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A Night With The King

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Bora
  • Chapters: 120
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.5K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 32


A child out of wedlock and worst of all, the child belongs to the ruling king. Sophia is a palace maid and one night, the king got too drunk, and she had been cleaning up for him when he kissed her and they ended up in bed together, the king seemed not to remember what happened between them and so she tried to forget it too but fate choose not to let her forget when she found out she was pregnant. She knew she can't have the baby if they find out whose child it was and she didn't want to abort her child. Will she be able to keep her child's father's identity a secret or will the king remember what happened between them?

Chapter 1


"Sophia, your presence is requested at the king's chamber,"

Diva a co palace maid announced as she entered the staff quarter.

"What? Why? It's way past twelve already,"

Sophia complained not wanting to leave her bed, it was still her day off and she is supposed to resume duty by eight in the morning.

"I don't know but I envy you a lot,"

Diva said laying on her bed, she took off her shoes and jacket.

"Why? I am called to go see the king, at after twelve in the middle of the night and you are envious? what's there to envy?"

She asked not understanding her, why will her working extra time be something to envy? She would give anything not to go tend to the king right now, was the king purposely overworking her because she was foreign? That would explain a lot.

"Whatever just go see the king, you can't keep him waiting, run along,"

She replied, Sophia shook her head as she exited the room and walked the distance to the main palace, the palace is a huge mansion with over Fifty rooms and big gardens, event centers, the throne room, a museum, and lots more, in her two years of working at the palace, she still didn't know all parts of it, she still gets lost sometimes, which is why she chooses not to go to areas where she wasn't familiar with.

When she got to the entrance of the king's room, the bodyguard told her the king was in his inner chamber and that he was heavily drunk, she understood the assignment immediately and quickly ran to get fresh water and a towel, earlier the king had hosted some important people and that will explain why he was drunk.

"Attend to a drunk king after midnight, my life is hell,"

She mouthed to herself as she entered the king's chamber and closed her nose as the smell of vomit mixed with alcohol visited her, she looked to see the king laying halfway on the bed and murmuring stuff she couldn't quite make out.

"Your majesty, I am here to help you clean up,"

She said announcing her presence as she walked up to him, he looked up at her and smiled before dropping his head back down, without much words she help him take off his robe and socks, before trying to take him to the bathroom so that he could clean up, it took a long difficult thirty minutes before she could get him to clean up, all the while she was cursing her bad luck, why does he always call her when he is messy? This wasn't the first time, he had called her when he was drunk, out of over one hundred Palace workers and over thirty working as the king's help, he almost always asked for her, obviously, he had a kind of dislike for her and wants to overwork her knowing she can't quit, she had nowhere to go

"He is out to get me,"

She muttered to herself wanting nothing more than to go back to her bed and get some much-needed sleep.

While he was in the bathroom she cleaned his room and made his bed, when he stepped into the room again, he looked a little bit soberer but not completely. She helped him get on the bed and excused herself to leave when he held her hand and pulled her to the bed with him, before she could protest or free herself, his mouth covered hers in an intense kiss that didnt start slow, she trieddddd to pull off him but his hold on her was strong and before she could talk herself out of it she melted into his touch, he seemed to feel her surrender because he deepened the kiss, while taking off her top and bra, she knew she ought to stop him, seeing that he was drunk and not in his senses but she had missed someone touching her and kissing her, she couldn't remember the last time she made love or had s*x, calibacy for such a long time made her more horny that she thought, his mouth left hers and she mourned the lost off it but it didn't last long as his mouth covered her n*ppl*s and suckled she let out a loud moan of pleasure, she covered her mouth with her hand to avoid shouting out as pleasure shot through her, his skilled mouth worked on her n*ppl*s, twisting and sucking.

"You like that don't you?"

He whispered against her breast, biting slightly.


She moaned.

His hand found its way to the middle of her legs and she opened for him, he slipped his hand between her panties and touched her p*ssy lips, she jumped as his fingers played with her p*ssy before sliding into her, she knew she should stop him but when he added a second finger inside her all her sense of reasoning left her.

"You are so wet I wanna taste you, you want that don't you?"

He mouthed and she shook her head in agreement, she covered her mouth to stop her screams of pleasure from being too loud, and oh, that was hard.

He skillfully took off her panties, blew air into her p*ssy lips, and passed his lips through them, she let out a moan, raising herself


She pleaded when he played with her p*ssy, the wait made her even hornier and wanting.

"Because you asked nicely,"

He said smiling mischievously, he parted her p*ssy lips and before long he was eating her out, making her scream with reckless abandonment, she was way past caring if anyone heard her screams of pleasure.

His mouth left her for only a moment, she wanted to protest it lost, she opened her eyes to do just that and saw him taking off his robe and before long he was back on her, kissing her, she could taste herself on his lips, the heavenly feeling she hasn't felt in a long long time, this was far to go for to say no to, consequences be d*mn.

"I wanna be inside you,"

He moaned against her lips and she moaned in response. He spread out her legs and positioned himself between them, he flipped his fingers into her p*ssy and licked off her juice, licking his lips. She watched him with need praying for him to enter her already.

"Open for me,"

He said in a commanding voice and she obeyed without complaints, he claimed her lips again as he guided himself into her throwing wetness, he was inside her in seconds, thrusting, in and out, driving her to the world of pure pleasure, she did her best to match his pace, he lifted her legs and drove deeper into her, hitting places no one has ever done, she opened for him, giving herself completely to him...

Chapter 2

Sophia stared at the pregnancy test kit in her hand and prayed from the depth of her heart that it showed only one line.

"Please, please, please,"

She muttered in fear. But her prayers weren't answered because, like the previous three test kits that she had used, it showed two lines.

"No, no, no, please no,"

She pleaded to wish for it to be a dream, but she knew it wasn't, she was pregnant and the baby, the baby belonged to the king, she sat down in the toilet and bowed her head as tears dripped from her eyes.

What had she expected when she had slept with the king without protection, it was all her fault.

Now, what is the going to do? She didn't have anyone here to talk to, she came here for work and the only people she knew where wee co-palace works, she couldn't talk to them either, because they were all part of the kingdom, she was like the only foreigner working here, once upon a time her life has been


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