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Bound By The Alphas

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“Spread your leg, I want to give you my mark.” Skylark Bluedawn thought she had it all, a look, money, and a loving family by her grandparents. but everything changed when she reached twenty years old, all Alphas wanted her and tried to mark her, only with the help of three Alphas, with their intention to make her a plaything, in exchange for their protection. Will she be able to escape her destiny or be consumed by the wicked and twisted minds of the Alphas? Or did it get destroyed in the hand of the evil Alpha? Read her story, when Sky learns more about her family history, her struggle to manage three obsessive Alphas as mates, and of course the way to become more than just a werewolf mate...

The Three Alphas (Part 1)

A beautiful young woman, with her long blonde hair and skin as white as ivory, a fairy appearance in the darkest of the night. She was running into the road, clinging for her dear life, a life that her own family had destroyed. Her name is Skylark Bluedawn. On her twentieth birthday, she needs to run away from her party after she hears her grandparents make a deal with a wicked man, the alpha of her werewolf society in the West.

Skylark Bluedawn is a werewolf, a werewolf who can’t transform but is the beautiful one of her kind. She lives with her grandparents, Geoffrey, and Suzanna Bluedawn after losing her parents in a freak accident.

“Sky… Sky! You can’t hide from me! Just show yourself!” The old Alpha screamed from the second floor of the mansion, with her grandparents behind him, looking desperate and terrified of the consequences later on.

Sky looks above her hiding place, praying that her rescuer will come as soon as possible, as she cries for her bad luck. Never in her life, she would have thought that her loving grandparents were going to sell her into servitude to one of the ruthless Alpha in the western region. What went wrong, Sky never knew, as both of them were such loving grandparents to her.

Being brought up in a wealthy environment, but a very sheltered one, Sky never complains about her life. She was homeschooled and never had any interaction with her grandparents and the servants. She looks into people who come and go from her mansion, but never have any interaction with any of them, except one man, a man who confessed to be the old friend of his father.

Payne Redford, another Alpha from the southern pack, they met once at the werewolf society gala dinner. As usual, she hides in the library, as her grandparents don’t want her to engage with anyone outside their household. There she met with a tall and handsome older gentleman. His eyes shine like an onyx stone, with a trim beard and mustache giving him a perilous but enticing look.

One year ago, Payne Redford gave her his number secretly. They begin to communicate as a friend, secretly. Today, she calls him immediately after she hears Suzanna and Geoffrey talking about their arrangement with Arthur Blackstone, a dangerous and cruel man, with a penchant for younger women. He already has four female werewolves in his harem, but he is obsessed with Sky.

He looks at her from afar, whenever he needs to have a meeting with Sky's grandparents, his Alpha eyes are always hungry whenever he looks at her. His possessive nature came and almost got him to grab her and take her away. Arthur talks about it to her grandparents, and sees how they tried to hide something from him. When Arthur discovers what Sky really is, he gives the Bluedawn the ultimatum of their life, banished by their society, or gives Skylark Bluedawn to him.

The Bluedawn is a wealthy family who lost their Alpha, Sky’s father. Her grandfather is a Beta, a rank below any Alpha. Arthur controlled the family, even though he got a lesser fortune from Sky’s family, but his rank gave him power over the Bluedawn family.

“Sky! Get your *ss back into the house! You are mine now!” Arthur got so infuriated, that his attention turned to Suzanna and Geoffrey, as they cowered behind. “You fool! How come you let her go after you saw her in the foyer?!”

“I… I didn’t see her.” Said Suzanna, while her eyes drifted unto her husband. “Right, Geoff?”

“Ye… Yes… She was right. I didn’t see her. We never told her everything, and she isn’t aware of her mother…”

“Silent!!” Shouted the wicked old man, as he raised his hand and grabbed Geoff by the collar. “You… If only you told me about her parents, we would never have gotten into this mess in the first place!”

Geoff was trying so hard to breathe, as Arthur’s grip begin to tighten on his neck. “My… Granddaughter is not your… Plaything… She… Is…”

“She is mine now, Beta! As she should be, and there is nothing you can do to stop me!” Arthur screamed at him and threw him onto the floor. Suzanna held onto her husband while tears coming from her eyes. Arthur glared at the pair, seemingly very angry at them. “I let you live because I still need you to find your granddaughter.”

“No… You kept us because you don’t want to anger the pack council!” Said Suzanna with fire in her eyes, she was furious, even though she felt it was necessary to give out her granddaughter, but she would never let anyone hurt her beloved mate. “Letting my granddaughter to you, was already in the plan, because of how fearful she truly is, and only an Alpha with a tremendous power that can contain her power.”

“You do know about my power? I give you a hat for that.” Said Arthur with a snicker on his face. He was a handsome man. If only she didn’t have the obvious scar from his right eye down into his neck. A scar from his old battle with another Alpha. “I can still smell her scent, her sweet and alluring scent. She is the one, I knew it.” Said Arthur excitedly.

Meanwhile, Sky was still cowering from inside one of the bushes. She was trying to reach the deeper region of the forest. This is her home. She knew every nook and cranny of the forest, as she was raised her whole life here, in the Bluedawn mansion. This is the only advantage that she has, growing up without knowing anything outside the perimeter of her home, not to mention her inability to transform into a werewolf will make her an easy target for the search team.

Sky then crouches on the ground, while carefully navigating herself step by step. She winced at the sound of the footsteps, trembling with her hand close to her mouth, muffled the sound that kept coming. She was scared, as never in her life had she felt the need to run for her dear life, or even feeling hopeless without anyone to rely on.

“Keep it together, Sky… You can do this…” Whispered Sky while tears kept coming from her eyes. “Moonlight goddess, please give me your strength.” As she prayed, Sky decided to run towards the inner area of the forest, she knew a place to go outside, a secret door, that was becoming a known secret between the servants.

Remembering her maid, Anna, who told her about the secret gate, a smile suddenly appeared on Sky’s face. She missed Anna, and she never knew the reason for her being fired one week before the birthday party.

“Oh, Anna, I miss you so. You’re the only friend that I had, and now, I must fight an Alpha, and also my own grandparents.” Muttered Sky, while she walked slowly towards the hidden gate on the east side of the forest.

She walked and walked, and finally, when she reached the place, Sky tried to run towards the gate, but before she reached it, her instinct made her turn and look behind her. Two large wolves growled at her, as she fell to the ground, with her knees weakened.

“Please… let me go, I am innocent…” Pleaded Sky. She doesn’t care if she looks so pathetic right now. She just wants to run and go away from the grip of the tyrant Alpha.

The werewolves look at each other. They were taking a slow step towards Sky. You can even feel they were smiling behind their wolf form, thinking about the huge rewards they will get from capturing Sky. While the poor girl was in tears, begging them, one of the werewolves stopped walking while the others approached Sky, the one who stopped was going to howl, alerting the others.

Before he could even make the first sound, a huge shadow from behind him startled the young werewolf. A wolf twice his size appears from the trees behind, a huge wolf with black fur, as dark as the night. The huge wolf gnawed the head of the search werewolf, while the other one looked in fear, an Alpha appeared, and after he decapitated the first one, he jumped and sank his teeth into the neck of the second one, breaking the neck of the wolf clean and fast.

Sky trembled with the view of the Alpha, as she looked into the onyx eyes of the huge wolf. The huge wolf gently nudged her shoulder, with his mouth still filled with the blood of his recent conquest. She feels warm all of a sudden, warm and safe.

As Sky embraces the wolf while crying. “Sir Payne, thank you for coming to rescue me.” She passed out in the arms of a tall and fit man, as his onyx eyes looked into her tentatively.

The Three Alphas (Part 2)

“How is she?”

Asked a man with a slick hairstyle in an expensive suit, his demeanor was elegant, and with a very handsome face, he looked absolutely dreamy. As Payne turned his head to him, looking annoyed, the man just raised his hand, giving up to ask further. “I am just asking, Payne, since I let you come to my territory to keep her in hiding.”

“And I am grateful for it, Gale, really grateful, but please be discreet, this young woman is going to become one of the most wanted women in our entire society,” Payne said to Gale, with gritted teeth. He wanted to avoid asking for help, but sadly his territory wasn’t close enough to Arthur’s territory in the west region.

When he remembered her desperate phone call last night, Payne immediately ran in his werewolf form, just leaving behind a small note to his trusted Beta, thankfully he didn’t forget to ask permission to enter Gale’s territory and seek temporary protection from the noble Alpha. Gale is of noble blood in


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