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An Angel for the Devil

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Day Vid
  • Chapters: 40
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 14.9K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 32


Flames ignited in his eyes as he growled out the words at me. Devils could be extremely seductive with their voices, but this one awoke every nerve ending in my body. Angelina is a misfit Angel who falls in love with all the wrong guys. Her life has been hell until the day she was chosen to become four years old Cupid's parent. Meet Damian, a hopelessly romantic Devil who can never find the right woman to love him. Things are about to change for the two of them as love works in mysterious ways and Cupid is about to help change the worlds of Heaven and Hell.

Chapter 1


What could be worse than drowning your sorrows? Drowning them on your own at the local bar, and that’s where I find myself once again. The bartender slides a drink over in my direction after I demand yet another Burn in hell cocktail. I smother the flames out before guzzling the drink down; It seems appropriate to be drinking this as hell is about where I feel right now.

“Another one!” I wave the empty glass at the bartender.

“Angelina, please go home.” His sweet voice always gets me.

“Are you coming with me?” I chuckle as I stand up and wobble. Usually I would demand another drink, but I’ve been here many times before and when Archie tells you to go home, it means your time is up and you are not going to be served any more drinks.

“Why do you always pick the bad boys who break your heart? You need someone who will worship you, like the angel you are.” He takes my hand and leads me to the door. “Take care of yourself Angelina. Remember to stop chasing the Hells Cloud Riders, follow your heart for a change and you will find love.” Archie steadies me as he helps me into one of the cloud cabs waiting outside to take me home.

I stare out into the night sky as the cab whizzes along silently, dust clouds of glitter particles shimmer behind us. A few people are out enjoying the warm evening and those who know me, give mea wave. I pay the driver and wave him off as I enter my house. Or should I say my parents’ house.

“Angelina, is that you?” My mother’s voice calls from the kitchen.

My groan echoes down the hall and I hold my head, pressing against my temples to relieve the throbbing. “Yes mom, what are you doing up so late?” I question her as I enter the kitchen.

“Oh, honey.” She wraps me up in her arms. “Your sister told me about Abe. You know he was no good for you in the first place.” Mom rubs my back to soothe my sorrows.

Abe was the third in command of the Hells Cloud Riders MC and was known to be a scumbag, but I thought I would be the one to break that. “My sister should keep her mouth shut.” I kiss my mothers cheek and grab a bottle of water.

“There are still plenty of fish in the sea.” My mom calls out as I head upstairs.

“I don’t want to date a merman mom, you know they can get extremely possessive when they start catching feelings from another being.”

Merman are notorious for their possessiveness, I had a friend who dated one, he wouldn’t leave her side and scared anyone who came near her. In the end he had to be reported to the Merrow police department so he could be caught and brought back to the waters. Once Mer-people are out of the waters their attitudes change. Some are not too bad, but others... well once they get their freedom from the waters which can only be done by someone falling for them, they don’t want to go back.

Mer-people are seductive in the waters, they can literally take your breath away as they swim around you. I’m not willing to take a chance on one of those. Brushing my teeth and hair I settle down to sleep and hope the dream genie doesn’t come to visit me again.

With a new day I venture down stairs with positive thoughts running through my mind. “I’m never dating again.” I state to my mother as I step into the kitchen.

“Don't be silly Angelina, You will probably be coming home tonight saying you have met someone new.” Mother smiles, her pearly white teeth blinding me.

“Jesus mom, I need sunglasses.” I shield my eyes from the gleaming light.

Mom laughs and flaps her hand at me before leaving me be. Another day down at Sprinkles dress shop, I love working there and always had hope that one day my designs would be created into real dresses.

“Morning gorgeous.” I greet Fiona, she is one of my genuine friends. I have a lot of friends but they would easily throw you under a bus if they had a chance.

“Oh sweetie, are you okay?” Fiona rushes up to me.

“Pift, I’ll be fine just as long as I don’t see him.” I hugged her back.

Fiona bites her bottom lip and then cringes. “His sister is coming in for her dress fitting, you know he always comes with her.” She sighs dramatically.

“Ugh, just hide me when they are here.” I check myself in the mirror, my hair is frizzy but my lips are the perfect rose red I love.

“Fi” B*tch from hell screeches out as she strides through the door ignoring me completely, her brother close behind. “Is my dress ready?” The red sizzle coming off her ears told me she was ready to blow any moment. One thing with the female devils is the pre-warning of burning ears when they are on edge.

“Of course it is, right this way Bridget.” Fiona led her to the dressing room leaving me alone with her brother.

Abe stood with his back to me, completely ignoring me. I was fluffing up one of the display dresses when a strong pair of arms wrapped around my waist. “You know you would look gorgeous in that dress.” He tried to kiss my neck

“Get lost Abe, you can’t go two timing me, and then expect me to want you back.” I push on his chest with my elbow to make some distance between us.

“Awe, come on babe, I’ve missed you.” He tries to snake his arms around me again.

“Yeah, you missed me so much you were trying to hook up with Sandy at the Hells dinner dance last night!” He probably thought I wouldn't find out, but there are fairies who whisper in the winds who told me what he was up to

“Babe, Angel darling.”

“No, don’t do that, I’m not falling for your charms again, I’m done with men for good. Your sister will be coming out with her dress on, any minute now.” I hissed under my breath at him.

He frowns at me before he raises an eyebrow. “You'll never find love and you will become one of those lonely pieces of old trash who sits and watches the rest of us.” He snarls his lip up at me just before his sister comes out, and thankfully he turns his attention towards her.

With teary eyes, I make myself busy so no one sees my patheticness. I do choose all the wrong types of guys to fall in love with. This is only the start of my day and I hope it will get better; at least the sun is shining.

Abe and his sister are talking, she is still not happy with the dress and she has had it adjusted three times already. Fiona is trying her best to please them and I leave her to it as my interference will only make matters worse. Bridget never liked me with Abe, I believed it was because he gave me all the attention rather than her. Three months we were together and then I found him chatting up other angels with his charms, the same ones he used on me. A break from men will do me good, there is no angel or devil on this earth who will change my mind now.

Chapter 2


Jupiter shunned meat the Hells dinner dance, she was gorgeous in every way and I could have given her everything she ever wanted. Me, I’m hopeless romantic, swoon after every girl and be disappointed every time when they walk off with another guy.

“Stop staring, she is with Loki, you know what he is like.” My best friend Hunter shook his head. “You are a hopeless romantic, but you can’t make a woman fall in love with you.”

“Tam the God of Hell, everyone should love me.” I roll my eyes at how stupid I sound. “Of course I know not everyone will fall at my knees, I just wish somebody would.” The thump in my heart reminds me I’m a loving guy, I just need the right woman.

“Being the devil holds great responsibility.” Hunter holds back a smirk.

“I will curse the Demon Dogs of Hell on you if you say that once more to me.” I burn my red glare into his eyes but he only laughs harder.

Women whip past us as they dance with their men, you c


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