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Destined For The Alpha: Slave Mate

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"I see you only as a tool to generate offspring for me," the alpha's words cut through Max Black like a sharp knife. In the depths of the picturesque realm of Shadowville, the frigid words of the alpha echo in Max Black's mind, like a sharp blade tearing through her soul. Sold as a mere tool for procreation to the relentless alpha king, her humble life takes an unexpected turn. Torn from her reality and brought to the lavish palace, Max is forced to confront a cruel destiny, where submission and oppression intertwine. However, Max's story is much more than that of a wolf destined to perpetuate a lineage. As she tries to find her place in this world of power and intrigue, a spark of resistance burns within her. Facing a dominant alpha, whose heart seems frozen by ambition, Max finds herself challenged to reshape her predestined role into a fight for autonomy and freedom. Max and the alpha struggle to overcome the barriers that separate them and defy the destiny imposed upon them. Will this journey lead them to an outcome marked by genuine love, or will they be mere pawns in the merciless hands of fate?

Chapter 1 "Shadows of the Palace"

Max.I used to hate Thursdays in Shadowville. Everything was always worse on that day. I had to do all the household chores and help my stepfather at the merchant fair. For some unknown reason, he didn't ask me to accompany him today. I was a lupine-blooded she-wolf living in a small wooden house, in a place ruled by a powerful alpha. Here, you had only two choices: obey or pay the price for disobedience.My name is Max Black, and I'm currently eighteen years old. My fur has a deep black hue, and my eyes are an intense golden color, just like my mother's. I lost her at a very young age, and my father never cared much about me. He was just a lone wolf who never liked company, and it traumatized me a bit, I confess. Since then, I've been raised by Richard. He wasn't entirely bad, as long as I obeyed him and did the housework. Richard never treated me poorly or disrespected me, but he wasn't a man worthy of being called a father. Lately, he had been acting strange.It was just another calm day in this part of town. We lived in a small village where the less fortunate resided. The city was surrounded by various forests, and not everyone here was a wolf or had superhuman powers. I was recognized as a lupine-blooded wolf, known for my strength, courage, and determination. However, it was strange because I didn't see myself reflected in these characteristics. Yes, I was agile, but I rarely left the house. I never talked much with my mother about our heritage, and we weren't big on conversations either. But I knew that there was much more to the world out there than this small village."Get yourself ready, Max. We'll be receiving an important visitor," Richard said as he entered the small house. "You need to look impeccable. I can't afford to lose any business.""What are you talking about? And why do I have to get ready?" I asked while preparing the water for my bath."You'll find out soon enough," he replied with a malicious smile. His eyes sparkled with a strange excitement.I decided not to question, as usual, but it felt strange because whenever my stepfather received traders or negotiators, he would send me to my room so as not to interfere. Why would it be important for me to be present? Well, I didn't know. I headed towards the small bathroom. We were very humble, so I took my bath quickly.I used to dream of one day being free from his commands. Not that I'm complaining, as there are worse people out there. But, come to think of it, what could be worse than this?I put on the only white dress I had kept. I didn't possess luxuries, let alone multiple clothes. I made my way to the living room, feeling the cold of that night. I couldn't see clearly, but I felt a chill, as if something was wrong in that moment."I'm here, as you ordered," Max said to my stepfather, trying to disguise my nervousness."I always knew, Max, that one day it would be beneficial not to have abandoned you when your mother died," he said, smiling while holding a cigar between his fingers.I couldn't say anything else to Richard. My body trembled when I saw the door opening. They were soldiers. I tried to hide, but it was too late, they were watching me with cold and merciless stares."What were these men doing here?" I thought out loud."Gentlemen, it's an honor to have you here," Richard said to the men with a nervous smile."As agreed, you will receive your share of the deal," said the tall man with black hair and a serious demeanor, handing over a bag that seemed too heavy for the fragile structure of the purse.They looked me up and down, and I tried desperately to avert my gaze. I was terrified, not knowing what was happening."Is this the girl? The king is waiting, we have no time to waste," said the man with an icy voice and an almost expressionless face.My thoughts became jumbled in the midst of despair. Why was this man referring to me in this way? And which king are they talking about? There's only one king in this place, the alpha king. He is the most feared of all. The things I've heard about him are dreadful, I never thought I would come close to that being. He was known only for his cruelty."Richard," I whispered, gripping his arm. "Who are these men? Tell me what's going on." I tried to disguise the fear, but it echoed through my breath."There's nothing to explain, Max. It will be good for you to escape this poverty we live in.""You've got to be kidding me," I said as tears streamed down my face, feeling a mixture of anger and sadness."Max, I did you a favor. Now go, it was a pleasure negotiating with you.""I've been loyal to you all these years, doing everything to show my gratitude for taking care of me. I thought you considered me, at least," she said, desperately clutching Richard's hands. Her words were like daggers to my heart.Before I could finish, I was interrupted by the man who seemed to be giving orders to all the other soldiers. He grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out of the house, and who knows where I was being taken. Anger surged within me as he pulled me in that manner; I wanted to attack him right then and there, but I knew it would be futile.The man with cold eyes threw me into the carriage and slammed the door shut. Two soldiers sat beside me, appearing as impassive and intimidating as marble statues. As the carriage began to move, I watched through the small window as my home grew increasingly distant, witnessing all my memories and my life fading away before my eyes. I remembered the good times I had there with my mother, and sadness engulfed me.Why had my stepfather done this to me? Why? The questions echoed in my mind as the darkness of the night enveloped my heart.Though I was an agile wolf and knew I could attempt to escape from the soldiers, I recognized it was a significant risk. I had no idea what I was up against, and the uncertainty made me hesitate. It was wiser to lower my guard and await the unfolding of events.As the carriage advanced, the scenery began to change. The darkness of the night gave way to a colossal place, an imposing palace. Its tall and impenetrable walls frightened me, but there was something majestic about that structure. Passing through the gates, I found myself in a stunning garden, something I had never seen before.Fear continued to grip me as I walked through the palace corridors, passing through luxurious rooms. Everything was flawless, every detail reflected the power and wealth of the place. I felt out of place in that environment, a stranger in a world completely different from mine.As I pressed forward, the sounds emanating from an enormous hall grew louder, along with a peculiar scent, which I believed was his. My wolf instincts intensified, allowing me to sense every vibration and movement within the surroundings."Wait here," the guard said, stepping away and leaving me with the soldiers. I looked around attentively, aware that there was no possibility of escape.An overwhelming mix of emotions washed over me. Anguish suffocated me, causing my heart to beat irregularly, as if I were trapped in a wolf's snare. Anxiety invaded my thoughts as my mind worked frenetically, trying to anticipate what was to come. While I waited, my mind turned to my deceased mother and my cursed stepfather, filling me with sadness and fear for being trapped in this whirlwind of uncertainties.However, I knew I had no choice but to take a deep breath and prepare to face whatever lay ahead. It was time to gather courage and determination, for I was about to step into the unknown and discover what fate had in store for me.

Chapter 2 "An Encounter with Destiny"

Stopping there, I found myself gazing at the entrance of this palace. I had never imagined myself in such a grand place. Lost in my thoughts, I snapped back to reality when the soldier addressed me."Let's go, the king is waiting for you," he said while looking at me, and I just nodded, feeling a shiver down my spine as I met his gaze directly.We made our way through the palace, with eyes fixed upon me. There were numerous servants and soldiers, and even the corridor alone was larger than my entire house.He guided me to the door, and I hesitated for a moment before entering those chambers. Each step felt heavier, accompanied by the guards who escorted me. My heart was racing, almost jumping out of my chest. As the door swung open, I was enveloped by a completely different sight—everything was majestic. The furniture gleamed like the moon, and bright lights illuminated the entire room, casting shadows on the adorned walls.


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