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Vixen is a fulfilled country side wolfless omega girl, who is happily married to the her mate, the alpha prince of their small pack, with 3 kids, or so she thought. Her world is crushed when she finds out that her husband was only using her, and that he is secretly married to her bestfriend. She is thrown out of her matrimonial home, and loses both of her children to the cold hands of death on the same day. Driven by hate, and in her pursuit for revenge she finds herself in a cindicate. There she meets Roman, a heartless, broken hearted lycan king mafia underboss, who despises women. He falls madly in love with her, and helps establish her to the point where she returns for her revenge. What is going happen when Vixen returns back to her ex, her mate?. Will her feelings be rekindled for him?. What would Roman do, when he finds that the woman he is obsessed with being close to her ex? Would he be able to control his emotions, or will his jealousy leads him into hurting the only thing that matters to him? Find out on DAMAGED BUT NOT BROKEN.

Chapter 1


The feeling of emptiness.

The unfillable void of disappointment.

The sadness of knowing the life you thought you knew is a sham.

Nothing makes sense

I am a shell of what I once was.

I stand here dumbfounded before my husband of 10 years Darrick, and his supposed new wife Sapphire, who happens to be my bestfriend.

Darrick is the alpha prince of our pack, the Maxim pack, my mate and the father of my three children.

We have been through all sorts of huddles this past years, only for him to stab me in the back.

This scene is unbarely agonizing, he used to be the only one who truly valued and respected me, despite knowing about my hybrid nature.

He made me feel loved despise my deformity, I have hairy ears, and can't shift due to my vampire heritage.

Darrick is a shell of what he once was.

His face holds no expression as he shamelessly plants soft kisses on to her cheeks.

" Meet my new wife" What a joke, he must be pranking me.

For christ sake, I abandoned my family, I build my world around him, and for what?.

" Very funny" I laugh confused "Please be serious babe"

" Vixen, I am not joking. Sapphire is my new wife, infact my only wife" He informs with a serious demeanor.

His face speaks voices, he's not kidding. The realization of this puts an ultimate end to my laughter.

" What are you talking about?. I am your wife" I remind, nonplussed

" No, we were never married, not in the eyes of the law atleast. Sapphire here is the only woman I ever loved" He says nonchalantly as he pulls her closer, planting a passionate kiss on her lips, like I wasn't here.

It's disgusting.

" What is the meaning of this?. Are you high on cheap drugs. How can you stand infront of me and kiss my bestfriend" I ask with tears running down my cheek.

My chest still hurts.

How could Sapphire do this to me.

She has been my bestfriend for years even though she's the daughter of a Beta, while I'm only an omega, a wolfless hybrid one for that matter.

" Oh please Vixen, we were never friends. I only befriended you to get closer to my man, and now that I gotten him. I don't need to pretend anymore...." She says with a smirk.

Anger builds up in me and next thing I do is land a horrifying slap on her face, but turns out that was a big mistake because Darrick gives me one of his own.

" Don't ever raise your flirty hands on her again, pig" He insults, while consoling his lover with a hug.

His slap hurt, but there is something that hurts more, the feeling of betrayal that tears through my heart.

Darrick has always been quick to anger and sometimes that anger leads to him hitting me, but never before has he hit me in public like this, he must truly care for her.

" You slapped me?" I doubt rubbing my cheek in tears " What has she done to you for you to treat me like this?, for you to fall out of love with me like this?"

" Nothing Vixen he never loved you to begin with, so don't flatter yourself" Mom walks out as she casually spits out those veil words "This has been long over due for 10years"

Not that this comes as a surprise. Mom has always hated me, and that hate has only amplified with time.

" That's not true. I wouldn't listen to a word that comes out of that lieing tongue of yours" I yell at her, before grabbing hold of my husband's hands "Babe it's me Vixen, your love, your wife, your mate. I abandoned my family for you. We have a kid together and two on their way. You promised you would never leave me" I remind in tears looking straight into his eyes.

" Cut out the crocodile tears Vixen, it's not working on me. I never loved you Vixen. I only thought marrying you would help me with my political career thinking that your family, and the moon goddess will help me, but unfortunately I was wrong, your family didn't help me out with anything. I have waited year after year hoping they would forgive and accept you but I was wrong. Turns out no one wants a liability like you" He says nonchalantly, and without a second thought I slap him across the face "The truth hurts, doesn't it?" He questions with a smirk as he helds on to his bruise cheek but I am too hurt to speak "I want you and that thing you call my child out of this house immediately"

" Where do you want us to go to?. We have no where to go to" I explain in a panic, still crying

" I don't care. I am sick of seeing your fat, ugly face, and those hideous ears of yours" He says nonchalantly

" Don't worry son I already packed her stuff" Mom (Lucinda) says as Suzanne, the maid walks downstairs with my suitcase in one hand, and my daughter in the other.

A sick smile, and a look of fulfillness plays on mom's lips.

Mom grabs hold of Claire, my 5 year old daughter and throws her at me.

" Mom, what's wrong?. Why are you crying? and why did nanny pull me forcefully down stairs?" She ask in tears as she hugs me

" Don't cry baby. Mama is fine, ok" I say in an effort to console her

" Listen Darrick. I don't know what I did wrong, but it wasn't my intention. I forgive you. You can still take Sapphire as your wife but please don't kick me and your child out" I beseech him on my knees.

" You forgive me?" He asks with a laugh "I should be the one forgiving you cheating sl*t. I know you have been sleeping around" He yells as he kicks me on the face.

" I have never cheated on you, and you know that Darrick. You took my virginity remember" I say before he cuts in

" Enough of that nonsense" He says nonchalantly before calling out a guard, who comes running in seconds later " I want you to throw these two out of this premises immediately" He orders and in under seconds I and my daughter are thrown out.

I knock, and knock, shouting at the top of my lungs, but they don't answer.

It is a cold blistering night, characterized by harsh winds and dark skies.

I fear there will be rainfall anytime now.

" Mom, I am cold" Claire says shivering in her boots from the cold.

" Sorry sweetheart" I say as I take a sweater out and putting it on her " Here you go baby"

" Mom, why is pa kicking us out?. Is it because he doesn't love us anymore?" She ask with teary eyes.

" No baby pa is just confused that's all. You know what let's pay your grandparents a little visit" I inform with a smile in a bit to lighten up the mood.

" Grandparents?" She ask confused, Lucinda has been the only grandparent she ever knew.

" Yes, come with mum" I say grabbing her hand.

We match forward hopeful, determined to reach our goal, eventhough I don't have any money on me and our house is a long way, I don't relent.

I take each step with optimism, as I carry Claire on my chest and my suitcase in the other hand.

By the time we arrive at my parent's mansion it's already 11pm, and my tommy hurts horrible.

I gently place my sleep daughter on a cloth before knocking at the gate, and a gaurd walks out.

He then heads back after hearing my request to inform my parents of my arrival.

Few minutes later they both walk out with annoyedfrowns.

" What are you doing here Vixen?" Pa ask angrily in a yell.

His voice is full of hate and animosity, that it makes my legs shiver.

" Pa, mom. Please I need you forgiveness, and help. I don't have anywhere else to go. Darrick kicked me out" I cry on my knees, careful not to wake my sleeping daughter.

" And how does that concern us?. You ceased to be member of this family the day you choose that man over us" Pa informs in the same tone.

" Pa I know I wronged you, but please forgive me for the sake of your grandchildren" I beseech them

" Leave this premises right now, or I am going to shoot you" Pa says before heading in.

" Mom please beg Pa for me. I have no where else to go" I beseech her still on my knees

" You brought this on your Vixen. Now face the consequences" She says nonchalantly, as she turns her back on me.

That is when I spot pa from a distance carrying his rifle.

I immediately grab hold of my daughter and take to my heels.

After running for a save distance, It starts raining and we are forced to seek refuse on the balcony of a store.

I am cold, my stomach hurts and I feel dizzy, but I am unable to rest because my daughter is burning up.

I try to lower her body temperature, by soaking one of a cloth in water and wiping her.

I continue doing this until I drift off to slumber.

Come morning, I wake to see her condition has taken a turn for the worst.

Her skin burns.

It's simily white as though, she is suffering from blood shortages.

It's so bad that she can't mutter out a single word.

In a panic, I hurry off to a nearby hospital.

A doctor attends to her for a while and walks out to meet me.

" Doc, what's wrong with my daughter?. Is she gonna be alright?" I ask concerned

" She has anaemia but she would be fine. You just have to deposit the sum of $400 dollar" He says nonchalantly

" Ok, I will go get the money but please treat my baby" I beseech him in tears.

The truth is I have no idea where I can get that amount.

" I am sorry ma'am. This is not a charity organization. No money, no treatment. Excuse me" He informs trying to walk out but I block his path.

" I am your luna, I command you treat her" I order in a bit to force his hand

" I don't take others from hybid omegas. It's either you get the money or nothing" He informs frigidly.


Chapter 2


I run back to Darrick's place, banging furiously at the gates with all my might before the gateman, Sam opens.

" Leave here ma'am. I told you the Alpha doesn't want to see you" Sam informs angrily

" Well tell your alpha I am not leaving, until he attends to me" I inform looking him dead in the eyes.

I am not going to let my child die because of fear.

" Ma'am please leave. I don't want to hurt you" He confesses calmly

" Then let me in. Please I need help my daughter is sick" I beseech him before hearing a car horn.

He hurries off to open it, letting a black SUV drive out and I know only it too well, who it belongs to, Darrick.

As the car drives out I hurrily stand in its path in an effort to gain an audience.

" What is the meaning of this rubbish Vixen?" Darrick yells angrily as he alights from the car, with his new found lover Sapphire.

" Darrick, our daughter. She got hospitalized and the doctor requested w


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