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Caged In his paradise

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The story is about blood thirsty revenge . Magnus de Lorenzo is an infamous Italian mafia who lost his elder brother in the hands of Russian mafia . He never thought he will fall in love with his Enemy 's sister . Winter Aslanov was everything a man would desire . She was flawlessly gorgeous , joyful , bold and a killer body which could have any man on his knees . One day she wakes up after a severe accident in the arms of a stranger who was claiming himself as her husband . Unfortunately she lost all the memories of her previous life . She has no choice but to believe him . Magnus never knew that she would mean so much to him . He even risks his life to keep her in his side . The book is strictly 18+ with erotic scenes . ©All rights reserved

Break up

" Life is full of surprises . You never know who you gonna meet that will change your life forever "  I stood before my boyfriend's bedroom . If I say I am shocked it would be an understatement . I was speechless .My eyes almost came out of my socket as I caught him red handed cheating on  me . No I wasn't crying . I don't waste my tears on scumbags .They were unaware of my presence . I saw the unknown girl sucking his d*ck ;" ahh....yes ...Nina ...ohhh...f*ck " he said lustfully . He came in her mouth immediately . He was a sh*t . He can't even hold himself longer .Then he turned her body in four limbs  . Her head sanked on the bed and her hips laid high on air . He started thrusting her like an animal . They were moaning loudly .  He was taking his all sexual frustration on her . A**hole ! . I gritted my teeth and clenched my hands to form a fist . I fought my urge to throw up . I barged into the room with longs strides as I couldn't control my rage . He stopped as he sense  my presence . His face lost all its water . The star were written on his face .I folded my arms above my torso menacingly . He stood up naked from his bed and tried to touch me with his hands ;"'s not what you are thinking " he said .I shaked his  dirty hands off me . A moment  ago he was f*ck*ng someone and now he acts all naive . What a rubbish  man ! .My face lacked all its expression ;" I saw everything with my eyes Ben " I stated .Ben kept his hand on his forehead  . He was sweating hard due to all the tension . He looked at the girl then shifted his gaze on me ;" Win.winnie ....this b*tch ...she mixed something in my drink know I won't cheat on you right trust me " he tried to justify . I glared at him ;" I don't trust you anymore" I said .The girl called Nina rose up from the bed and shouted at him ;" told me your girlfriend was a stupid nerd who doesn't have s*x with you ..." she said . I looked at both of them . Ben tried to protect himself ;" you..b*tch are lying ...Winnie she is lying know I love you " he said pointing at her  .They both started arguing giving me a headache . I couldn't tolerate their high pitch of voice . I hold my head ;" Ben..from today onwards I  don't wanna see your face ...we are over " I yelled . My voice was loud enough for their hearing . I am sure he heard me .I strode out of his apartment . He wrapped a towel below his navel to hide his bottom and chased me to the corridor . He kept yelling my name Winnie stop ! Stop ! Winnie ! he said and tried to grab my arm . I halt and looked at him . He was breathless ;" please Winnie....give a chance to explain.. " he said . He was creating  a scene .Everyone was noticing us . I don't wanted to be a laughing stock  for people . I glared at him menacingly;" I think I am clear ....stop interrupting my life from now....otherwise you know who is my brother " I warned him and  got out of his life . Usually I don't like using my brother's name but today I think it was necessary otherwise this jerk could have tried to pursue me .Hello I  am Winter Aslanov aged twenty living in Los Angeles . I am here to pursue my studies and also to stay away from the mafia world . Don't get me wrong I love my brother but nothing can change the fact that he is infamous Russian Mafia leader Vladimir Aslanov . The only thing I despise in my life Is the Mafia .I too have Mafia blood in my veins  which can't be changed but I  wanted to get away from all those bad things which includes human trafficking , smuggling, blood fight etc . I sighed as I walked down the streets of LA . I thought Ben was different . He accepted our relationship even after knowing my brother is a Mafia . Alas ! I got cheated .Not like I am very sad as it was only three months relationship  . My brother never let me date guys . He was just overprotective . For others he was a ruthless Mafia but he has that soft cornor for his family which includes me . I needed something strong to calm the chaos in my mind . I think alcohol could do . I called my girlfriend . It ringed for a moment then she picked up ;" Hello...Becca " I said .She answered;" hello ...sweety " she said . I was feeling very dull may be due that cheating thing . I explained her how Ben cheated on me  in call .while I was still walking on the lane . It was evening  so it was crowded .  She cursed on the line;" мудак ! I know that Ben guy was a cheater " she said . I fought to hold back my tears ;" where are you ?" She asked . I looked at surrounding and informed her .  Fortunately my rented apartment was nearby so i could walk my own . She said she will pick me up from my apartment . I sighed as I sat on my bed . I thought shower could help me release some tension . I went to my bathroom for a warm shower . I released myself of the clothing and entered in the shower .  I relax as the warm water cascade down my body . I washed up my hairs .After shower I wore my pajamas . I looked at the bottle of wine kept on the table . I think I am going to be  drunk tonight . I heard the bell ringing and I know who exactly was it .I opened the door and immediately hugged Becca . She sighed and held me . We sat on the bed . She looked at me ;" you are looking so dull and pale " she said . I nodded .I  started looking down at the floor ;" let's go " she said . I was confused ;" where ?" . She bite her lips ;" pub... let's celebrate your breakup " she said . She forcefully dragged me to change my clothes .I wore my red body con dress which came above my knee . She helped me do my make up . I grinned as I looked at the mirror . I looked different . I am usually not a party kind of person but  today going to pubs than sitting dull at room appeared more easy to me . We parked the car and went on the line . Soon they embedded the stamp on our skin as an approval . We entered the crowd . It was so dimly lighted inside .  Thank god ! No one would recognize me . People were going crazy . They were dancing on the music beats . I liked the atmosphere .We headed to the counter . We looked at the handsome bartender . He was hella hot . Becca  grinned and inched closer to him ;" tequila shot for us " she said teasing him with money .She was crazy sometimes but this lighten up my mood . I took the shot and drank it down my throat . I shrunk my nose to the bitter taste . It burned my throat . We went for rounds of drinking. I drank six more shots then we lead to the dancing floor . My vision was hoggy . My brain was numb . I don't know what really happened after that .



I was in LA to meet a friend   . It was my last night being here . We came to this pub to enjoy . We called it a night and celebrate our friendship . It been a while since I been to LA .Tomorrow morning I have a flight back to Italy .  I heard when Jacob called me ;" Mag ....looked at those pretty girls there " .I shifted my gaze to the counter . I saw two young lady somewhere in their teenage . One was wearing black short dress grinning at the bartender .  She was pretty . I looked at the another one . She was gorgeous .She wore red colored bodycon dress which hugged her curves  perfectly . She was tall may be 5'6 but her heels made her appeared 5'9  . She got those beautiful curves . Her Ash white colored hairs were opened .She was difficult to not get  noticed . They both landed to the dance floor . She was dancing like crazy . She was whining and twirking .  She was so clumsy in her moves  .I smiled and shaked my head .


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