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Crazy Adventure of Forbidden Desires

Crazy Adventure of Forbidden Desires

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WARNING: This book contains explicit scenes, adult languages, sexual contents and it is not suitable for younger viewers🔞.Readers discretion is advised. Have you ever barged into people having sex? Ever watched a leaked tape of someone you know or have a person tell you his or her sexcapades? You know it gives a whole different and more intense feeling when you find out about other people's dirty and naughty deeds, secret desires, fantasy and fetishes. If you are an enthusiast of these things mentioned above, then this book is the right one for you. This books entails deep dark naughty secrets, fetishes, kinks and wild fantasies of human that consist of sexual activity between: Lesbians Gays BDSM Femdom Transgender sex Milf Stepdad and stepmom Nurse and patients Doctor and patients Teacher and student One night stands and many more. This is going to be a crazy and dirty adventure, so I implore you to get your toys and lubes handy because you're going to discover wilder and naughtier details that will make you squirt a fountain, cream heavily or cum liters of thick loads while you convulse into chains of spasm.

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I met Susana two years ago when I arrived newly in college.

Since it was my first time, I was very shy and timid because I was not used to being in the midst of a crowd, and I'm only comfortable around familiar people.

Because of this, I'd go straight to class, settle down in a secluded area, and when lecture is over, I'll rush back to my apartment; my comfort zone.

My third day in school, after lecture, I decided to go to the court to watch some basketball matches. I got there earlier, and the match commenced in my presence.

In less than 15 minutes, the whole seats were filled up with people watching and being in the front row, the anxiousness set in me and I began feeling pressed. I thought of how I will walk past hundreds of people to the urinary system, then I decided to hold it in.

After some minutes, I started getting more uncomfortable, with my groin area aching me badly, and I knew if I wait any longer, I'll definitely pee on my body. So I had no other option than to excuse myself to the restroom.

I stood up, scaled through the people seated with my head bowed low to avoid eye contact.

When I was out, I ran towards the restroom, and without looking at the gender sign, I barged into the toilet.

Right there, I bumped into Susana in the toilet, seated on the water closet with her pants down.

I caught a glimpse of her fresh Tommy, and her pink coloured pants that were so wet in the groin area.

I froze out with my eyes jutting out.

She didn't even flinch, she just sat down there gazing at me , and I apologized immediately and fled. I felt bad about it, and went to the men's toilet to urinate.

I hurriedly brought out my cock letting out my boiling piss as I heaved a sigh of relief.

While urinating I flashed back to what I saw in the ladies toilet: Susana's pants down, with her long smooth thighs and the pussy stains and wetness in the crotch area of her panties.

I was so seduced by that stain on the crotch area of her panties.

Fuck! It genuinely appeared seductive, rather than impulsive.

You can tell a full-grown woman has worn the pants based on the stain you see in the crotch area.

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, right?.

My dick swelled and became hard at the mere thinking of it. I wish I could smell her underwear to to perceive that feminine fragrance. It was only a wish because, in this crowded campus, I would never be able to achieve that as I might never see her again.

Since I felt I would see her again, and being a hardcore wanker, I grabbed my length, and began to stroke it gently, thinking about her, from her beautiful lips, smooth white thighs, big boobs and her wet panties.

The sensation began to build up, and I was enjoying every bit of it.

I haven't cum for some days now, and I was presented with her seducing view, so I had to use it to my own advantage. The image of her was still fresh in my memory and that made it more interesting. I stroke my cock harder, remembering all what I saw and imagining how wet and tight her pussy will be, and my sensation heightened, getting me closer to reach orgasm.

With my eyes tightly shut,I imagined cuming on the wet and stained area of her panties and in no time, I let out my fun gel into the toilet, stifling my as I watch my heavy loads splurt into the toilet. I milked out the residual and cleaned up immediately before exiting the toilet.

While exiting the toilet, I was having a hard time with my belt while walking on the passage without looking up, then I halted when I saw a feminine leg stationed in front of me. I was startled and looked up, only to find out that the girl standing before me was the girl I met when I barged into the toilet, and masturbated to her erotic scene.

She looked at me with a straight face, and there was an awkward silence between us.

"Why is she looking at me in this way? Is she angry that I bumped into her? I thought to myself.

While thinking, I noticed her puffy cleavage and partially exposed enormous melons which were visible as her shirt was half buttoned. I couldn't help but stare at them for a few seconds before shifting my gaze.

She finally broke the silence.

"Hi, I am Susan." She said stretching out her arm.

I was surprised, as I didn't expect her to be this cool.

"I..I…I'm Clinton" I partially stuttered.

Then stretched out my hand to receive the handshake. I received her handshake, and as her soft palm pressed against mine my dick turned hard. It was quite visible and I tried to hide it, but I knew for a fact that she must have seen it.

"It seem you're a bit tensed"

"Urrrghh... I'm sorry for what happened earlier" I apologized, not knowing what to say.

"It's not a big deal. You look like a fresher here, so it's normal to have many awkward moments," She said.

"I hope you're good?" She asked.

"Yes, I am," I answered in an anxious manner.

"Ok take good care of yourself." She said, and walked away.

I looked back to check out her ass, but she wasn't part of the big ass gang. She was just only moderate behind, with nice butt curves.

Phew! I felt relieved when she was out of sight. I had thought she was here for a brawl, but the opposite was the case. She seems nice and accommodating. I would have collected her number, but I didn't have the balls to do so. I also had hoped that I'd see her next time.

After some weeks in college, my anxiousness faded away after experiencing many awkward moments and I met with new friends that welcomed me with open arms.

Joint reading sex 2

I was surprised that I do bump into Susana most times, and each time I see her, it brings back those hot memories. What drives me crazy is her big boobs! It's so big and full. She had very huge melons with a moderate ass.

Her figure always brought my cock to life, seeing the way she catwalks while her huge melons sways, takes my soul out of me. I was deeply in lust with her and I masturbated so many times while talking about her.

After our series of encounters, I mustered the courage to ask for her number, and she willingly gave me. It was no surprise for her to give me her number, because we were already familiar with each other.

Even though we were "Hi friends'', deep down, I wanted more. I wanted to feel her warmth, have subtle kisses with her, and bury my huge cock in her diabetic pussy.

She was an inspiration to my daily masturbation. I would think about her, and cum imagining every details of her body. I didn&#


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