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Chained By The Mafia Lord: Mafia Series

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What's your name again? "M-Maria Isabella." "And you're nineteen?" "Yes,""I paid you. You're mine now."In every challenge, there's hope. In every tear, there's a smile. Maria Isabella accepted the offer of her friend to be a waitress in a club to save herself from poverty and survive. One night, Maria met Marco Mondragon, who saved her life. She admitted, that the man was hot and handsome. He offered her help, scholarship, shelter, and money. It was not easy to get along with this domineering man, every day, Maria lived in fear.One day, she discovered a gun and a picture of her, which made her feel terrible. Will she stay despite what she found out, or will she leave because of fear? What would she choose? Leave or will be CHAINED BY THE MAFIA LORD?"


I was in a hurry to ride in a taxi to get to my place of work. I was late because of the group work for school.

"Here’s my payment! " I shouted and handed over my payment to the driver of the bus. I was still wearing the public school uniform . While sitting, I looked at the men in front of me and it made me smile. I have memorized his looks. Is this how men are today? What a pervert!

I don't wonder why the Club I work for is always full of men every night. Because there are so many men today, want to shed lust.

I work at the club every night. It is normal for me to be touched and caressed. And of course I am a beginner. I need money to pay my bills and to my study. I'm also used to my classmates bullying me or maybe abusing me because of my work.

I need to be practical. The important thing is that I make money. I serve drinks and what not. Sometimes they make me sit next to them which I only accommodate once. Sometimes I they gave me a tip so I have an extra money for school.

If you ask why am I like this? Simple. I had no parents. Back then, I just lived on the street. I grew up on the street, collecting garbage to sell and something to eat. That’s how poor here in the Philippines.

I was almost r*p*d once when I was fourteen because I was only sleeping on the street. I was traumatized and I don't know what to do. Fortunately, I was helped by my colleagues who were also garbage collectors like me.

So when I was sixteen, I accepted Loti’s offer, who recruit girls to work at the club. When sixteen is fine. I have no choice because I want to graduate in high school and go to college . I am now seventeen. I'm going to college in a year so I need to save money for that.

"Oh! You are late Isabella ?" Red smirked at me. A gay man who manages the bar where I work. He's the only one I pay attention to here because I'm comfortable with him.

I was in the dressing room and I took off my clothes. I don't have a care if there's someone see me naked. I'm used to it. And only women and gays are with me.

"We did a project at school" .I wore my usual uniform. A red very short dress that you can almost see my panties and my chest sticking out. For money tips later.

"Hey! I'm telling you. You stopped studying! Even if you finish college, it will still be difficult for you to find a job! While here at the club night after night you make money! ” he fixed my hair and tied it up.

Red was gay and wary of me. He doesn't force me to dance in front of the stage unlike others. He said he felt sorry for me so he doesn't want me to do that so he just let me do what I want except stripping and dancing.

He is right. I make a lot of money here. In one night I was able to collect three thousand pesos tip. My salary every night here is two fifty, higher wages and tips of women dancing on stage. Especially if women are performing.

This is where I do for a living , in the four corners of this club. It's dark, smoky, flirting here, flirting there. Someone is rude but I just don't pay attention. Sometimes there was a riot but the bouncers handle it.

Such things are normal for me. What is not normal for me is the simple and luxurious lifestyle of my age. I'm so jealous but I knew that I was only dreaming of that kind of life. My life will never be like that. Especially that I am just a poor.

"Ah Red, I need you outside! There's Mondragon's group! " Chelsea's intense excitement grabbed our attention.

Every time I hear that I get scared. I've seen Marco here a few times but my heart rate is still different. Even if he doesn't care. I've seen him look at me seriously a few times but that's all.

His last name screaming of dangerous, like him. With the body handsome, the authoritative handsome face and especially in power. I took a deep breath and examined my reflection in the mirror. I could do it. I'm used to it.

"Maria! Give the other table two shot of glasses! Hurry up!”

Chelsea yelled at me. Everyone was too busy entertaining the costumers.

"Miss! One bottle of jack coke please!" A man in Marco Mondragon's group told me that. So I looked up when I put the order on a table. I nodded and smiled.

"Noted Sir!" I approached there. I think there are ten of them. Others even include their girlfriends. Their table and spot are screaming of power. I immediately listed in the little notebook and I carried their order.

"Is there anything more sir?" I asked the man who ordered. But he was stunned when he looked at me closely.

"Ah no more miss." I was still lookingbat my notebook. I could hardly look at Marco's seat. I get nervous when I look at him. I couldn't seem to breathe properly.

I immediately went to the counter.

"A bottle of jack coke, a shot glass and an ashtray." I kept saying it and Red didn't bother to help there.Every one was busy.

When I had their order I immediately went back there and I saw them talking seriously. This was an high end club so I am not wondering why rich people likes to hang out here.

I was struck by the sight of Marco looking at me so I felt nervous. I pulled down the hem of my dress but my chest came out more!

Ugh! This dress was is so short!

Sh*t !


Marco is our regular customer here. There were times that he went here alone. Sometimes they are a group. Sometimes a woman was with him.

I put the bottle of wine on the table.

"Ah, may I know your name miss?" Question by the man who ordered me earlier. While others have already looked at me and smiled. I am used to being asked for my name by customers here at Moonlight club.

"Uh, I’m Maria Isabella." I politely answered them even though I was confused .

They shouted "Oh no! Not her dude! She’s too young and you are old!”

“Damn you! I'm only twenty -six, Samuel!"

He immediately turned to me. "You have a nice name. Uh, can you sit beside me?" This one is more polite than the previous ones who invited me. But it is not possible. There is much more to entertain. I shook my head and smiled politely.

"I can't sir. Sorry. " I refused them.

"Oh! I'll pay you so don’t worry.” He chuckled. He'll pay me? I will admit that even now I am still ins

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