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Death Before Life

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27 years old Joanna is a rich fashion designer and without her knowledge is being possessed by a powerful demon that has slept silently within her. She falls off the rooftop of a hotel building to end her life, her pain and her sorrows... However, something strange happened that changed her life forever. Christopher Aetos, a multi-billionaire tech guy leaves his hotel room to enjoy the night view on the rooftop, but coincidentally meets with Joanna just as she falls off the rooftop. Without thinking twice, he dives down to save her from dying. They were not supposed to meet because of their ill-fated destiny. Yet, fate brought them together to defy the law of nature.

Chapter 1

Joanna's Pov

The cool breeze blew past me and I swerved a little in an attempt to avoid it or rather I didn't want it to touch me but it did, I sighed, a deep and sad sigh. It would be childish to say that life has been unfair to me... Life worked out for me because I put in more effort than any other person would have done however, the people I came across left a deep scar in my fragile heart.

A few months ago, I did not think so hard about what was and what was not, but standing helplessly on the rooftop of this building, I could not help but reminisce on all the sh*t that I've been through and how my happiness has been dashed by a ruthless person I called my finance.

My best friend, Yolanda had been the one to convince me out of the house after she caught me in the bathroom where I had to hide to cry my eyes out. "Men will always hurt you no matter what but you must not let down your self-esteem. It will only ruin you and make them feel good, I'm here for you so please, Joanna cheers up." She had said to me.

I'm a very sensitive person and get very emotional when the people I trust trample on me. She dragged me out to drink away my sorrows at this place but I excused myself from where we were drinking with some friends.

The echo of their laughter reverberated in my head, I envy how they could laugh like that in a world filled with problems. I wasn't gonna die because of what my fiance did to me, it's just that my days were numbered and I need to even it without much pain. The thought of having a few to live for a few months shook me, and I can't still take my mind off the last words of the doctor,

" I'm sorry to say this, but you have stage three cancer." He dropped the bomb.

I remember how stunned I was that for minutes I was speechless as my life flashed before my eyes." I wanted to break down in tears but had to compose myself, " How many days do I have to live?" I asked after bracing myself up to take whatever blow would come my way.

" You have less than three months to live. Use them to do the things that please you." The doctor advised but it was too late. Everything became colourless at that moment, I stood up slowly and left the hospital without looking back.

I knew that I was going to die but I'm glad that at least I have a choice so I will choose how to die. I'm quite scared of heights but that was the only option I had, I could not tell my best friend about my sickness because it will only cause her more pain when I'm gone.

Nobody was watching me so I thought it would be best to end it before someone caught me, especially Yolanda, she could be looking for me now for fear that I might harm myself. I took a step closer, closed my eyes and fell backwards. Tears trickled down my eyes, I closed them tight ready to go to hell. Everything happened abruptly and I had no chance to understand the whole process. I'm supposed to be dead, but somehow I found myself lying on the rooftop I had fallen from. I slapped my cheeks so hard that theyeyeyey stung.

" Do you need a burning coal to further confirm?" I heard a baritone voice bark a question at me.

Annoyed and frustrated, I sprang up and swirled around to see who it was not considering how my head was spinning," Who the hell are you?" I asked weakly my eyes piercing through his eyes. " I'm Chris." He said, he sounded arrogant with his seductive baritone voice.

I could not take my eyes off him, " Chris?" I asked to confirm, he nodded slightly. " You look hot," I muttered and staggered. My head was spinning badly and I was a bit tipsy from the champagne I had drank while I was with my best friend.

"I know I'm handsome, so stop drooling." He said, totally taking me off guard. The moment I saw him, I could not help but gulp a large amount of saliva down my throat, he was hot and spicy, still that's not the point.

His arrogance is on another level, I darted an angry eye at him with a clenched fist restraining myself from punching him. He smirked. " Do you want to hit me? You look..."

My head was spinning fast and the world around me was becoming white before I could realize what was happening everything went blank. When I woke up, I found myself in a strange room. The first thing that came to my mind was the figure of a man followed by my attempted suicide on the rooftop.

" Where am I?" I asked nobody in particular.

" Any problem?" A baritone voice asked, I had no problem recognizing whose voice it was at once.

"Why am I here?" I asked him as I sprang up alert, I looked around to see if I could find my phone or an object for defence in case he wished to attack me.

"You fainted while we were on the rooftop so I brought you to my room. I won't hurt you, at least I would have done that while you were unconscious if I wanted to." He replied.

There is no lie in what he just said, so I lowered my guard and sat back on the bed, scrolling blankly on my phone.

"You should call your friend to inform her that you are fine, she is worried." He said, but I took it as a suggestion.

"I will but not now," I answered back

“Would you like some drink?” he asked.

It sounded nice. "Sure." I agreed, since he interrupted my suicide mission I should drink to forget my pain.

He brought out a bottle of alcohol from the drawer inside. It seemed to be a private room. I sat down on the ground, hugging my knees.” It’s so cold”. I mumbled inaudibly. I was positive that I might freeze anytime soon. Chris soon joined me taking off his suit shirt and placing it on me.

“Thanks,” I said and began to take a slow sip.

I looked down at his white shirt which was tight, revealing his build. It was just so dreamy. Goodness, I must be drunk. I thought shaking my head off my indecent thoughts. How could I be thinking of such a thing when I’m about to die??.

" You're not drunk yet. Regardless of your foolish decision tonight, I can't help but compliment how s*xy you look." He said, looking seductively at me his bright and sparkling eyes had turned dark with desire, arousing a crazy feeling in me.

“So, do you care to tell me why you wanted to end your life while others are enjoying it?" He asked winking at me.

He’s a stranger which made me feel reluctant to open up, " How could I possibly tell him what I was going through when I didn't even tell my best friend yet." I thought to myself and shrugged. " Who cares if he is a stranger or not? "

“You can trust me,” he said, noticing I was hesitant.

“Well, I’m sure we’ll never meet again so I’ll tell you,” I said, not minding what he would think.

“What happened to you?” he questioned again as I let out a loud and sad sigh.

“Six years ago, " I started." I fell madly in love with a guy I had just met, he loved me like crazy and could do anything for me. He loved me, so he said. "

“Are you drunk?” Chris asked.

“It doesn’t matter, don’t interrupt me!” I warned.

I turned to my audience to see that he was listening attentively and I could help but chuckle.

“We got in a relationship for four years and planned to get married. It used to be one of the best moments of my life. I thought it would be my happily ever after. But that scum was just a player who was after my money.”

“Why didn’t I see the signs earlier?” I continued, slapping my forehead.“I was too blinded by love I didn’t notice that he was planning to s*ck me dry, he f*ck*d my senses up."

“That’s sad, I’m so sorry,” Chris said in a soothing voice, patting my shoulders to console me.

“Don’t apologize to me, it isn't your fault. I said, feeling the warmth emanating from his palms.

“ He almost ruined my life. He was rushing things up to marry me, always persuading me to write a will in favour of him. I almost made the biggest mistake of my life. ” I sighed again, I felt my heart breaking all over again at the thought of it.

“So, how did you find out?” Chris inquired.

"Well... I found out on the eve of my wedding when I sneaked out to visit him because I had a special gift for him before our wedding the next day. I found the mother f*ck*ng b*st*rd in bed with a bimbo, he was f*ck*ng her so passionately and without conscience. I overheard him tell her of his plans to rip me off and dump me to be with her.

"Ouch!" Chris whimpered.

"I had to call off the wedding even though it was very embarrassing,” I said in-between sobs.” I'm most grateful that his plans didn't work out. "

" I don't blame you for trying to kill yourself, you've been hurt past the limit. But, listen to me, you have a beautiful life, Joanna," I wanted to freak out when he said my name, but I took it in because I had been trained in the orphanage where I grew up not to interrupt when another person is speaking. " Don’t let that jerk feel fulfilled for breaking you. You just need to live your life like there’s no tomorrow “ Chris encouraged me.

"Thanks a lot, Chris."

“You’re welcome”

I stood up slowly with the urge to go find Yolanda.

“Let’s go back” I staggered, the bottle of champagne still in my hands.

“Careful,” he said, grabbing me as I was about to fall.

He was close, so close to me that I could feel his hot breath on my face, he smelled just like mint and candy. The next thing that happened before I could realize was that I had placed my lips on his.

They were so soft, so creamy. It was a long kiss, long and hot.

I pulled back first, even though I was drunk, I couldn’t let this happen but my body seemed to have a mind of its own.

I placed my lips back on his again, kissing him hungrily as I arched my body towards his, pulling his white tee shirt.

I kissed him hard, ravaging my tongue deep into his mouth, almost sucking the life out of him. Just then the door flung open, making us stop what we were doing.

"Who the hell is it?" Chris asked annoyed at being interrupted.

My eyes widened as I looked at the figure in front of us. Then I let out a sigh.

Chapter 2

It was some fellow that had missed his way and mistakenly barge into Chris's room.

“I'm sorry... sorry...sor...” He apologized profusely while trying to find his way out of the room light with dim bulbs.

I rolled my eyes at him and shifted position. Chris continued from where he stopped as soon as the guy left.

He took me up and placed me on the dressing table, scattering the items on it but neither of us cared.

He held my waist with one hand and used the other to cup my breast, fondling them.

Leaning on the wall, I grappled one leg on his waist, with one of my hands holding the table tightly, and the other wrapped around his neck.

He unzipped my dress and helped me pull it off, while I unbuttoned his shirt, not taking my lips away from his.

We moved further to the couch, kissing like it would be our very last. My breast brushed against his chest, creating a warm feeling, and this overwhelming sensation made my breath heavier.


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