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Babysitting The Billioniare Triplet

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BOOK ONE OF BABYSITTER SERIES "Will you babysit my Triplet?" She heard the father of the kids she just calmed down, asked. In amusement, she turned her gaze to the strange man. His dress perfectly fits his dark skin which defines how wealthy he is. She needed the money to cater for herself and needed a roof above her head but can she accept an offer from a total stranger which she knew not? Since she had no choice, she decided to take the Job which turned her life around. “It's more than babysitting a triplets”. Will she be able to babysit those stubborn brats who know nothing other than causing troubles? Will she be able to stay under the same roof with a ruthless and feared billionaire? What happened to her when she found her boss sexually attractive and crave his touch? What happened when she found out who she really is? “Is it going to be all about babysitting the billionaire triplets?” Find out in how the story of Blood, gunshot, love, pain, misery and sweet romance unfolds in BABYSITTER THE BILLIONAIRE TRIPLET



“I think Emily will like this”. As Jace Brandon stared at the red party dress which he got his wife as her birthday gift, he concluded with a wide smile on his handsome face.The thought of gifting her money, and cars, made him tried since he usually does that. He honestly wanted to try out something new, and enticing — the dress in his hand was enough as a gift.“Can you afford this dress?” A tiny, yet sweet voice drew his attention as he turned to look at the fragile lady.His soft chuckles accumulated the lady as he stared dangerously at her. “I should be the one asking you that question. How can an upcoming actress, who earned not up to a billion dollars, rant in front of me?” His words made her burst into sudden laughter. “Who are you? A man who lived on his wife's expense? Haha!” “Here”. He ignored the woman, whose eyes blinked rapidly as she stared at his card. It's a black card!Only Level S men in the city can access the card. ‘He must be wealthy’. As she watched the man stretched over his card, she concluded before she hurriedly walked away to avoid implicating herself, and causing him trouble. Jace smirked dangerously before he walked into his car after he got his card, and the dress. Today was one of his happiest days. Watching his wife smile, and celebrate her birthday with their kids was indeed a great insight, and a pleasant moment.~~~~With a smile on the corner of his lip, he unbolted his seat belt before alighting from his car.Every step he took could make one tremble, yet ladies were dying to have men like him as theirs. He slammed the door of his magnificent mansion open before walking in. “ It's already decorated”. He muttered as he spaced the living room.The new color of the design looked pretty and lively. The walls were designed with three colors; light brown, milk color and light gray. The balloons made the living room stuffy and pretty at the same time. It was the birthday of his lovely wife, ‘she can have any designs she wants. She deserves it’ he muttered inwardly as he walked to the freezer.He picked a bottle of water, and gulped it down like he was going to die of thirst anytime soon. He was already exhausted from the stress of the birthday preparation, but he didn't mind since he was celebrating with his wife.“Oh. She is supposed to be at home, right?” Searching everywhere for her in the living room, he didn't find her.He picked up his phone, and texted her before taking off his jacket, which he placed on his shoulder. “Let me go, and relax before those little brats come back,” He muttered to go himself before walking through the stairs to his room.As he got closer, the sound he heard from his room was weird, but of course, no one was at home, and it couldn't be what he was thinking.Letting out a deep breath, he ignored the thought that accumulated to him before he turned the knob of the door.As he slammed the door open, his head sank at the sight of what he was seeing. ‘Is this for real?’Staring at his wife on their matrimonial bed with another man, his heart shattered into pierces as his eyes went blurry due to the running tears.She felt like going on with what she was doing, but it looked like the frail man feared getting a shot from the dreadful man before him.With her gaze on Jace, she got down from the already shivering man before she rapped the duvet on her chest. Likewise, she felt no guilt about what she just did, she had always wanted to do this! “E…” He called out her name in pain as his gaze moved from his wife to the man. He couldn't believe the woman who didn't want him to leave her some few hours ago was actually cheating on him! The woman who he had always trusted and cherished was just a disguised dog!“I guess our relationship is now over. I have always wanted to end it, but that loving looks of yours was always giving me a second thought. I don't want kids, and love to be a bondage to me! Not only that, but I want freedom”. Her words made his eyes reddened. How could she shamelessly say that to him? So, she did not love him? All those years, while he thought she was in love with him, was it a pretence?“Has it been pretends? Is our eight years together all pretends, and shows?" He asked bitterly. He restricted himself by balling his fist to avoid strangling her, as the feeling of killing her took the better part of him.She nodded her head with a faint smile on the corner of her lips. She badly wanted to walk out of this marriage, but she had never gotten any opportunity to do so. “I think it's going to end here. I'm sorry I am hurting you, but I have to”. Her words sounded heartbreaking, but her looks said it all, how insincere, and shameless she was.Her husband, who felt like killing her, and the irritating man, walked out of the room, he couldn't stand another minute in the room.He didn't see this coming. He had always considered Emily to be the lady he will spend the rest of his life with. “She was partially right”. He cleaned his teary eyes before storming out of the mansion. At least he has nothing to lose for their eight-year relationship, their triplets are more than enough to put a smile on his face.“Those little brats should have closed by now,” he checked his watch to confirm it before leaving.~~~SILVERCITY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL~~“Dad, why did you come late to pick us?” Anabella said as she frowned at her father.“Father, our friends mocked us because their parents came early”. Anastasia spat as she hugged her father.“You both should stop. Don't you see dried tears on dad's face? Is dad sick?” “Dad, are you sick?” They asked at the same time as their little palm examined their father's face.“Did you cry?” “What happened?”



“Oh. I got some dust in my eyes”. He replied hastily as he cleaned his face with his handkerchief.“It must hurt a lot. Sorry”. Anastasia said to her father, who gave her a smile as a reply.“Anna, let's go home, and celebrate mom's birthday”. The smile on his face hides perfectly the pain, and frustration he is feeling. “Yes!” They all uttered with their voices raised as they walked into the car.~~~~~~~“Happy birthday mother!” Like they were already prepared for this, they all brought out a flower from their backpack as they walked into the living room.Their eyes scanned everywhere, searching for their mother because she was fond of the ‘hide and seek’ during her birthday.“Dad, where is mum?” Annabelle asked with suspicion in her voice. ‘Did mum go shopping without them?’ That is the random question in their heads.“Oh, mum has urgent stuff to take care of. It will take a while, but


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