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Beyond The Eyes

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Brooklyn College, the most expensive college in The United States. The school is unique for it's gloominess. It is known to be attended by students from prestigious family who control the teachers instead of the other way round. Theo Thomas Tucker, Triple T. The most notorious and popular student. Son of the State president. He's also the leader among their school gangs. An incident occured in the college, whereby a student was murdered, investigation was carried out but there was no traces of the murderer and there's no suspect because it was a clean one. Sebestian Luca, the head of the detectives in CALEA. A very ruthless one to be precised. He does anything. So, he was given the task to carry out the investigation on the murder case which led him into involving his weakness whom no one knows about. Wanna know who his weakness is? Follow for more by coming along with me into Brooklyn university.

Chapter 1: MURDER CASE 1

CHAPTER 1: MURDER CASE 1 The siren was wailing loudly from each angle and there was ambulance in front of the apartment where something was going on.A stretcher was laid down and a body covered with blood was put on it, the attendants quickly carried it up and took into into the ambulance.The cops were already there ready to block the area so that no one will go in. The Ambulance drove away from the scene in a rush and The cops and some street passer-by were remaining."Everywhere is cleared now, the investigation department should resume work earliest tomorrow morning." A cop said into the radio phone.Some of the cops disperse the crime scene while some stayed for security purpose. The news hasn't gone viral, so, a lot of people don't know about it yet."Inform Detective Lucas only in the morning because if he finds out now, he's gon' fly here like a batman. " The one who seem to be the leader of the cops there said and the cop he was referring to nodded."Ion think I'll be able to sleep today because that was so scary." One of the passer-by said, looking at the crime scene and they all started murmuring among themselves.Later on, the area became silent as if nothing ever happened at that street and the Cops on duty was the only one that can be seen.★★★NEXT MORNING ★★Students were seen driving into the college in different luxurious cars while some students just alight from the cab from the school entrance. The professors are not out to welcome them like they always do."What's going on today?" Carina asked, she was just getting down from her car and she could sense something's wrong because the professors don't welcome them only if something terrible has happened. She couldn't wait any longer so, she increase her pace and walk fast into their special lounge and she met Timothy and Kai going in too.She hissed as she saw them, their always evil smirk playing on their lips. Words even can't explain how much she hates Timothy and Kai like who doesn't hate them? Oops! Someone does and that's Triple T.She entered only to find Triple T by the window side, his hands were in his pant pockets and his back was facing the trios.She made eyes contact with Hannah and she gave her the 'ion have an idea look '. Timothy and Kai stood gallantly staring at Triple T's back.He suddenly face them and a smile escape Hannah's lips as she stare at his face. He can't be more handsome right? Like his handsomeness is something one can't wrote about. It's rare to describe, it's rare to find and it's rare to compare with like no one in the College is more handsome than he is and no one can ever match up to him.He cleared his throat and looked at everyone, his head not moving a bit and his eyeballs just stood in their position not moving from their position."It's like we all don't know what the problem is?" He said in an questioning manner and they all shook their head. He let out a dry dark chuckle and it only means what happened will shock them to death.He's well know to be someone who's always cautious of his words and he let out a lot of reactions only for them to know what he's gon' be saying afterwards."Yvonne's dead!" He said curtly and Carina and Hannah stood in shock. Aaron was looking dumbfounded and he'd like if he say that he really believe what Triple T just said."I know how attracted you are to Yvonne but she's really dead!" Triple T said as if he's reading Aaron's mind and Aaron quickly stood as if he's gon' do something but he landed back on the cushion and like in a movie, he lost consciousness.Triple T groaned lazily staring at unconscious Aaron and Carina's already kneeling beside him while Hannah sprinkled water on his face."Aaron!!! You can't just faint because if that bîtch!!" Carina yelled and Hannah smirk.The two hates Yvonne a lot when she was alive and they even made life a living hell for her because they don't like the way Aaron likes her."Not like she doesn't deserve to die!" Hannah scoffed and roll her eyeballs. Timothy and Kai only made a disgusting look at the two and Triple T gestured for them to come over and they did.He stood in their middle covering up the gap between them and whispered into the ears." Don't let any fingers be point at us and make sure the students doesn't gossip bout it outside the school!" He whispered into their ears and they both nodded before heading back out."I can't just believe it, I wanna see her, I didn't even get to confess my feelings to her. I fvcking love you Yvonne! I really do swears!!" Aaron yelled out in tears when he regains conscious and Carina and Hannah hissed at a time."Your driver will be here to take you home and I'll inform you about her funeral, we must all attend it, it's an order not a must!" Triple T said and with that, he went out without even waiting for anyone's abjection.He's the leader among their group and no one has a say whenever he leaves an order. If anyone gets to be his girlfriend, the person will be treated like a queen among the students.Hannah smiled as he trace him walk out with her eyes. She just can't get enough of his sexiness and that alone, is driving her nuts."Sir! Mr. Tucker called me to take you home!" Someone said by the door. Obviously Aaron's driver and Carina help him up. She wanted to follow him but he stopped her immediately.Carina only looked down and when he was about to leave, he hugged her from behind.

Chapter 2: MURDER CASE 2

CHAPTER 2: MURDER CASE 2★★★CALEA★★"Good morning sir!" The cops all chorused, greeting Sebestian as he walk pass through each department. He only nodded at their greetings and he entered the DPO's office."Why didn't you call me when this happened?" Sebestian asked, as he stride into the DPO's office. He's the top detective in CALEA and that's not all. He has won many cases with different awards, his rank is compared to none.He sat without waiting for the DPO's order and the man hit the newspaper on his forehead frustratedly. He won't deny that he's somehow scared of Sebestian because of how ruthless he can be with this kind of cases."What are you still thinking of?" Sebestian asked, throwing a gum into his mouth as he chewed on it slowly. He stood and ruffled the DPO's hair. The man himself knew that there's nothing he can do about him anymore.&q


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