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Caught in a web of lies and deceit, Sybil Eagan is left at the altar by the only man she has ever loved. Moving on isn't as easy as she thought, but she perseveres, and when she finally decides to open her heart to love again, the man who left her down the aisle comes back into her life, and no, he doesn't want a second chance. He wants revenge. Angelo was devastated to learn of Sybil's betrayal and in anger decided to punish her by leaving her on the altar. He has no plans of getting in touch with her until they meet again, and he sees her in the arms of another man. He's convinced himself he hates her, but he just can't let go of her and be happy with someone else, especially when he's still in pain. He will do everything to destroy this happiness to find his peace. They're not the only ones out for revenge, and as the web of lies tightens, they both sink into a reality where they could both end up dead. In the face of such opposition, will love triumph, or will hate eventually prevail?

Chapter 1

SYBIL EAGAN POV Today was going to be the happiest day of my life, because despite all the opposition, the rejections of my parents, and all the trials I'd passed through, I was finally going to tie the knot with the only man that my heart had ever beat for.I and Dian Angelo was finally going to be together, and I just wanted to scream for the whole world to know how happy I was.My parents were not in support and had cut me off, so it was going to be a small ceremony at a small chapel with only our close friends in attendance, but it couldn't be more perfect. I only wanted Dian. He was my soulmate. Kushi stepped into the room, a wide smile on her face and a bottle of champagne. I raised a brow, my gaze pointedly on the bottle in her hand. Kushi scoffed, waving the bottle wildly. "This is for the after-party girl, no need to give me that look. Anyways, you look freaking gorgeous. Dian is such a lucky guy, I swear" she gushed, moving towards me, an appraising look in her eyes as she took my hand and made me do a spin. I giggled happily. "Enough of that, and we really need to get going, I do not want to be late for my own wedding. I do not want to keep Dian waiting".Kushi smirked. "Gosh, love. Such a beautiful feeling, but you are right. We need to get going ASAP, wouldn't want the priest having a fit cause the bride didn't show up" she got out with an exaggerated eye roll."No need to be so dramatic"."Girl with all the stress we've gone through this week, we do need a lot of drama. I'm so exhausted, but I'm sure you have it worse bebe" she said patting my hair gently.I grabbed her hand and placed it against my cheek. "I'm perfectly ok, Kushi, and I want to Thank you for staying by my side... I don't know what I'd have done without you"."Aww" she gushed then pulled me into her arms, her arms wrapping tightly around me. "I love you too best friend" she choked out then pulled back, her gaze widening when she stared at me. "Hey! Don't you dare cry Sybil Eagan, you're not going to ruin four hour worth of makeup just at the last minute, blink it back, blink it!"I laughed, forcing the tears that had been gathering back. "You freaking s*ck at giving advice you know that right. If I blink it's definitely going to fall" I joked and Kushi made to reply when the doorbell rang.Kushi's brows shot up as she met my gaze. "Did you order room service?"I shook my head, and kushi sighed before stepping past me. "I'll go check it out" she murmured more to herself than to me.I sat back on the bed, my heart rate spiking as I waited for her. Her audible gasp reached my ear and I shot up from the bed as she reentered the room with my mother behind her. What was she doing here? She'd not spoken to me for six months, so why now? Her sneer of disdain was the first thing that greeted me as she took in my appearance."I can not believe you are pushing through with this madness. How can you do this to your own family. You're going to give everything up for a man that is not worth half your existence".I clenched my fist. "I love Dian. There is nothing that is going to change my mind from marrying him, and he might be worthless to you, but he is worth more than all the stars in the sky to me".Her palm struck my cheek. It caught me off guard because I hadn't expected her to hit me. Kushi quickly ran to my aid."Mrs. Eagan... You can't hit... ""Shut your mouth kushi! I should have never let you be friends with my daughter. You clearly influenced her to make such a reckless decision" she got out haughtily before leveling her gaze back on me. "This is your last chance, Sybil. Dian is no good for you. He's a monster just like his father. You're going to get your heart broken, and I'm sure he's not going to be with you now that we've cut you off"."He was never with me for the money, because he has his own" I yelled finally snapping. "And I know that" she snapped right back."But he's definitely not with you because of love ok. It's because you are part of our family. He might not need our fortune now but he will have access to it once you are married"I shook my head. "There is nothing that you and father do or say that will ever make me leave him. You both never cared about me, you treated me as if I was someone you picked off the street. You're only doing this because you want me to marry Damien, all because of his wealth and what he can do for your company. Get away from here. I don't want you freaking near me" I screamed, the tears slipping down my eyes."You are going to regret this Sybil. I told you so. Dian doesn't love you for you" she said then smirked. "No one would ever love you for you, and you know that. Don't come crawling back to us when everything we warned you about happens"."It won't! Get out of my life" I shouted, and her bodyguards rushed into the room because of the volume I'd used.My mom gave them a reassuring smile, stared at me for one long moment, then walked out of the room.I wanted to scream, I wanted to tear something apart, but I just stood there seething. She'd almost managed to ruin the happiest day of my life."We are already five minutes late Sybil, We need to go now" kushi voice crashed through the roaring in my ears and the softness of her palm gliding over mine brought me back to earth. She gave me a sympathetic smile as I turned to face her. I nodded, wiping at my tears, my eyeliner smudging in the process. Great, now I had to get rid of everything.**********We made it just in time because once we got out of the car, the piano was already playing.Kushi smiled and linked her arms to mine."Are you ready to finally become Mrs. Sybil Dian Angelo"?"Absolutely. Can't wait"I smiled back. Kushi grinned then gave a soft tug Forward."Let's not keep Dian waiting then". I nodded in agreement, my stomach fluttering with nerves as we stepped into the beautifully decorated chapel.My heart drummed against my ribs, my palm sweaty. This was it, I was going to finally be with the love of my life. We'd planned everything we were going to do after the wedding and I was ecstatically waiting for it. The guest turned to face us once they heard our footsteps and the smile on my lips slowly drained as I took in the faces of the men and women staring at me with puzzled looks on their faces. There were too many guests and not one familiar face among them. Kushi also paused by my side as the people also stared at us strangely.Feeling like I was suddenly in a nightmare, I looked at the alter, hoping that it was a surprise by Dian and that the guest was from his side but it was not Dian that stood there. It was a man I'd never seen in my life. Was I in the wrong chapel? No, there was a familiar face rushing towards me agitatedly. Father Chris. I was definitely in the right chapel. There was a ringing in my ear as he spoke, then he thrust a paper into my hand and called for someone to escort us out of the building.Kushi was yelling something but I couldn't hear her. The sound of my beating heart drowned out all the noises around me. My finger shook as I tore open the letter the priest had given to me. The ring I'd gotten Dian for the wedding fell away and I took out the only thing Dian had left, a piece of paper. His beautiful handwriting had tears blurring my vision.It contained only seven words; The wedding is off, you lying wh*r*.I read the words again, the tears dropping from my eyes ruining the paper.I gazed around at the pitying faces of the guest for the wedding I'd crashed. This was supposed to be my wedding. Dian should have been waiting for me.Someone was trying to move me out of the way, and I turned to see that the bride for the particular wedding was coming in.Dian had left me, without a proper goodbye, without a reason except for a stupid seven worded letter that made me question my sanity.Kushi was yelling my name and shaking me, but I was numb to all sensations... Cameras started to flash in my face, and I noticed that some reporters had gotten into the building. My heart stuttered in my chest, and breathing became painful, then everything stopped, and I was floating in darkness.

Chapter 2

FIVE YEARS LATER.SYBIL POV."You really need to try to smile more"."I already agreed to follow you to this stupid resort, so I don't think you should be complaining about my smile or the lack of it" I snapped, and increased the car's speed.Kushi grabbed at her seatbelt, her eyes darting between me and the road. "Hey, slow down, we'll get into an accident at this rate, and if we are dead, we won't be there for the welcome party, you know that right.""I couldn't possibly care about that kushi. I didn't want anything to do with the resort in the first place, which FYI, is in the middle of freaking nowhere"."Well, it's not literally in the middle of nowhere, and your GPS is one of the best," she said showing me the map on my phone that she held. "We are on the right path, so you don't have to worry about us getting lost..."


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