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About me

I'm a writer I was born a multitalented being I grew up in this talent and will forever live in it.


Beyond The Eyes
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Brooklyn College, the most expensive college in The United States. The school is unique for it's gloominess. It is known to be attended by students from prestigious family who control the teachers instead of the other way round. Theo Thomas Tucker, Triple T. The most notorious and popular student. Son of the State president. He's also the leader among their school gangs. An incident occured in the college, whereby a student was murdered, investigation was carried out but there was no traces of the murderer and there's no suspect because it was a clean one. Sebestian Luca, the head of the detectives in CALEA. A very ruthless one to be precised. He does anything. So, he was given the task to carry out the investigation on the murder case which led him into involving his weakness whom no one knows about. Wanna know who his weakness is? Follow for more by coming along with me into Brooklyn university.


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