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Aquaman vampire

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The members of a certain family are having fun...... In a fine wind...... One of the members glanced at the man who was coming and, unsurprisingly, noticed him looking affectionately at another member of the family. He called out, "Tina, it's for you." Laughing and laughing, the family members all put away their smiles and watched with interest. Whispering, "How many of them came looking for Tina?" "The third?" "Let's have a bet on how many....." "This is good, bet ah, buy from the hand......" Tina: "......"

Chapter 1

1677, in a small town in England.

A light drizzle was falling from the gloomy sky, and in the dark narrow path where there was no one, a better-looking woman lay on the dirty street, under the SLATE floor, stained with a drop or two of dark red blood, and two blood holes in her neck stood out.

Tina closed her eyes and lay quietly on the damp floor, her neck cocked to one side. A few strands of golden hair stuck in the cheek, red lips stained with a few drops of blood, into the mouth. Her blue dress was slightly stained with water vapor, her hand bent against her cheek, her white lace sleeves stained with dirt and dark red blood.

She is now in a very bad situation, was bitten by the so-called sweetheart, although I do not know why the other party only drink one did not continue. It may be because she fought back to bite the man, but it was this resistance, and then the man broke his neck.

Tina never knew there were vampires in this world! The man she thought would be a good match turned out to be a vampire! Born into the world, from infancy to the age of 18.

She tried to win the tolerance of her family, tried not to get married at the age of 15 or 16, tried to get the habit of this backward town, tried to find a real aristocrat, want to seek a higher standard of living, these are wrong?

The world is really dirty, rude people defecate everywhere, not even a toilet, and she is simply fed up.

I wonder where the vampire man went? Maybe he ran away, thinking she was dead. Tina could still feel the pain in her neck and the increasing difficulty in breathing, but she wasn't dead yet! But he's not far from death, it's just a matter of time, alone on this deserted trail.

She could no longer remember what the man had meant by his unintelligible words, kill her, or use her as a reserve. But why call her a little wildcat? You know what? You don't have to feed me blood, you know?

I recall memories of a previous life in Country Z, a thriving, developing country in the 21st century. Even if I have to work every day, I live very freely, and I have happy or unhappy things every day, which are all things that are out of reach now.

Unable to move, feeling her own life, slowly lowering, Tina thought in a good mood, maybe she could return to the original world after death.

Not far away in the cellar, the upper tiles of the floor moved and suddenly opened. A figure sprang out, the movement is very fast, the naked eye can not catch the speed.

The next moment there was Tina lying on the ground, her scarlet eyes locked like wild animals on the fragile neck of her prey. Dirty cheeks, can not see the original color, frown slightly, only stay 0.01 seconds later, like can not bear it anymore, open mouth bite in the two holes in the neck, the blood quickly flowed from the neck.

Tina, who had her eyes closed, used up her milk and weakly opened her eyes a little. What the f*ck? Daaaaaa! A thousand murders! Is the man who cheated and womanized her back to s*ck her blood? Daaaaaa! You think I'm not dead enough!

With her eyes open only a crack, Tina could see only the top of her head, which was black, and then she had no strength anymore. Then she saw the black, and then she felt the pain all over her body, and her neck felt as if it had been stamped with a red-hot iron.

The second problem that Carlisle has ever faced, the first problem that he has passed, is to avoid his father's search, not to let his father know that he has become a vampire, or he will die, and not only will he die, but it will affect his father's status.

In the cellar completed the transformation, Carlisle emerged from the cellar, the second problem appeared, the smell of blood scrambling into his breath, the smell of...... It was more delicious than any good food he had ever tasted before, like the food of the gods, and although he had not tasted it, he thought, the food of the gods must be just like that, incomparably delicious.

By the time he was awake for a moment, he had squatted down to the delicious side, close contact, Carlisle's mind had been unable to control himself, and after a few days of hunger, the transformation was successful.

It was not until the taste of the warm blood, the scarlet eyes more addicted, addicted to the incomparable delicious, the body in the hands became cold, Carlisle from the addiction to wake up.

When he found that the person in his hands had died, the whole dirty face showed a deep sadness and guilt, self-blame, self-loathing and other emotions, and the huge guilt and self-loathing swept his whole person.

Hearing and seeing, he noticed footsteps off the path, and Carlisle woke up in an instant, afraid that he would hurt people as he had just done, and got up and ran away.

As Carlisle's front feet left, a man crouched down next to Tina and saw the gash on her neck with a flash of anger in his eyes.

Then picked up Tina, who had no breath on the ground, and left like a ghost.

"How strange, Klaus, that you would like someone? I feel sorry for the girl, that she would be taken in by such a selfish person as you." Rebecca stood on the bed, looking down at the girl lying on the bed, and there was something in her heart that wanted to kill this person.

Klaus just killed her beloved lover, why would Klaus kill one of her loved ones, and why would the selfish Klaus find a woman to make him care?

Klaus was able to see Rebecca's thoughts at a glance, and his eyes stared at Rebecca tightly and warned, "Dear sister, it doesn't matter if you find a man, but as far as your vision is not generally bad, as your brother, it is natural to investigate the reason why your lover approached you."

I remember that your man is pursuing you for a purpose, and don't let me remind you that this is not the first time that your stupidity has dragged the family down.

Besides, if you don't touch her, I can consider letting you have a more free relationship next time, and definitely not ending your lover suddenly."

"Good, because of Klaus's reckless behavior, we'll have to move sooner rather than later." Elijah, who had been listening for a long time, put down his wine and stood up.

She heard the voices of two men and a woman, one of whom she recognized as Niklaus's, but the other two were unheard of, like a family. Tina was unable to make any movements, even rolling her eyes and frowning.

It is like a body is divided into two, one rigid body lying, one scratching the lungs, tearing the lungs screaming, painful feeling the intense pain in the body, the soul is burning.

The pain from the mind to the whole body, every minute and every second is suffering, from the pain, she can actually be distracted to hear other people's dialogue, perhaps because it is too painful, so this is a snack.

How long was it quiet? Tina wasn't quite sure, until the voices came again.

"Something is wrong, why didn't the conversion succeed? There is no sign of transformation at all." Elijah reached out to touch the person on the bed and noticed that the temperature of the skin was cool and stiff, and it shouldn't be.

Rebecca sprang to her feet, almost ready to smile, to mock Klaus. But at the sight of Klaus' dumbstruck facial expression, the curve of the mouth stopped.

Elijah and Rebecca looked at each other and stood quietly waiting for Klaus.

"Impossible, not even if bitten by another vampire...... But I gave my blood ahead of time, there can be no death, no way." Klaus stroked Tina's cheek and neck with emotion. The stiffness of his tentacles stopped him.

Klaus, who does not make any moves, looks vulnerable, and the lonely atmosphere makes Elijah and Rebecca feel uncomfortable.

Elijah silently stepped forward and tapped Klaus on the shoulder: "It may be because the conversion was not successful, or it may be because you said....... Being s*ck*d by other vampires......" At this point, Elijah paused, it was the first time they had seen this situation, and it didn't work out.

"Let's put her in the ground anyway, we really have to go quickly, the vampire rumors in this town have been increasing, and Father will come to find her."

Klaus leapt forward, threw his arms around Tina's stiff shoulders and gave her a big hug. Then he picked her up and carried her to the basement, where he carefully placed Tina in the coffin. He reached out his hand and gently straightened Tina's hair, closed his eyes, kissed Tina's forehead for a moment, and closed the coffin neatly. Klaus finished all this in silence.

Rebecca watched Klaus's every move with a sense of wonder. It was the first time she had ever seen Klaus care so much about a woman, other than a useful woman. What happened before? What did the girl do? Can make the sensitive Klaus such a heart.

But how do you care? People are dead. There's nothing left. Rebecca lowered her eyes and recalled the girl's face, even if she lost too much blood, she could not hinder the girl's beauty, beauty in their eyes, just a way to know, a person's character is attracted to them, this is the premise of deciding whether to be deeply acquainted.

The dark night, covered up some truth, three people in the night unimpeded fast forward.

An atmosphere of silence surrounded several people, and Rebecca looked at Klaus and said one last word. "I feel...... That girl, maybe we'll meet sometime." At this point, Rebecca herself felt a little confused.

Rebecca's words were like opening up Klaus' silted heart. "Of course we do, witches always find a way, and...... People have reincarnation." He was going out first to find the powerful witch he had made contact with, and he hadn't given up on Tina.

As soon as she said this, Rebecca and Elijah looked at each other and could see that the girl was really different for Klaus, very different.

Chapter 2

In the dark, closed, narrow space, all the sound has disappeared, probably people have gone. Tina lay motionless, the pain in her body slowly subside, then calm.

How much time has passed? Tina has no concept of time, she doesn't know if she is alive or dead, you say dead, she can think now, you say she is alive, she can't move now.

I don't know how much time passed before Tina suddenly felt that she could move, and with a swipe she opened her eyes, the bright red color hiding the beautiful turquoise of the elf.

The thoughts in the brain have only passed once, and the movements of the body are not slow at all in sync, and one hand pushes away the cover of her coffin. Everything was as clear as day, the dust in the air, the fibers on the clothes, the bricks on the walls; In her eyes, everything is a scene of its own.

Tina frowned slightly, and her long, symmetrical, beautiful hands moved slowly around her neck with what she recognized as the norm


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