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A love that kills

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Seiji
  • Chapters: 29
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 517
  • 7.5
  • 💬 1


"Why? Why did you lie to me?" He screams the anger in his deep heart twisting his chest.   "On what exactly?" She answered calmly.   "You've already taken me for a fool so explain yourself...I need answers."  " About what?"  "Freia..."  He hit the bars of her cell before gritting his teeth.  "I...I need an explanation...I want you to give me your reasons, to apologize or I don't know...."  "Do you want me to apologize for loving you? Never in life." ************** Love that Kills is a story about the dilemma of Andrews, a witch hunter reputed to be ruthless to witches.  Andrews lost his family to a witch when he was just a child and he swore to eradicate all witches from the face of the world.   But his path meets that of Freia, a witch who does not give the aura and Andrews falls madly in love with her, far from doubting her true nature.  What will happen when Andrews learns the truth about Freia?  Would he be able to override his hatred?  Or this hatred will drag him into its depths, imprisoning him there forever.  I invite you to discover it.


" She's coming your way, Andrews, don't miss her."

A young man, in his thirties at most, smiled at this warning. Frankly, he is the best witch-hunter in the whole kingdom. How could he be surprised by one of them? He's honed his senses and mind to never be surprised by these creatures again so even in a million years, witches could never do anything to him.

On the contrary, it's up to them to never cross his path because, with these atrocities, he will always be merciless.

They deserve it, they are despicable and monstrous, how on this earth would he give them an ounce of pity or sympathy? May the sky fall on his head if such an idea occurred to him.

He's Andrews Cross, the emotionless hunter for his prey.

He hates them and even the members of his group understood it. It's not so much greed that has brought them together, the booming business as witches have been more outspoken in recent years.

No, just like each of them fell victim to these awful beings and it was this resentment that led to the formation of the best team of hunters in the kingdom.

Their motto is no qualms for such terrible creatures.

They don't deserve it because they feel no pity for others.

Why feel sorry for them?

Everyone hates them but for Andrew, it is stronger than theirs!

It's a deep and visceral hatred, even his partners have understood it, the man only stops if all the bloody bodies of the witches lie on the ground devoid of life.

At these times, he becomes so frightened that both the witches and the villagers begin to tremble in front of him.

A real wild beast.

The mission was given the day before and Andrews wasted no time in hurrying to come because he cannot accept such beings staying alive for long.

Waking up his companions at dawn, he had taken them to the place of the mission, this village on the outskirts of a sinister forest that is said to be the passage for the kingdom of the witches.

What nonsense, then according to the residents the witches would have a kingdom!

He laughs about it sometimes.

For him these beings cannot be coordinated; it's impossible indeed.

Since when do beasts have a civilized community? For him what people call a kingdom is just a barbarian community where the only thing that binds them is their common love for human flesh.

Yes, these monstrous beasts love it, you have to see them when they attack a village and catch humans.

How they tear their flesh between their sharp black teeth, how they chew as if it were boar or rabbit meat, how they savor their taste and hiss on their bones

These beings cause them to be annihilated.

He would like to know how they appeared, and where they come from.

If he knew where to find them, their secret hiding place, no doubt he would already have gone to find them to get rid of them.

Humans live in perpetual terror from the relentless threat of their attacks, no one knows when they will strike the first time but when they do unless night falls they continue their carnage.

To this end, he does not understand why they flee at dusk, it is not logical in his opinion because being evil beings they should rather be comfortable in the night but they rather flee.

Knowledge about these beings is quite limited so no one really knows how to interpret their actions and even if he is a gifted and renowned hunter, he does not know much either.

In the end, he is satisfied to just slaughter them.

The witches which he and his group are fighting passed through this village yesterday and attacked it before night chased them away. The chief, therefore took advantage of this respite to send them a request which he quickly accepted.

Killing witches has become his favorite pastime.

Especially when he remembers his poor family, his father, his mother, and his four brothers and sisters.

All were killed and devoured by a witch. He is the only one who was lucky enough to be saved because he was not there at the time of the attack.

He still remembers well that day, his father, the blacksmith of the village, had finished the order of the lord of their domain and had asked him to bring the object to him.

The drive to their lord's house took over six hours there and back because, not only did his family live in the forest on the hills above the town, but their lord also lived quite a distance from the town on the other side of the coast.

He had gone early, his two youngest wanting to accompany him but their father had asked them to help him in the forge, and thus receiving the blessing of his mother, he had set out.

The outward journey was rather difficult with the huge package he was carrying but he arrived on time and was able to deliver the package receiving the remaining payment for the order.

His father had asked him to do some shopping at the market with some of the money and he had set about doing it quickly, running in all directions to get home as quickly as possible.

When he had finished his shopping, he started climbing the mountain to return to his house but the more he advanced, the more an oppressive feeling seemed to crush his heart.

Without understanding why, he started running as fast as possible, his legs carrying him to the point where he seemed to no longer touch the ground.

The first thing he found odd when approaching his house was when his two sisters who usually take care of certain tasks outside the house were not there, his mother who had a vegetable garden near the path was not there and the sound of beaten iron was not heard yet the primary aspect of their home.

He had found this silence far too suspicious wondering why the daily activities did not seem to exist.

He paused for a moment clutching his face and stepping cautiously, then he stopped.

The smell of blood, the air was grossly impregnated with it, it was foul, making his breathing heavy.

He still hates the feeling in the back of his throat that made him want to puke all the guts out of his stomach.

His father was not a hunter and even when they allowed themselves a little meat, the smell had never been so strong during the butchering.

This smell was almost as strong as when it passes near slaughterhouses.

His heart told him to be on his toes as he picked up a stick from the ground and now moved forward with a trembling heart.

He was only 13 years old, and it was normal for him to be afraid, especially on returning home, used to finding a certain habit but the opposite welcomed him.

He felt lost and scared.

The first place he visited was the forge because he generally knew when his brothers and sisters wanted to stay together, that's where they went.

Nothing and nobody.

It was strange, his father was not a lazy dude. Just a ferrous worker and it seems to him that he had another order for two days from now, so that at 4 p.m., as it should have been, he would still be in his forge beating the iron and steel.

Now more than panicked, he had decided to go look around the house hoping that it was just a break f his father to rest and have lunch. He had opened the house and thought he was vomiting.

In the living room, on the table, a being with a human silhouette was sitting while the meal was around.

The being had in her hands the hand of a child and was devouring it while on the ground, lay the remains of a human body which he recognized as those of his family members.

The show was like an apocalyptic scene as many human body parts littered the floor with fed-up blood covering the entire room.

His trembling body was frozen there in fear as he tried to recognize each of his family members by the proportions of the parts on the ground.

His father's muscular, hairy arm was on the table leg, his mother's legs, how does he know? there was still a piece of his dress covering them, a foot with his younger brother's shoe, the one directly following him was also there, the torso of the third with the garment he remembers seeing him the last time, his little sisters who had only been half eaten and whose last one's hand was still being devoured by the monstrous being on the table.

They must have been having their lunch if he believes the plates were laid out when they were attacked.

His body twitched as his eyes widened in horror, teeth chattering making a sound that went hand in hand with the sound of flesh chewing and tearing.

Sweat ran down his face and it wasn't the only one as tears that he didn't know when they started were also trickling down and his pants quickly got wet.

He was afraid, this thing had killed his family and eaten them all.

He had heard rumors in town while shopping, it was said that a witch had dropped her bags in their small town and was spreading panic among the villagers.

Many witch hunters dotted the streets of the city in hopes of finding her as the lord had already laid down a reward for her capture, dead or alive.

He didn't know anything about it and he knew his family neither, they were far too isolated to know anything about it since it had been barely a week since this creature had arrived.

Eventually, it was this horrible thing that killed his family and now he's sure to be next.

The witch had finished gnawing on her younger sister's arm when she let go of it, turning her gaze on him before licking her lips.

This action sent many shivers of fear in the body of little Andrews who, not knowing where he had taken this strength from, returned taking his legs around his neck to flee the beast he knew was chasing him.

He had to run, he doesn't want to die, not like his family, it must be awful to be eaten so he has to run as fast as he can.

He was in the forest as he tried to run despite the lack of air in his lungs, he didn't want this thing to grab him, on the way he had found an ax and even though his arms and legs were shaking and certainly lacked strength, he had to keep running and defend himself in case she managed to catch up with him despite everything.

Suddenly he slipped on a pile of dead leaves watered by the rain of the day before and unfortunately found himself on the ground.

I won't die before I kill her

In a quick movement, he turned around putting his trembling ax in front of him between this monster and him.

He was scared to say the least seeing the sharp teeth of this thing already lacerating his flesh and giving him as much pain as suffering.

He was going to die without realizing his dream, he wanted to take over the family business, become a blacksmith like his father and watch over his younger brothers and sisters as he had promised to his mother.

But they were all dead, he had no one left and would be alone forever.

No he didn't want to, he didn't want to die, he wanted to live a long time.

He and his family lived quietly without having to hold anyone to account, they lived honestly and sincerely avoiding hurting others.

So why had such a fate befallen them? Ah yes it's that thing's fault, he hates her and even if it's the last thing he does in this life he will at least tear off her horrible arm.

He straight


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