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Can You Lend Me a Kiss?

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"Do you think I need you that much? I married you just because I wanted your blood," Kenny said as he put his signature on the divorce papers. "I don't need your money nor your house Mr Kenny," Natasha said as she tried to hide the emotions in her face. Kenny has no other way of protecting the person he loves the most other that divorcing her. Natasha, Kenny's girlfriend is poisoned and he needs to find an antidote before the poison starts to act up. Kenny has to marry Sophia the girl he hates so that he could get the antidote from a mysterious man. Will he able to save Natasha? Will they get back together? Will they be able to win against the forces that are trying to break them apart?

Chapter 1 The Divorce

Natasha sat on the bed as she looked at the wounds in her arms.She used to think that all the black marks were left behind by the needles when she was being treated of the sickly and deadly disease she was told she had.Her body has always been weak for the past two years and she was told that she was suffering from a disease she had never heard of.For the two years, she believed Kenny's words until the previous day when she found out the truth.She could not believe that her husband, Kenny who she had loved dearly could be using her blood to treat his other woman.Tears continued flowing down her eyes as her heart was filled with bitterness.She had stayed with him for two year but she never thought that he loved another girl but not her.For the past two years , she was always obedient to Kenny and she liked the way their marriage was.Natasha had tried as much as she could to be a good wife to Kenny but the moment she realized how Kenny was using her, she could not take it any longer.She wiped her tears using the sleeves of her blouse then sat at the floor.She looked at the paper she was holding in her hands as tears rolled down her cheeks.She looked at her near handwritten signature at the bottom left side of the paper then at the black right bottom side.If Kenny puts his signature at the right bottom side of that paper, then that would be the end of the relationship between her and Kenny.Would she take it?Yes, she would because she could not lie to herself anymore.Natasha didn't want to continue living in fantasy that she had Kenny as a lover and husband.She had found out that she just a blood bank for his girlfriend.Natasha heard the sound of a car honking outside and she knew that Kenny was back.For the past three days, Kenny had not stepped foot in that house.He had a big mansion with everything that any girl would want but Natasha felt that it was a lifeless place.For a while she felt that his behaviors had changed abruptly but she could not tell why.Kenny would always come home once in a while and he seemed as if his mind was occupied with so many things but she never asked him what was bothering him.From what she was told the previous day, she could guess that Kenny had spend the last three days at the hospital accompanying Sophia.She quickly massaged her face so that he could not find out that she had been crying.Kenny pushed the door open and after changing into house shoes he quickly went to the bedroom.Natasha felt his presence but she did not lift up her head nor speak a word."Stop pretending as if you don't know am here," Kenny spoke.Hearing his voice, Natasha lifted her head and looked at him.Kenny could feel that there was something off with her.Everytime he arrived at that house, she would always ask him if he would like to eat something or not.She would rush quickly to prepare a bath for him but this time round she did nothing.Kenny felt as if a bigger portion of his heart was leaving him."Kenny," she called him without lifting her head.Kenny looked at her not knowing what she wanted to say.She took a paper from the bed before handing it to Kenny."What is it?" Kenny asked without accepting the piece of paper from her hands.He felt afraid when he saw the paper although he was expecting it."Kenny, let's divorce," she said without any emotions in her face."Where is all this coming from?" Kenny asked feeling a twinge of pain in his heart."Kenny, why did you lie to me?" She asked."Do you think I don't know that you have been giving my blood to Sophia?" she continued without waiting for him to reply."It's good that you know that," he said.Natasha was surprised by the fact that he quickly agreed to it without even defending himself."Natasha, I married you just because I wanted your blood. You have the same blood group as her and that's why I married you," he shouted."Kenny, how could you..." she could not even complete her sentence not able to control her tears.It was very painful to her knowing that the person she loved the most never loved her but just wanted to use her as a blood bank for the person he loved."Natasha, your father was the one who made Sophia to be in that state, so we are equal. Your father knocked her down when he was driving drunk and you gave her your blood in return," he continued."My father did not drive drunk,my father did not do that," she shouted as tears rolled down her eyes.As much as she could recall,her father never drunk so she felt all his words were false accusations."You are still defending him?" he asked."My father never drunk alcohol," she shouted.Kenny smiled as he approached her," I will never divorce you till the day she gets out of that coma," he said."Okey, I'll give her as much blood as she wants only under one condition," she said."You think you can talk about conditions with me?" he asked sarcastically."Mr Kenny, do you think am too weak that I'll have to obey everything that you say?" she asked.Kenny saw the bitter smile on her face and he felt uncomfortable.Without waiting for him to speak she said," I'll give her my blood until the time she will wake up from the coma only if you sign the divorce papers.""Okey, I'll sign the divorce papers, but will it not be a waste for me to let you go just like that?" he said as he approached her.The more he got closer to her, the more she felt afraid.Kenny pulled her towards him before starting to kiss her allover."Go away," she shouted as she tried to push him .Kenny did not pay attention to her words as he pushed her towards the big bed.She could not manage to get rid of him."Look at you, your body wants me so much and you are pretending that you want to divorce me," he said.Kenny ripped off her clothes and got on top of her doing what made him happy.Natasha continued crying bitterly not able to fight against his given the fact that Kenny was a strong man and she was just a weak woman.One hour later,Kenny got out of bed and started putting on his clothes which were scattered allover the floor.Natasha was still lying on the bed facing the wall.She felt sad and she was at the lowest point on her life and she didn't want him to see her face.Kenny's phone rang and he quickly picked it up."Dr Moran?" he spoke."Mr Kenny, madam Sophia has woken up from the coma," the doctor said."Are you sure?....Is she awake? I'll be there right away," he said excitedly before ending the call.Kenny looked at her with disgust,""You are too lucky that she is awake, ," he said he said as he tied up his shirt buttons."Sign the divorce papers before you leave," Natasha told him."Do you think I need you so much now? You are no longer of any use or importance to me," he said as he picked the piece of paper.He took a pen from the bedside table before signing his name on the right bottom side of the paper.He then threw it to her." I will leave this house to you as a payment of wasting your two years here, after all you don't have anywhere to go," he said."Am not in need of your house nor money, Mr Kenny," she said with her head high.

Chapter 2 Is she awake?

Kenny picked his car keys without responding to her and quickly left the house.Natasha stood at the same position as she heard the car leaving the compound.She had wished for love and doting from Kenny forever but she never expected that it was going to end just like that.She had persevered for a while thinking that things would take a good direction but all her dreams had just died like that.She had stayed in a marriage for two years most of which as a single person.She fell on the ground as she cried bitterly.The two years marriage had just ended like that and she knew that she will never see him again.Natasha wished that she could be Sophia who was able to capture his heart.After crying for almost ten minutes, she wiped her tears then promised herself that she would never cry for him again.She took her bag and started parking her clothes that could be counted with fingers.She walked around the house one more time knowing t


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