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Chalk and Cheese

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She is very sweet and quite childlike, has a different kind of innocence, while he is way too mature. She is too open minded whereas he is a very traditional man. She can make friends in a minute but he can't. She is an extrovert, while he is an introvert. She is shopaholic, while he hates it.She is too carefree and he is too cautious. She never thinks before doing anything and he thinks too much. Vidhi Singh Rathore and Shubhashish Singh Shekhawat are as different as chalk and cheese. But as they say that opposites attract ...Let's see if they can resist this attraction between them...

Chapter 1

Shubh's POV

The first rays of sunlight lit up my room. The dawn chorus of melodic birdsong drifted in. It was a beautiful morning.  I got up, got ready and went out.

My parents had gone to Jodhpur to meet my Mamaji for a few days and came back last night but they were so tired and so we couldn't talk much.

I went to greet my mom. She was preparing breakfast, when Sandhya, my first cousin, entered the kitchen just before me.

Mom was so happy to see her, she caressed her face and then kissed her forehead.

Mom was getting very emotional. Why??

Sandhya hugged her hard.

Sandhya was my cousin but we were closer than the real siblings. She is my Mamaji's daughter. They live in Jodhpur but Sandhya has been studying in Delhi for the last 5 years and was living with us. She just joined a hospital as a dietitian.

" Awww... I never realised that you had grown up so much. It is time for you to get married now. There is a marriage proposal from a very renowned and good family Their son is highly educated  and one of the most eligible bachelor you are getting engaged in the week your parents are coming in 2 days." Mom said to Sandy.

" What??  Why??  What is the hurry? "  Sandy was shocked.

" It is the right age to get married, beta. Anyways, you are getting engaged next week. You can call, all your friends if you want." Mom said in a sweet but stern tone.

" But bua Ji... " Sandy was saying but mom cut her sentence in the middle.

" No further discussion on this,  they are coming to meet you tomorrow evening. And we have your engagement ceremony in this week itself." Mom said and Sandy was about to cry.

" What is this mom? At least listen to what she has to say. How can you decide on her behalf?  It's her life, what if she doesn't want to get married right now?  Let her make the decisions, you can't impose your decisions on her." I said but mom being mom, paid no heed to it.

I drove her to the hospital and said, " Don't worry Sandy,  I am with you I will help you. They can't marry you off without your consent. Let me know if you don't want to get married."  I said and she just nodded.

" But Mom said that they have already committed to them. And as you know, Rajputs are said to be very stubborn and they fulfil their commitment at any cost. But what if I don't like him?  Or he doesn't like me?  "

' Don't worry, I am with you, I will not let them force you to marry like this. "  I said and she merely nodded.

I dropped her to the hospital and went to my college. I was doing an MBA and it was my final year and within 2  months, my exams would be over and  I would join my dad's business formally.

I reached college and just then my phone beeped repeatedly. I had received many messages. There were some pictures, I opened them and was rooted to the ground.

The first one was a picture of Sandhya in the arms of Dr Vikram. She was in his arms, while he was not wearing any shirt.

What the hell !!!

I scrolled the screen and saw that in another one she was sleeping with him cuddled up in his arms and he was kissing her head.

Another picture of her holding him from the backside. A few more in which the other two doctors were hugging her.

To say that I was shocked would have been the understatement of the year. I was outrageous. I felt as if I could not even react. I literally saw red. I couldn't even believe my own eyes.

How could it be?? No... It was not possible... But I could not deny as I had proof in my hand.

It was sent by an unknown number.

I would kill that man... Hell !!! I would kill every one of them. I reversed the car and went back to the hospital.

I rushed towards the cardiology department. Suddenly I saw Sandy standing there with two of the men who were also in the pictures.

How could she do all that??

I was extremely angry. I clenched my fists and glared at all of them. I knew my eyes were red.

As soon as sandy saw me, she rushed towards me. But I glared at her. I had never done that earlier. She was shocked and scared.

"What's wrong??? Shubh what happened?? Why are you so angry?" She asked me.

I was panting with rage by now... I ignored her and glared at both the men. I literally intended to kill someone right now.

I just entered Dr Vikram's cabin. She rushed in after me.

He got up from his seat and smiled at me when he saw me coming towards him. But I could not control and punched him hard.

" What???? " Everyone was taken aback.

" What are you doing Shubh??? Have you lost it? " Sandy came between me and Doctor and shouted at me.

She shouted at me for him??

" Yes, I lost it. I am fuming right now. How dare he??? And how dare you? What happened to your values??? How could you do that? I didn't expect this from you... I will kill him. You just get aside... " I said and would have punched again if Sandhya was not standing between him and me.

" Hold on... What are you talking about?? " She asked me, all of them were confused. How innocent...

" How can you be so shameless Sandhya?? You want me to tell you? You tell me what happened? I am so ashamed of you. You just get aside, I want to kill him first. How dared he? He told me to rest assured, as he would take care of you. Is that how you take care Doctor Vikram ??? "

" Listen Shubh, there must be some misunderstanding..... " She was saying as everyone was confused. I pushed her aside and launched myself at Dr Vikram. I was about to punch him but his assistant doctors caught me.

" At least tell me what happened? " Dr Vikram asked me in anger.

" You all are b*****ds.  How dare you touch my sister? " I  was getting insane with rage I pushed one of them aside.

" What the hell?? Have you gone mad? He didn't do such a thing? " Sandy shook me.

" You !!  You... I don't know what shall I say to you, I will talk to you at home. Just go away from here right now. " I shouted at her.

" Shubhashish Singh Shekhawat !!! Stop this madness... I will not do that, you will go home. What has gotten into you? " She shouted back.

" Ok fine, I will show you... What did you think, I wouldn't come to know? You didn't even think about our families... " I was so angry and frustrated that a lone tear slid out of my eye.

I took out my phone and showed him the pictures and said, " Even now you would say nothing happened?? " Sandy snatched the phone to see what I was showing to the doctor.

Her jaw dropped the moment she saw the first one. She was absolutely shocked.

" There are more if you want to relive those moments... How could you?? " I shouted at her.

She saw more pictures and had started crying by now.

" Now say that nothing happened. Can you??? " I said glaring at Sandy and doctor. I was clenching my teeth and fist.

" Yes, I would say so... Nothing happened. Now calm down and stop saying bad things about her. You know your sister better than any of us. How can you even think that she can do anything wrong??? " Dr Vikram said.

" You are asking me to calm down???? Do you want to say that these pictures are fake??? I want to kill all of you. "

" Are you even listening to what I just said?? Calm down, nobody did anything wrong. I am not saying that the pictures are fake, your assumptions are wrong. I want to show you something as well. Just look at it first and then listen to us. Sandhya, open messages in your phone and show him that message you got that day. " Doctor said and she nodded and opened it and gave it to me.

I glared at all of them and started reading.

Chapter 2

Shubh's POV

" Are you even listening to what I just said?? Calm down, nobody did anything wrong. I am not saying that the pics are fake, your assumptions are wrong. I want to show you something as well. Just look at it first and then listen to us. Sandhya, open messages in your phone and show him that message you got that day. " Doctor said and she nodded and opened it and gave it to me.

I glared at all of them and started reading.

I went red with rage again but on the man who sent that.

" What is this??? Who sent that to you?? When?? Why didn't you tell me?? What is happening here???" I was so confused and angry.

" Calm down and listen now. We were at camp...... " And he explained everything.

" Someone sent the message to her, but she got so scared that she came to me.  It was almost midnight... You expect her to call you? When you were miles away? She knocked at my door and a


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