left speechless and confused by her unexpected response. But then she revealed her true intentions, “She only wanted to use you if she disappeared. Miss Muriel, I need you to pretend to be Ariel and come with me to the mansion.” Allysa continued, “Miss Muriel, you’re drowning in debt and facing eviction from your apartment. You’re working multiple part-time jobs and struggling to find a full-time position because you haven’t completed your degree.”

“Did you even bother to check my background?” I demanded.

“To be frank, you’re in dire need of money because you’re a failure. Your life pales in comparison to Mrs. Cromwell’s, who lives in a luxurious mansion.”

Must she continue to insult me and worsen my already wounded ego? I am fully aware of how pitiful my life may seem, but I absolutely refuse to tolerate this patronizing nonsense from someone who was sent by my conniving twin sister!

Alyssa rambled on, “As Ariel Cromwell, you will live with Mr. Evander Cromwell – the owner of Kniz Corporation. And…”

However, before she could finish her meaningless speech, I abruptly stood up and grabbed my bag. “Sorry, not sorry,” I snapped. “I will not participate in your twisted game. I will not become some fake high society lady. And if you happen to encounter my twin sister in hell, kindly inform her that she is a despicable person.” With that, I turned around, fully prepared to make my exit.

“Aren’t you curious why your sister died?” Alyssa asked, which made me stop walking.

Alyssa’s question halted my steps, leaving me to face her with narrowed eyes filled with repulsion. “To be honest, I couldn’t care less,” I retorted sharply.

Attempting to reason with me, she reminded me, “She’s your sister.”

I scoffed dismissively. “So what? She lived a life of privilege while I struggled to make ends meet. Not once did she extend a helping hand, and now that she’s gone, she expects me to fulfill her wishes? Absolutely not. Even if I had the ability, I wouldn’t lift a finger to assist her.”

With a venomous hiss, I strode purposefully towards the exit, shaking my head and rolling my eyes in utter disgust.

Realizing her options were limited, Alyssa spat, “It seems you’ve left me no choice, Miss Muriel.” And then, out of nowhere, she dialed a number on her phone, speaking with a chilling tone, “Hello, it’s Alyssa Solace. I want you to demolish Joyous Orphanage today. Let those children fend for themselves on the streets.”

“Then, I’ll wait for the news,” Alyssa said lazily, tossing her phone onto the table and locking eyes with me.

“My orphanage is innocent!” I shouted, my anger reaching its peak.

“If you agree to my conditions, we won’t harm your precious orphanage,” Alyssa sneered.

“You all are truly wicked! Is this how far you’ll go for your own selfish desires?” I spat.

“You’ve been sheltered for far too long, Miss Muriel. If you knew the kind of life your sister lived, you’d realize that threatening an orphanage is nothing compared to what I can do. Trust me, you won’t want to know,” Alyssa threatened with a sinister grin.

Listening to Alyssa, I couldn’t help but wonder about the life my twin sister led. Did she truly have everything handed to her on a silver platter? Or was there a darker side to her privileged existence?

“Time is running out, Miss Muriel. Either accept my offer or face the consequences.”

I had no authority or sway of my own, so I had no choice but to yield to my manipulative sister’s wishes. I entered into a binding agreement with Alyssa, consenting to portray Ariel and safeguard her real persona from prying eyes.

** **

My first day in the mansion.

Upon arriving at Ariel’s foster family’s mansion, I was taken aback by its sheer size. I couldn’t help but feel a bit lost and overwhelmed.

The thought crossed my mind, ‘Just how wealthy is Ariel?’

Even the clothes I had on my back cost a pretty penny, something I never thought I’d experience.

As I entered the grand estate, all eyes were on me as if I had come back from the dead. It was a solemn occasion, with Ariel’s family in mourning, and Alyssa had brought me along. It was no surprise that my sudden appearance left everyone stunned and bewildered.

“I’ve taken care of the DNA test,” Alyssa whispered reassuringly. “Ariel’s foster family has been notified about your memory loss, so there’s no need to fret about being discovered. Just exercise caution.”

Following Alyssa’s update, Ariel’s foster family arrived to welcome me. My heart filled with excitement and anticipation. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves, fully aware of the need to be cautious and avoid any potential complications.

“Thank goodness, my dear! My prayers have been answered! You’re alive!” Jane, Ariel’s stepmother, exclaimed tearfully.

I had heard that Jane and Ariel didn’t have the best relationship, but at that moment, as she embraced me tightly, I felt her genuine joy and relief. My attention then shifted to Simon, Ariel’s stepfather and adoptive parent. He spoke with a solemn tone, “After waiting for six long months, my daughter has finally come back to us.”

There was a disconnect between his words and expression. He didn’t seem overjoyed at all.

I gently pushed Jane aside and focused on the couple. Seeking Alyssa’s approval, I responded, “It does feel good to be back.”

The couple’s eyes widened in shock.

“My goodness, you’ve lost your memory!” Jane exclaimed, turning to her husband. “Honey, Ariel hit her head and can’t remember anything!”

Simon nodded, his gaze fixed on me. “Oh dear, my poor daughter. Do you remember anything from before you disappeared?”

I couldn’t help but furrow my brow at his question. If he truly cared for his stepdaughter, shouldn’t he have asked about her well-being first?

As I was lost in thought, my concentration was abruptly interrupted by a deep, resonant voice.

“My wife returned from the dead, but she decided to visit her family first. It’s quite amusing,” the voice declared.

Startled, I turned around to discover the source of the voice, and I was immediately captivated by the breathtaking sight that stood before me. It was none other than Evander Cromwell, the husband of my twin sister.

Evander possessed a striking appearance with his lustrous black hair, thick eyebrows, and sunken eyes. The shade of blue in his eyes resembled that of the cold snow, yet it held an undeniable allure.

I found myself gazing at this handsome man standing beside me, and then, without warning, Evander locked eyes with me and spoke in a chilling tone.

“Welcome back, my wife.”

His words lacked any trace of affection, serving merely as a greeting.

Chapter 2 "The Cold Husband"

Muriel’s POV

After meeting Evander in person, I now comprehend the gravity of Alyssa’s warning.

[“Don’t let his looks fool you,” she cautioned. “He’s a sly individual who wouldn’t think twice about letting his own spouse perish before his eyes.”]

And now, I see why.

“Welcome back, my wife.”

As he greeted me with a cold, unfeeling tone, I couldn’t help but recall the tumultuous relationship he had with my twin sister. Despite his striking appearance, I knew better than to be taken in by his charm.

I observed Evander’s disdainful expression towards Simon and Jane, and then, I clenched my jaw in an attempt to calm my nerves. It seemed that they were not on friendly terms either.

Simon remarked, “I never expected to see the great Evander in my humble house.”

Evander retorted, “I’ll be sure to dispose of my shoes once I leave.”

Jane’s irritation was evident as she snapped, “Must you be so rude, my dear son-in

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