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Boyfriend For Rent (They Met Again)

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After years of being away from each other, Evelyn met with her high school bully again, Ivan Romero. It felt like a dream to her, but was more shocking after she found out that they were living next door to each other. What happens when Evelyn asked him to be her contract boyfriend?...

Chapter 1


"The heck Ivan, when the f*ck are you gonna get yourself a real girlfriend and stop all these shits you're doing around, huh? You're f*ck*ng getting old, can't you see that man? You're twenty eight for f*ck sake, and yet no girlfriend, not even planning on having one anytime soon, are you planning on giving me blood pressure?" My younger sister, Nora rants, pacing in my room angrily.

Gosh she's so annoying, always trying to boss me around. She's just five years younger than me, but she acts like she's my elder sister, f*ck!, she's so annoying, always forcing me to do things, and never cease to frustrating me. She's the only family I have after we lost mom and dad to a car accident a few years ago, so I love her so much, and hurting her is the last thing on my mind.

"I will do that mom, just be calmed with me please." I teased, as I arranged my collar, and sprayed perfume on my body, before turning to face her with that cute smile that always melts people's hearts.

She scoffed and rolled her eyes angrily.

"How about I arrange a blind date for you Ivan?, you see, this whole sh*t is driving me crazy, like f*ck! Take a look at your friends, especially that annoying Alex guy, he has a girlfriend, and alot more of your friends, but you, I don't even know what your problem is, you always wanna give me an attack." She suggested, and slumped on my bed, like a frustrated mom she's not.

This girl can be so crazy, what the heck!, arrange a blind date for me?, but wait, that isn't a bad idea, right?

"I'll think about that sweetheart. And don't worry sweet, I'll get a girlfriend real soon, ok?" I winked at her, smiling warmly.

She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

I sighed then took her hands into mine, and gave them a tender caress, before looking into her eyes.

"Cmon baby sis, don't give me that look, ok? I promise, I'll do that as soon as possible, don't be mad at me mom." I teased, as I pinched her cheek.

She smiled warmly.

"That's my baby, brother is ready to go to work, make sure to be a good girl, eat something, and don't forget to make me a good delicacy before I return." I said, and ruffled her hair playfully.

"Stop that, you're messing my hair." She rolled her eyes, as she slapped my hand away from her head playfully.

I chuckled lightly, as I grabbed my phone from the bed, and kissed her forehead, before finally leaving the room.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Ivan Romero, a twenty eight years old handsome dude, a citizen of America, residing in Chicago with my younger sis, who happen to be my mom. Everything about me is perfect, blessed with cute alluring lips, which ladies die to have a taste of, a thick brown hair, which has my favorite style, clinging to my head, with strands covering on of my grey eyes. I'm the center of attraction wherever I go.

I'm a swimmer in one of the popular swimming team in Chicago, I'm not earning so much money from swimming, just doing it for passion but presently, there's gonna be a national swimming Olympic contest between Chicago  and China, so I'm one of the contestants, if I eventually win, then I'll become very wealthy, I will finally be able to give my little sister, the kind of life she deserves. There's another secret you need to know about me, I'm a part-time boyfriend to anyone who's ready for the contract. I've made so much money from the job, which I used to buy house, a car, and taking care of my sis, to make sure she doesn't lack anything.

Stepping out of my mansion, I walked straight to the parking lot, and hopped in on my only car, which happen to be a red sport car, before zooming out of the house, and hit the road with my crazy driving skill. Right now, I'm going to one of my client's office, to seal a deal with her, and act as her boyfriend. I'll soon quit this sh*t though, I don't want Nora to have me killed with frustration.

After driving for what seemed like forever, I finally got to the estate, and drove straight into the compound, where there were so many expensive cars parked at the parking lot. I wore my sunglass, and my face cap, before stepping out of the car, after which I walked straight to the entrance door, where two men on suit, were standing at the doorway.

"Hello!" I greeted with a straight face.

They scanned me with their eyes from head to toe, before one of them stretched forth his hand, ignoring my greeting.

I tilted my head confusingly, not understanding what he wanted.

"Your ID card." The other spoke up.

I quickly nodded and brought out my ID card from my pocket, before showing it to him, after which they opened the door for me, and I walked in elegantly.

I walked briskly to the elevator, and pressed the button, after some seconds, the door opened, and I walked in, waiting for the door to close, and in split seconds, the door closed, and I pressed the 5th button, before waiting patiently for it to do its work.

The elevator stopped moving after a few seconds, and the door opened, before I stepped out and walked elegantly to the reception.

"Hi!" I greeted the receptionist, who was engrossed in pressing computer.

She raised her gaze to look at me, and a smile settled on her face.

"Who are you?" She asked with a seductive smile on her lips.

"I'm here to see miss Becky." I said, ignoring her smiles. I'm here for business, else she would've had it from me.

She smiled and motioned for me to follow her, as she left the counter, and started leading me to God knows where.

She took different turns, till she got to a hallway, and stopped in front of one of the doors, before turning to face me. 

"Her office." She said with a sheepish smile on her face. 

I nodded, before giving her a signal to leave already.

She nodded and walked away.

Letting out a small sigh, I arranged my collar again, and arranged my hair, which were still intact, before placing a soft knock on the door.

"Who is there?" Came a feminine voice from inside.

"It's me Ivan." I replied.

"Come in." Came her voice.

I was welcomed with the back view of a lady, wearing a red short gown, which stopped before her knee line…

Chapter 2

Ivan POV


Stepping into the office after she ushered me in, I was welcomed with the back view of a lady, dressed in red beautiful short gown, which stopped before her knee lines, a pair of red heeled shoes, which seemed to be six or seven inches long, were fitted on her feet, her dress was clinging to her body, bringing out her sexy shape, and finally, her brown long curly hair, were cascading down her shoulders. She was looking out of the window.

"Hi." I said simply, as I stopped walking.

She turned slowly to face me, and that was when her face became visible. She has a long V shaped face, a pointed nose, a small lips, a pair of grey eyes. She looked like she's in her mid forties.

"Wow, this is crazy, she's older." I said inwardly. I don't do older women, and here she is. Gosh!

She walked majestically to her seat, and sat down, before crossing her legs, after which she beckoned on me to take a seat.

I nodded and went to s


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