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Betrothed To The Ruthless Mafia

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Rosana Marcello was already living the life she had dreamt about. With her boyfriend-turned-fiance by her side, nothing could be more perfect. Some weeks before the wedding, she was called back home by her parents and welcomed with devastating news. She had been betrothed since when she was a little girl but never knew. Now, he has come to claim what is rightfully his. With or without her approval. He is deadly, He is evil, He is the ruthless Sergio De Niro, known by everyone. Rosana can't escape this. She can't run away from him because he will comb the world and kill everyone in it, just to find her. She is now his possession, his property. It's either she tames him and melts his cold heart or he breaks her into a thousand pieces. Will she succeed or get consumed by his burning hell? •••[Excerpt]••• "Stop... Stop!" Rosana's voice quivered and tears of fright brimmed her vision. She had been crying for hours, but not because she was finally married to her betrothed. Not because she was leaving the beautiful life she had planned with her boyfriend behind. She was crying because she witnessed a person being murdered for the first time in her life. Right in front of her, her newly wedded husband had tortured and murdered a man mercilessly on their wedding night. "Stop, please..." He ignored her. "No... Stop touching me. Take your bloody hands off me!" Indeed, his hands were covered with the blood of the man he had killed earlier. His white shirt was stained too and there were prints of blood on his face. But he didn't care. All he cared about was how to get rid of her wedding gown which was now ruined by the blood on his hands. "What did you just say?" He paused and looked down at her with dark metallic eyes. "S... Stop touching me!" He grabbed her neck and she gasped, her eyes widening in shock. That was the last thing she expected him to do. "You shouldn't make me do this on our wedding night, Bambolina. You are mine and I will take whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want, and however I want, till death do us part, Mi Amor"



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Har ni hemma hos er nu har du fått någon som vill vara hemma och har en ☝🏾 och att du har en ☝🏾 och att du har en ☝🏾 och att du har tid att det inte finns några andra kompisar 👯‍♀️ som en ☝🏾 och att dubbelkollade med mig det var så jag vet att jag inte har du fler bilder på mig och sen ska jag har du fått någon gång i tiden vi har inte fått något som

April 13, 2024

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