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A Night In Vegas

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Krystal Wallace never thought her life would have any dent on it, until she caught her long-term boyfriend cheating on her with another lady, during their trip to Vegas. Heartbroken, Krystal opted to vent her anger on alcohol at a local pub nearby. A decision that got her drunk and landed her on the bed of a stranger, after a one night stand. Having no recollection of what'd happened, Krystal returned home with a mantra, "What happened has happened and it account to nothing." However, what happened in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas, because, it didn't take long for Krystal to realize that the stranger she'd had a one night stand with, was Lucas Vanowen, CEO of the multimillionaire Vanowen Groups and he'd left his seed growing inside her.

Chapter 1


I couldn't think, my brain couldn't register what this cute stranger was doing to me, what he was doing to my body. I was drunk for sure.

My mind could be playing games on me.

He took my lips in, kissing me softly, sucking on my lower lips, making them boggy, I couldn't help but kiss him back. I couldn't comprehend, my mind was in a catastrophic state and all I could see was shadow.

The only thing that filled my head, that clouded my mind was the images of Chris and the lady he was f*ck*ng beneath him, their moans. I was hurt.

I let the tears flow freely from my eyes down to my lips, tasting its bitterness, bitterness of heartbreak. The stranger licked on my tears, and on my lips he s*ck*d like he owned it.

In the dark room, the stranger pushed me lightly on the bed, laying me flat on my back. He unbuckled his pants before climbing on me, kissing me wholly. My mind, my heart, my brain wasn't stable. I'm hurt, I'm in pain, I was bitter but was aroused.

The stranger unclothe me, unbuckling my bra leaving me stark naked before him.

He nibbled on my t*ts, like wafers coated with candy, sucking them red and I moaned. He continued sucking them till it became hard and erected.

He Kissed both n*ppl*s gently before attacking my lips at a more faster pace this time. He ran his fingers over my body, down to my V-area.

I could feel my orgasm building from within already, like I was going to blow off.

He toyed with my cl*t, which was now bulging with blood of pleasure rushing through it. He pinched my clitoris lightly making my yelp, mouthing a moan without realizing it. I was aroused, sexually aroused.

What this shadow of a stranger was doing to me is total pleasure. He's messing with my mind. My head was already messed up, same as my heart.

He slowly rubbed his middle digit softly over my p*ssy stirring up orgasm. I swallowed down nothing.

The friction of his fingers against my s*x and my juice gushing out like tap water, gave squishy sounds as he rubbed on a faster pace. I moaned again, loudly this time.

He pinched on my clitoris which was already hard, sexually excited, throbbing with blood of arousals.

I jerked, a mixture of pleasure and pain making me breathe uneasily and I let out more tears.

My p*ssy throbbed, clench and unclench waiting and silently begging to be f*ck*d.

He plunged his digits inside my little c*nt, twisting them around my area, making me wet, pouring out more c*m. I winced, whimpered and moaned to both pain and pleasure as his digits did magic to my inner.

He fingered- f*ck*d me, drawing out more of my juice with his fingers. I was wet as f*ck. I blew off twice before he pulled his fingers out of me. Blowing air from his mouth into my p*ssy, I nearly went mad.

He licked up my c*m from my p*ssy with his tongue and I shuddered and jerked under him.

The wet touch I was getting makes it feel like heaven. He licked me clean before returning to my t*ts, sucking them like oranges.

He s*ck*d on one and fondled with the other pinching them, making me curse and f*ck*ng wet.

I felt his d*ck teasing my area without penetrating, tormenting me. I was hungry for s*x, I was aroused, my mind wasn't stable. He was toying with me. I was impatient. I could f*ck*ng c*m from this teasing.

"Just f*ck me up Chris!" I managed to say in my drunken state. I wasn't seeing the stranger, but my drunken mind assured me it was Chris. I've always wanted to do this with him.

"I'm not Chris you sl*t!" I hear the stranger say with voice strangled with lust before thrusting deep and rough inside me that I thought his d*ck touched my rib cage. He thrust in and out slowly at first before increasing his pace.

He f*ck*d me like a wh*r*, making me scream and moan for more, for deeper thrust, for rougher s*x. I moaned and cried out Chris's name.

The Only thing that could be heard was the sloppy and squishy sounds of our s*x, his d*ck stuck in my c*nt. Our moaning and groaning gave rhythm to the intercourse with his body grinding into mine.

I heard him groan and curse. He was enjoying this intercourse. He was deep in sexual pleasure.

I was quick to hit climax, my orgasm builds stronger inside my walls making me scream in ecstasy.

I want to c*m but the stranger was still f*ck*ng the f*ck out of my p*ssy, we both came with him collapsing on me. His d*ck was still hard inside me. I felt his sperm flowing on my inside but was too weak to nag.

He pulled out of me slowly, pulling me into his hands.

I just had s*x with someone I didn't know. I wasn't even sure if it was real because everything feels like a dream to me.

Slowly and peacefully I drifted into slumber stark naked before him. The shadow of a stranger.

The next morning, I woke up with a serious migraine because I had a lot of tequila last night.

I touched the bed side but no one was there.

It was cold indicating that either someone had not been laying there or someone left earlier.

I stood up with a start, I was sore and naked. I wasn't with anyone last night, I remembered moaning but I couldn't remember anyone touching me.

I was drunk.

Maybe I have been hallucinating or masturbating to get wet and sore like this. I concluded.

I quickly booked a flight leaving for New York ASAP before heading to the bathroom.

I took my bath hurriedly, wore my clothes I picked from the floor and left the hotel in a haste straight to the airport.

I sat close to the window side, reminiscing on what had transpired yesterday.

I had come to Vegas with my boyfriend Chris for an easter vacation. We were supposed to go sightseeing and tour in Vegas that day but unfortunately I had to go alone because he suddenly developed a headache.

I walked in on my boyfriend Chris, and a broomstick lady he was f*ck*ng beneath him.

He was f*ck*ng her without shame and that alone made me cry. They didn't even stop after noticing my presence.

I was hurt to find them on grinding into each other, I was hurt to find Chris f*ck*ng her with so much pleasure in his eyes on the same bed we shared on the first night he took my virginity. That was approximately five days ago. It was the gory sight of Chris and the f*ck*ng girl he was with that made me leave.

I left the hotel to a nearby pub to clear my head with some alcohol. I was practically dead. Chris could cheat on me, I've never imagined.

I kept drinking and drinking until everything under my sight became blurry and hazy. And I landed on a bed in a hotel room, waking up naked.

For all I care someone has taken advantage of me but who could it be? I wouldn't know.

I cried continuously, obviously regretting coming to Vegas.

All I've ever wanted was to have a perfect boyfriend and husband, I have always thought of our relationship as perfect. I've never imagined my relationship to have any dent on it.

To me Chris was just the man I needed but now I lost him.

I cried when the plane took off, I cried when the plane finally left Vegas.

"What has happened has happened and it accounts to nothing. Plus, what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas." I consoled myself with a mantra.

I lost Chris, goodbye to him. I could care less. He's dead to me.

And to Vegas, it was a waste of time and a memorial for heartbreak.

I was heartbroken, the tears wouldn't stop flowing, It flowed down to my lips that I could taste its saltiness.

I was ready to move on. F*ck Chris and his bitches, f*ck las Vegas and its picturesque views.

New York here I come.

Chapter 2


These past few days have been a mess. I've been a mess.

I stayed in bed not wanting to get out. I was still in total despair. My eyes were swollen due to excessive and uncontrollable tears. I cried for so long that my glands couldn't secrete more tears.

Chris hasn't called since then making me sob more. Bastard!

He shattered my heart. My mind, heart and soul were pretty damaged. I haven't eaten since I came back from Vegas,

I haven't got out of my room, my room was in total disorder.

I've broken every breakable in the room, with the mindset of breaking Chris's heart as the same.

I could barely contain my anger and pains and I passed them down to my innocent furniture.

What Chris did to me was what I've never imagined would happen.

I didn't resume work at the office, I called my boss earlier to request for more time, at least more days to clear m


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