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When twenty-one-year-old college student Demi and her friends make a seemingly harmless drunk wish after Demi gets dumped by her cheating boyfriend, things start to become very complicated for her because not one, not two, but seven men who are all members of a pop band have all fallen for her and are after her heart, but who will win the race? Join Demi on this adventure as she learns everything is not as it seems as she enters the dark world of showbiz and sees what really goes on in the dark all while trying to navigate her love life with her heart.

Chapter 1 : she who did not look before she leaped

Suggested song: who by lauv. “What are you talking about?!”

“It’s not you, and it’s not me either, I just think it’s something you should have seen coming before it happened”

Demi took two steps to the back as if those steps would stop her first love and boyfriend of five years from breaking up with her.

“I-I still don’t understand w-why Jaden,” said Demi looking down trying to hide the tears forming in her eyes.

“Look,” Jaden walked forward and stretched his hands forth holding her shoulders in a tight grip. “We’re in college, we’re grown adults, You meet people and grow apart and you meet some and grow closer. I can’t enjoy college if I still have someone from my past, especially high school holding me down”

“Holding you down?!” Demi raised her voice and pushed him back “I was the one that raised you! I loved you when no one else would, I was there for you, and now-

Her voice broke.

“Now you’re suddenly abandoning me because some art chick likes you?” Jaden’s eyes widened.

“Oh, you’re shocked I know? It’s not exactly something you tried hard to hide anyways, I always saw you with someone at the coffee shop after class, not to mention some Parties!”

“Look, Demi, I was going to explain everything, I wasn’t cheating, we were just talking and sparks flew”

“At the expense of your girlfriend huh? I know this isn’t the first time you’ve done this but you know what? There’s no point in arguing with you and I need you to leave my room right now!”

“What? You can tell me to leave” “Yes I can, wait here”

Demi went inside and barely twenty seconds later had returned with a huge cardboard box filled with Jaden’s things, she shoved the box into his hands as he received it with a look of surprise.

“Don’t call me, don’t text me, don’t ever look for me”

She pushed him out of the room and before he could say anything, she banged the door in his face. She fell to her bed with tears in her eyes not being able to say a word, she felt numb. Her cat walked over to her and started to lick her face. Demi looked up and laughed. Kat always knew how to make her feel better.

But then again, Kat would make her feel bad because she and Jaden had gotten her together, it didn’t matter though, Demi was determined to get over him, she wiped the tears off her face reminding herself that this man was not worth a single teardrop.

She sat in front of her computer and ordered some spicy chicken from Nendos along with Soju and beer.

When her food arrived she sat down to call her friends on a video call, Hannah and Bailey.

She chugged down a huge gulp of beer while sitting like a drunken character from a video game.

“Ahh, yes the reason I called for this meeting is to let you both know that Jaden and I are done”

“Finally!” Bailey said with a sigh

“Bailey!” Hannah remarked from her side of the screen.

“What? Jaden is bad news and I always told her, ever since that first time he cheated on her”

“Yeah she’s right Hannah, I was stupid for thinking this could work out”

“Don’t worry Demi, you’re gonna heal, no matter how hard it might look you’ll get better” Hannah said with a smile on her face.

Hannah and Bailey were Demi’s best friends, they had all met during the freshers’ orientation which Demi attended with Jaden, and even then, Bailey never really liked him.

“I can’t believe he’d do that to someone who’s the reason he’s where he is,” Bailey said rolling her eyes.

Demi nodded in agreement as she tore off a piece of chicken with her teeth. Suddenly a pop-up notification appeared on her computer screen.

“Do you guys see that?”

“See what?” Asked Hannah.

“It’s just a stupid popup, I thought I turned on my ad-blocker” she tried to close the pop-up but it wouldn’t close, it was blank. Demi was getting frustrated as she struggled to close the popup when all of a sudden the words “MAKE A WISH... or don’t” appeared in the popup which made her jump back.

“What is it?!” Bailey asked in fear.

“Nothing serious some words just appeared in it and it scared me” “Wait does it say make a wish?” Hannah asked.

“Yeah, how did you know that?” Asked Demi

“Well, I heard some people saying they got a pop-up notification just like this and they said they all got their wishes. Some said it didn’t work but it doesn’t matter, it could just be some elaborate prank”

“Should we try it?” “Hell yes!” Bailey yelled

“I don’t know, how can we trust this thing?” Hannah asked. She had always been the cautious ‘mom’ friend who looked out for her two children who disguised as her friends.

“Don’t worry Hannah, none of them died right?, plus I won’t make a serious wish, just to see if it actually works, now how do I use it?”

The popup suddenly changed words into ‘Your wish shall now be processed’ “Guys it changed,” said Demi

“What does it say now?” They both asked

“That my wish is being processed, what do I wish for?” Demi asked looking around her room. She looked to the left and saw the concert tickets for the band she and her friends were planning to see the next day on her nightstand.

“Guys, I just had the craziest idea”

“What is it?” They asked, Hannah had a questionable look on her face knowing the kind of friends she had.

“I’m going to wish for one of the kill-shot boys to fall in love with me so I can make Jaden super jealous”

“Demi, are you sure it’s not the alcohol?” Hannah asked.

“It’s not and I’m totally fine, besides it can’t work anyways, we didn’t get concert seats close to the stage so they’ll never see us”

“True, okay, let’s make the wish then,” Hannah said.

“Alright then” Demi tore out a piece of chicken and gave it to the cat that had been lying next to her the whole time.

“I wish” she closed her eyes, “that one of the kill-shot boys would fall madly in love with me”

The words on the popup ad changed and wrote “SPECIFY YOUR WISH OR THE IMPLICATIONS WILL BE REGRETFUL”

“It’s telling me to be specific”

“Just pick a random member, it’s not like these things work anyways” Bailey replied

“Well, I’d like to see what happens when I make it pick a random one for me” “Give a random member”


The pop-up then disappeared.

“Well that was scary,” Demi said as she stood up to put the soju she never drank into the fridge.

“Guys I’m going to bed, I need to sleep whatever just happened today off”

“Goodnight Demi” they both replied waving their hands.

Demi ended the call and closed her computer.

She laid down on her bed and looked up at her ceiling, the sound of the couple next door making lewd sounds bothered her.

“Have some decency, at least Jaden and I were never loud, well, we never did it. Maybe that’s why he wanted to break up, idiot” she laughed to herself and drifted off to sleep.

The next day was a Saturday, she woke up at eleven o’clock, groaned because of the massive headache she had, and went into the shower. It was always like this whenever she drank too much, she would always have terrible hangovers the next morning. She stayed in the shower for two hours as if it would cleanse her of her past. She stepped out of the shower removing her shower bonnet and putting her braids up in a bun as she applied some cocoa butter to her skin. She put on a black rock band tee and shorts as she glanced

at the tickets on her nightstand. She was a huge fan of the kill-shot boys and was so excited to see them for the first time. She squealed with excitement as she jumped on her bed but that was when she remembered Jaden, he always told her to grow up and stop lusting after people who couldn’t care less about her existence. For a person who didn’t love her, he was quite the jealous type.

Demi decided she would take a walk around campus before preparing for the concert. She stepped out of her room and left the dorm to go to the coffee shop she always went to.

She was at the entrance when she saw Jaden and the art major he was now with sitting cozily in the seat they had always sat in from the window. Angry, she turned back and ran to her room.

“How could he?! Even if he didn’t love me anymore he could at least have some decency!”

She flopped back into bed and covered herald with her blanket hoping the time for the concert would come fast but she fell asleep while waiting.

“Demi!” Hannah’s voice called her name from the other side of the door waking her up. She got down from her bed and ran to open the door for her friends. Hannah and Bailey walked into her room both holding bags that contained the clothes and makeup they would change into for the concert.

“It’s three o’clock why are you sleeping?” Asked Bailey. “I was just tired” Demi replied rubbing her left eye.

Hannah picked Kat up and petted her for a while before letting her go again, she always wanted a cat but she couldn’t because pets weren’t allowed in her apartment so Demi’s cat stood in as hers.

“Alright girls, let’s get ready to make those boys fall head over heels for Demi!” Bailey said raising one arm in the air.

The three girls laughed and started changing into their concert outfits.

Bailey wore a lilac and teal corset top with a long teal leather skirt and black harajuku boots and her ginger hair in pigtails.

Hannah wore a white and red baggy top with baggy red pants and a pair of white pumps with a white beret.

Demi wore a red corset under a much black bigger leather jacket with a black leather skirt and black boots, she put her braids up in a ‘Misa Asame’ pigtail style and they were all ready to go. Demi however was starting to feel nervous, she remembered Jaden and felt as if she should stay in bed instead. Her friends looked at her with worry on their faces

“Look if you don’t want to go it’s fine, they’ll come some other time right?” Bailey said looking at Hannah who nodded her head in agreement.

“No” Demi stood up and walked to her mini fridge bringing out the Soju she had kept from the other night, “I need to see them now, we saved so much money and now because I’m heartbroken we won’t see them?” She opened the bottle and in six gulps the bottle was empty.

“She must be really heartbroken” Hannah whispered to her friend as they watched their friend.

“Now!” Demi yelled already looking tipsy “shall we ladies?” “Just don’t puke all over the floor okay?” Said Hannah

“I won’t.. puke”

Suddenly the whole room started to turn and Demi could hear the shouts of thousands of people.

“What? Where am I?” She held her head and looked up to see a tall man reaching his hand out to her with a gentle smile on his face. It was Namwook from the kill-shot boys.

“Namwook what are you doing here?” She laughed thinking it was an illusion from the alcohol. Then she realized.

“NAMWOOK?!!” She jumped and looked behind him seeing the other six members, she slowly turned to the crowd seeing the people holding their phones up recording. This was real and she was on stage with them but how?!.

Chapter 2 : how did we get here?

Song suggestion: pied piper by Bts

Demi stood up ignoring the hand reaching out to her as she frantically searched for her friends.

“She really is drunk,” another male voice said. The voice belonged to Jay a shorter member of the boy band. He walked up to her and folded his arms in a tight lock,

“You know, you’re disrupting the concert, I don’t know if you’re trying to stall for some five minutes of fame but it’s starting to get annoying”

“Jay, come on, be nice” Namwook said as he turned his face to Demi.

“Look, I’m guessing you’re still under the influence so I’ll just replay it for you, you said you..”

Namwooks words started to fade as she tilted her head and saw the other five members standing behind the two men in front of her.

“I really messed up huh” she laughed as she fell. She had fainted again.

All she could hear was the sounds of booing mixed with some cheers from the crowd as well as the sound of two men yelling something a


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