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Behind her trace

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Noah, Peitton and Logan are seduced by a woman who has a dark past, but whose charm manages to captivate anyone. Her relationship with this girl unleashes the jealousy of Bibiana, a friend of the boys, and of someone else who hides in the shadows. Everything changes when after a love triangle, a death and secrets, these friends are forced to destroy their brotherhood and their principles by being kidnapped. And while the only one who is safe, Bibiana, searches for any trace of them, she discovers that the enemy not only lives in the memories of a night that had been blocked from her memory, but was behind them all the time.

01: The game has started


Tuesday March 8, 2022.

I untangle my long jet-black hair with the special brush and when I turn around I see my splendid body in the large mirror. I am divine, no one needs to tell me, but I love hearing it, especially from the mouths of whose men I want to have under my control.

I hear footsteps approaching and I immediately grab my phone pretending to talk with someone. I love this little game, where people think that I don't know the name of the main character when I have already decided on the epilogue of the story.

—It's a shame... really —I pout looking at myself in the mirror while the cell phone rests between my ear and my right shoulder so I can take the beautiful yellow dress that hangs in my closet —Yes, it's just... even if the monkey dresses in silk Mona stays right? Hahahaha yes, we are like Julia Roberts, we are beautiful, successful and we always attract everyone's attention… —I make a little silence —Not like others… what a pity.

I burst out laughing for a while and when I hear the footsteps walk away I laugh again with more enthusiasm. This situation really amuses me.

—You're the champion, girl —I wink at myself through the mirror after finishing my makeup.

I always look radiant but the little joke from a few minutes ago gives my aqua green eyes a certain touch of evil that I love. One of the things I love about the genetic heritage of my wonderful parents.

It doesn't take me long to reach my goal because, as always, with a flirtatious look there and a bright smile there, I get anywhere without giving a penny. Something inherited, perhaps. Some are born with charm and some are not, it's that simple.



I hear a couple of whistles and I smile widely. With firm but loose steps, like a catwalk model, my jet-black hair with waves and my fitness body, I arrive at the table that is waiting for me.

Many men in this filthy bar called as the worst thing they could think of don’t stop looking me. I feel disgust for some, just for some.

—Abigail, it's nice to have your company this lovely evening…

Noah kisses my hand after saying that and I tilt my head a little at how cute and hot he looks. He's wearing a platinum gray suit, well-groomed straight black hair, a watch that is surely very expensive, and a smile… maybe too sweet for my taste, but boy, how good does his body look under all the labels, I bet he taste delicious. He is the little whitey that everyone would like to have.

—Stop talking, Noah, she hasn't just come for you —Peitton, the handsome blonde with blue eyes, with his confident, arrogant, and playful aura shows his teeth in a smile.

Tonight will be interesting.

A long time ago I became "friends" with this pair of boys, precisely in high school, but when I left high school I went on a trip with my parents to France and I returned a month ago, tired of seeing so many profiled noses and hearing that confusing dialect.

—Did you guys miss me? —I give them both a fleeting look and then focus on the crowd —And who recommended this nasty place to you?

Noah clears his throat, blinking several times. I like this boy because he is too correct and timid to be corrupted, and that alone is not an impossible challenge for me.

—Actually, Abi… Logan works here, do you remember him?"

I make a gesture with my hand calling any waiter and in two seconds I already have one by my side.

—Ah yes, the brunette boy, right? what about him? Has he already taken off his braces and his appetite improved? —I make a funny laugh —I wanna a Gimlet.

Peitton's face is so funny, but on the other hand, Noah has turned red.

—Yes, Abigail —The deep voice next to me makes me extremely tense —I took off my braces, I went to a specialist and now I'm going to the gym, and you? Have you already removed your expensive makeup, become poor and finally tasted humility?

—Oh Logan, you're always so funny haha —Noah says, nervously.

From top to bottom I see the man on my right side whose voice has captivated me. Of course Logan isn't the same kid from high school, the truth has changed quite a bit in one year, enough to get my attention.

—Logan, you're not the gentleman boy who opened doors for the good girls anymore, huh?" —I enjoy seeing how he crosses his arms because look delicious his brown skin.

I swear I let out an anxious growl, I hope no one heard it.

—Exactly, Abigail, for the good girls.

I open my mouth surprised by that and smile gladly. Well, he has earned it. He will also be part of my plan tonight and the ones to come!

—Bring Abigail the Gimlet and me a Sidecar —This time Peitton speaks, serious.

I don't know why the change in his attitude, is it because I've been obvious with Logan? Uhm… I'll try.

I smile at Noah, then wink at him. I enjoy seeing his flushed cheeks, again, as well as the now enraged face of his blond friend.

Bingo! How jealous, I love it.

—I don't think so, Pei, your father said that…

—Nothing, Logan. I'm nineteen, my dad doesn't control me, so I do what I want, hey, move your body and do your d*mn job.

—Peitton… —Noah warns him with a look.

—What? —Peitton turns to him —That's what you get paid for, isn't it? —I nod with a smile in his direction. I love that he doesn't limit himself with words —Not by keep his word to a man who is so far from being the father that he longs for so much.


—What? —Peitton lets out a mocking laugh that makes me look at him with admiration —I'm just playing, right, bro?

—A Gimlet, a Sidecar… —Logan notes in the notebook, as if nothing had happened —And you, Noah? A milkshake as usual?

—Yes, brother, please...

I look Logan walks away with his buttocks so biggest and I bite my lip. I hope the moment between the two of them was just a bad initiation because I'll do whatever it takes as long as he's in my bed today too, together with his two best friends, saying my name to the four winds.

As I said before, Logan has also become a not impossible challenge for me, although thinking about it, what is impossible for me? Well, nothing.

I savor the cocktail that Logan has brought me seconds after talking about the lives of some of our unfortunate ex-colleagues.

—As I told you, Abi, ahm… as a friend that you are to all of us… we decided to invite you to see our application letters so, I know that your good energy will help us tonight, isn't it, Pei?

—Of course.

Noah whistles at Logan and he comes over fast. I think his break has come because he has taken off his apron and looks relaxed.

He doesn't even see me.

—And Bibi? Won't you wait for her? —He takes one of the chairs and turns it so that when he sits down, his thighs catch the back of it.

Again, I bite my lip, and he doesn't look at me.

My fingernails sound like horses riding across the glass table.

—He's always late, why wait?

—Oh, speaking of this cutie…

I see Noah get up with a smile that makes me spin. And my skin crawls at the annoyance of the scene, first the pathetic Bibiana Ortiz has arrived, and second: Logan sees her as if she were an angel fallen from heaven.

This girl and I have never been able to get along, mainly because she's always trying to get boys' attention, and that's my job. So in a group with me she can't still, besides, she doesn't have any grace, although maybe her natural swollen heart-shaped lips look enviable, she doesn't have more that it. She doesn't even come close to my heels, and everyone knows that.

—Guys what a... —Her cheerful voice trails off as she sits down next to Peitton and sees me, so I smile widely —What a surprise... —She smiles at me, but surely even Noah has realized that his smile is fake —And Paris?

—I got tired of the taste of them men, they are so… —I roll my eyes —Classics.

—Oh wow… —She purses her lips, tense.

—You haven’t idea, honey, and maybe you never will. —I enjoy everyone's reaction and I put a hand up in front of me, fanning myself —Peitton, can I tell you something before they break the news? —I look at him with a naughty girl face.

The one-shot blond takes his drink and stands up, extending his hand to me, which I take with a mocking smile, enjoying Bibiana's displeased look.

I feel so sorry for her... Lie! I love knowing that I irritate her with my presence.

—Do u want to kiss me right?

Peitton's voice, so bold, drags me into an alleyway near the bar so I smile as I shake my head from side to side.

—I want to kiss you... —I confess, opening my lips slightly, flirtatious and anxious.

I feel his formed body rubbing against mine and I hope I don't have time to think about the rest.

I can take a month of space vacations just by pouting at my parents.

I can conquer anyone just with my presence.

I can get them addicted to me, and that's what I'll do.

The game has started.



Tuesday March 8, 2022.

I narrow my eyes together with a yawn after hearing my name.

—Logan! Mom doesn’t look fine!

I get up as fast as I can, seeing blurry in surprise, but I make it to her room. She looks pale, and when I take her in my arms she vanishes like a piece of paper. She has low blood pressure, again.

—Liana, look for the oxygen mask… —I try to keep calm laying my mother down on the bed.

My little sister hands me the mask next to the pump and I put it on her while I put three pillows under her feet. And without me saying anything, I see the little girl go to the kitchen, returning later with a glass of juice.

—Is it very sweet?

—Yes… —Her little hands that hold the glass tremble and my heart breaks.

I caress my mother's sweet ankles hile letting out a sigh. I am already more than awake and at this moment when I see her open her eyes it is that I realize that I am sweating c


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